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In recent decades, aviation manufacturers have been one of the most effective drivers of reducing the impact of aviation on the environment. This has enabled the global aviation industry to grow more sustainably and minimise the environmental footprint of the industry. For this assessment, you are to choose ONE aircraft manufacturer, engine manufacturer or MRO organisation. You are to critically evaluate the organisations approach to sustainable aviation in the form of an essay of 1,500 words. You should evaluate how the aviation organisation has implemented environmental management systems (EMSs). The essay should include examples of policies, plans and initiatives, a discussion on how these are implemented and monitored and the role of management in ensuring continuous improvement.

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Aviation industry is one of the industries with intense impact over environment. The severity of emissions in the industry is too high and any constructive effort in curbing the carbon foot prints in this industry can have considerable implications to the global green initiatives both locally and globally too. The following part of the report is about Aviation manufacturer Boeing and its commitment to reduce the carbon foot prints as well as its efforts to improve the environmental sustainabilities.

Overview of Boeing:

Boeing is America's largest aircraft manufacturer. It is the world's largest aerospace company is a leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners. The company is reputed in defence, space and security systems, The Company has aftermarket support and service providing divisions too. As of now it is America's biggest manufacturing exporter. The company supports all types of airlines and United States and Allied Government customers as well. The company has customers in almost 150 Countries. The company has wide range of products and services, which include manufacturing of the commercial and military aircrafts, satellites, weapons, electronic and defences systems. As of now the company employed about 140,000 employees from United states and about 150 more countries. The company is committed for quality, safety, information technology and productivity improvement. Innovation and development based on creative working beside on technology and development program execution is the part of the boeing operations and missions. Boeing is continuously involved in betterment of its operations in interference with the environemnt. Boeing is always working for the betterment of the planet by continous innovation and better quality initiatives and stood as an example for sutainability in supply chain management(Azlan & Nasir 2018, P.11)

Boeing Environmental activities and Initiatives

Boeing is always working for the betterment of its environmental footprints by employing better strategic and technological initiaties(Teoh & Khoo 2016, P.1045). The range of technologies which Boeing employing include innovation at the heart of its commitment. The company is employing as its core strategy for enabling sustainable future for our industry and for our planet as well. Boeing is often perceeived as one of the best environmental sustainability leaders in aviation sector(Baxter 2018, P.32).The company is commited for environmental leadership in the aviation industry sector(Blake 2016,P.38). Some of the key innovations and technology enhancements Boeing employed for reducing the environmental foot print include the following,

Past technologies and the implications seen:

? Employing energy efficient products and services that will work on to reduce the fuel usage, reduce the emissions and community noise as well.
? Not only just the aviation vehicles, even the support services, buildings and other utilities services(Timmis et al 2015,P.238).
? The implications of the Boeings energy saving measures are continously monitored and it is found that there are considerable implications to the reduction in the green house gas emissions.
? There is considerable reduction in the water usage by the organization(Kasobohm et al 2016), there is reduced hazardous waste and solid wastes disposed by the organization.
? As per the statistical evaluation the total extent of the solid waste being emitted by the organization is reduced by about 26% in the recent years.

Future Endeavor from Boeing

Boeing is working for investing heavily in the advanced technologies for the organization. Typcial investments in the sectors of
? hybrid-electirc propulsion systems,
? Bio fuel for traction requirements
? Employing chemical alternatives for better environmental foot print

All these innovative technologies are getting integrated in new generation aircrafts and the support systems of Boeing. As a whole the innovations are expected to make the industry more green and clean(Liu, Srai and Evans 2016, P.15).

The key challenges and focus areas of Boeing include the following,

? Boeing is expected to meet the climate change and other challenges that are insisting for a global approach.
? Boeing is committed to include recent developments in the Research and Developments domains in the organizational outcomes.
? The research and outcomes are expected to drastically change the profile of the organizational inventions. In this regard, Boeing is working closely with the governmental and R&D organizations(Moll and Harrigan 2018, P.130) and the findings are closed weaved into the new advanced technolgoies delivered by the organization from time to time.

? Boeing strategy contained in making all its employees and workforce part of the strategy to face the environmental challenges. Mainly the operations of Boeings are contained in letting thousands of its frontier work force to take participation in the projects and activities that are working to reduce the emissions and conserve resources that do work for the improvement of the environmental impact of the aviation operations.

Environmental policy of Boeing contains the following focus areas,

• Boeing is committted to conduct operations in compliance with the applicable environmental laws, regualtions.
• Boeing is completely preapared to use all the policies and procedures drafted by it in the organization functionalities(Naghi and Shah 2017, P180)
• Environmental managemnet programme will be self sustained and will be improved continuously(Budd, Ison & Eds 2016).
• Boeing will work on to liase wih its stakeholders and will promote activities that can improve the environmental practices.
• Boeing works to maintain its steewardship in its operations(Flouris and Oswald 2016).

Critical Appraisal and Reflection on Boeing committemnt to the Environmental foot print reduction and for better management system:

Boeing is well committed for its initiatives of developing environmental management systems(Wong et al 2016, P.23) of better compliance and operating equipment and technologies for reducing the carbon foot print(Wong et al 2016, P.99). Global concerns and local interests are both integrated and made part of the Boeing operational activities. The company is committed to keep up its environmental managemnet programme in complete spirit(Nishant et al 2019,.138). By developing environmental policies that depicts the company interests and indicating the facts that the entire workforce is part of the strategy, Boeing is transparent in its intentions and operational commitments towards environmental sustainabiltiy(Gliedt,Hoicka and Jackson 2018, P.1260). The most appreciable part of Boeing initiatives is its initiaitve to take up the stewardship of the activities.

Key Aspects of the Boeing Environmental strategies:

Boeing is working to take up the leadership role in the environmental sustainability practices. More specifically the initiatives of Boeing are going to help its employees, stakeholders, customer and all global citizens to coutner the maladies of environmental degradations. Some of the key observations of the Boeing Environmental strategies include the following,
• Designing and Building more fuel efficient airplanes, which can work for the betterment of the reduction in the emssions, reduce the cost of the aviation and will work for the betterment of green and clean outcomes(Petrescu et al.,2017, P.745).
• Gate to gate operaitonal efficiency of the customers will be improved by all the possible means.
• Air traffice management of the next generation are being employed which can work on to reduce the fuel consumption and will work on to enable more efficiency energy consumptoin systems for better environmental impact(Pisarek 2017, P.87).
• Sustainable aviation bio-fuels are next generation fuels for the industry and these initiatives will work on to reduce the overall emissions from the industry.
• Boeing's environmental foot print will be reduced by all means in the industry at present to make the planet a better green and clean planet.


Boeing on introspection of the results of its endeavor from the last few years, more specifically between 2007 to 2017, there is almost 29% reduction in the overall green house gas emissions from the aviation vehicles. The new state of art of technologies employed and generated vehicles like 737 Max and 787 Dreamliners are almost 70% more energy efficient and will take in very less fuel and provide less emisisons(Jelaca-Strugar & Bolijevic 2016,p.35). They are highly improved when compared with the previous generatoin flights and are quiter in operations too. The company is succesful in providing resources for research and obtained several achievemnets in the enviromental sustainability. Boeing HorizonX is the pathfinder organization exclusively developed by the organization only to take care of its aerospace products like batteries and alternative propulsion aircrafts. Boeing strategically has generated its environmental sustianable policies and developed internal capacities to meet the demands of the organization. More specifically the organization is succesful in its commitment to meet its objectives of developing and sustaining environmental management systems. There is dedicated internal management systems in the organization provided with all the resources and capabilities to oversee the organization initiatives and it is highly succesful in achieving these objectives. Boeing recent time inventions like 737 Max, Eco-Demonstrator etc are good examples of its achievements in the environmental sustainability(Roy, Dosaler and Fiset 2015, P.344).

Crtical evaluation and Conclusion:

Boeing has a vision and mission towards Environmental sustainability. It is highly succesful in outreaching its environmentla sustainabilty initiatives with better environmental management systems. The organization worked on develop strategies and initiatives in this regard and is succesful in meeting its set objectives and is also having a clear vision towards future, there is concrete vision exisitng for Boeing for 2025 and beyond(Shi et al 2018, P.1748). A clear outlook and perspectives towards the strategic long term environmental intiaitves definitley making the organization as a true leader and stewarding aviation industry towards more environmental responsibility. The organization has set itself as a role model and leading the environmental sustainbility in the industry and hence is a welcome change.

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