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Gender Bias in Research Assignment Help

Gender Bias in Research

Historically, men have dominated scientific research. Accordingly, the way research has been designed, the way studies have been conducted, and the ways in which results have been interpreted have been at risk for gender bias. In other words, the preconceived ideas and beliefs or unfounded prejudice about the traits and characteristics of each gender potentially influence the outcomes of research studies. Even today, as women have entered into the academic and scientific worlds in significant numbers, research is subject to gender bias. Bias can be present at any stage of the research process and may be difficult to completely eliminate since researchers may not be aware of subtle biases they hold.

The implications of gender bias can be far reaching. As the scientific community uses research study results for subsequent research and the media reports these findings to the public, gender bias can have a huge impact. Society may be making decisions that are based on incorrect, misleading, or biased data. As an example, a majority of early heart disease research was conducted primarily using male subjects leading to the assumption that heart disease was a man's disease and did not significantly impact women. The gender bias in heart disease research resulted in little attention being paid to women who had heart disease symptoms as well as delays and limitations in the treatment for these symptoms for many years. In reality, it is now common knowledge that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women as it is for men.

This Discussion asks you to think about how gender bias can impact scientific research and how these biases or issues can be addressed.

To prepare

• Search the Walden library for an article or psychological experiment related to gender. (The Psychological Experiments Online database in this week's Optional Resources is a useful reference to locate experiments.)

• Analyze your article or experiment for evidence of gender-related bias or one of the difficulties in research related to gender (e.g., experimenter effects or participant effects) as noted in the Learning Resources.

Post a brief summary of the article or experiment you selected. Explain the evidence for gender-related bias or difficulties that you identified within the resource. Then, provide suggestions for how the researcher(s) might address these issues.

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The article considered is the "Choices and preferences: Experiments on gender differences" by author GLORIA MOSS & ANDREW M. COLMAN


In the article of the ‘Choices and preferences: Experiments on gender differences' the author tends to differentiate in between the sex and the gender and also defines the relevant considered experiments and biases. It tends to include the sex-related along with the gender-related ideas (Joshi, 2015). The author has very well evaluated the differentiating terms considered to identify correct sex and gender along with the upbringing and culture. It has clearly specified while the culture has no influence on the sex, but the sex is only a term used to identify biological categories of female and male. Sex is a tends to segregate the male and female hormones, chromosomes and the related distinguishing terms. It also segregates the psychological aspects along with the distinguishing emotionally and competitiveness traits.

Evidence for gender-related bias

Gender differences are a matter of consumer choices along with the set preferences that can also explain the two quasi-experiments. The experiment was done in the form of collecting the cards and considered the cards taken from 144 men along with the 83 women that were part of the Young Designers exhibition (Eagly, 2013). From the business cards, it was evident how the male designers also had a set standard size along with the printed lines as noticed on the white card. It was more noticeable than with the cards of female designers. Another experiment showed how actually the 35 female along with the 30 male actually respondents to the other four representatives who is part of the Christmas cards making them preferred. There was also a significant tendency which showed how each of the individuals tends to choose cards on the basis of the designing and determining the chosen card from their own sex. TSuch research findings broadly classify how there can be earlier research with respect to the gender differences, along with the implications with respect to the design and brand management as shown and outlined (Helgeson, 2017).


A problematic concern, here would be if there is homogenous products or services used and the subgroups of the gender-specific experiments are done such as classifying on the basis of the age, race or color, it would only complicate the chosen experiment. This would be an added problem and can lead to cumbersome results.


Though the technique is chosen, clearly helps the audience understand the marketing technique adopted by the advertisers and the company, which can help in connecting with the consumer mind. It also tends to signify how the targeted audiences from a specific category are attracted and route to the customer mind (Street, 2017). The specific technique can be color, tag line or even specific graphics which can instantly connect with the gender-specific individuals. In the various literature, one can also see how the gender experiment and the biases are used for conveniently supporting the consumer or brand preferences. It can be a challenge if the segregation, the methodology is not fine-tuned per the specific brand's choices and are more homogenous types of products (Moss, 2001).


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