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What is Referencing? What is The importance of referencing in university assignments Essay?

Referencing in a general sense means to give credit to someone for using his or her own ideas or thoughts in a research activity. Referencing helps in gaining the originality of the ideas and thoughts used in the research activity. Failure to reference is treated as disrespect to the original author or writer and seen as a major misconduct in the area of academic research writing. Generally students made the mistake of not mentioning proper referencing at the end of their research projects, essays or any other piece of work. This may lead to cancellation of the written matter. If we do not reference properly the written matter is treated as if it is copied from somewhere. The research paper or material cannot be submitted for further research or reading purpose. We find a lot of data when we search for something. But we do not use the data as it is. We read, study and analyze the data and then after we start preparing our thoughts about what we have to write actually. We as Expertsminds group only write relevant matter which is useful for our topic. When the exact and correct matter fits into the topic it increases the importance of what we want to say and want people to understand about the topic. So when our topic shows relevance with the matter and is acknowledged by people then who is benefitted the most. Obviously, we are the one who is benefitted from good referencing. So don't you think it is our moral duty to give reference to the author or writer of  also legally advised to mention the original person name of whose material we are taking so that copyright infringement issues can be avoided.

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Importance of referencing in assignment writing

Making proper references provides various benefits. Some of its advantages can be cited as follows-

The major benefit of good referencing is that it authenticates the originality of the source from where we have taken our subject matter. The matter can be in the form of words, visuals, audios, numerals, facts etc. It also shows how deeply we have understood the topic on which we are working. It also recognizes the writer and his work because he or she should also be accredited for what they have done. It is an act to pay respect for the hard work and dedication and the efforts one has put into the research work.

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When we provide references our readers can also analyze the information given by us on the basis of the original source. They can cross check the details from the original document. This helps us them to make an understanding of what we are trying to say in the research project and how far we are able to achieve our goal. It also helps us to support our facts in favor or in against of the said topic. When we present the true facts people can judge that how correctly we are to comprehend things in a dynamic way without losing the originality of the topic under consideration.

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Sometimes readers want to go beyond what we have mentioned in our research projects. They want to go further in the topic and want some more information. Referencing helps a lot in this as researchers can be provided with more information of their use from the original source.

Referencing is also useful as it avoids the chances of plagiarism which is a type of copyright infringement issue. Using somebody else's data without his or her permission and putting our own name for the work done is known as plagiarism. Most universities and colleges cancels students project because of plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered as a legal offence. Universities and colleges have an anti plagiarism software so that it can be detected which students have plagiarism related issue in their project.

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Various types of referencing used in University assignments

A brief synopsis

Referencing itself includes a number of different types of styles which are as follows-

  • APA(American Psychological Association)-

The APA style of referencing is generally known as author date style.

In this style author name is mentioned along with date and page number. This style is used at Polytechnic West. Two basic requirements of APA style are in-text citations and end-text citations. In-text citations is shown in the following format-

(Author's name, year or date of publication)

It includes information from all the resources which we have used within our document like journals, magazines, research paper etc. This is generally used when we quote some comment or quotation in our assignment. For example, Shakespeare said, "This world is a stage and we all are playing our roles here." This can be said like this,

This world is a stage and we all are playing our roles here. (Shakespeare, year in which the official statement was written 1942)

  • MLA

In MLA style of referencing only name of the author along with page number is shown. Here, year of referencing is not shown as in APA style of referencing. For example, (Shakespeare 56).Also, commas are not used in this.

  • Harvard

Harvard style of referencing is very popular among college and university students. In this also the two basic requirements is in-text citations and reference list. When we quote something directly from a resource it is in-text citations. When we mention the resources referred in our research at the end of our assignment it is known as reference list. It also gives the full description of the sources which we have used in our project.

  • Chicago

The Chicago style of referencing does not use in text citations and reference lists. It uses notes and bibliography and also author date. Bibliography is used when we mention each and everything that we have used in our research report. It gives detailed information about what resources we have used in our complete research project. That's why it is mentioned at the end of the report.

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Online Assignment Writing Help Service That Can Make it Proper 

Live assistance help services are a new mode of generating references now these days. In live tutorials students can discuss topics online from various subject matter experts. They provide advice in form of conversation cum teaching method. The main advantage of live tutoring is that we can clear our doubts and confusions in few minutes as the main subject expert is present online. Students are more interested in this type of learning as it is a form of visual learning. Students are benefitted from this as they are no need to prepare research projects by only reading the books, newspaper, journal, etc.

Students gain interest in these types of researches as they do not need to go to library or somewhere else to search for data and everything. They get each and everything related to the topic under one place and also it is time saving for the students. This increases their interest in research projects. Also, they do not have to worry about referencing the matter selected by them.

Sometimes these live tutors are paid and sometimes they are free of cost. They charge a minimal amount for their assignment help services. Anybody can give live tuitions if he or she has the capability to teach students. In live tuitions, the main requirement is that one should have a net connection and a desktop or pc. He or she should have the proper knowledge of the subject which they like to teach. Students are benefitted as material they receive in live tuitions is thoroughly checked by the provider. Its authenticity can be believed. Students are relieved of the tension of checking the originality of the research matter. Also, they can verify the facts given by the subject expert as he or she is present online. They can ask for clarification of their doubts if any which arises during the course of making research project.

Thus, referencing is an important part of research making because we find a lot of data online and offline but which data is useful for us we need to include that only in our research assignments. And when we use others data to include in our research it is our moral duty to give credit to the person or the institution of whose data or matter we are using in our report. So referencing actually pays respect to the person. Proper referencing helps to gain the authenticity of the work done and also it opens directions for further research. 

Nobody wants that his or her work is cheated by anyone. So everyone should take care of proper referencing at the time of making of research assignments. When proper referencing is done no legal actions can be taken against the one who has made the research project. Once plagiarism related an issue arises then the whole topic or assignment is treated as invalid. Since it is a legal offence it renders the utility of the whole research project useless.

So one should understand the importance of proper referencing in making research assignment as it ensures the validity of one's own work.

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