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This article will explain you what need to DO'S AND DON'TS in Assignment? This is a complete student's guide which explains students Dos and Don'ts of University Assignments or academic writing. What are important points need to take care of students while writing assignments, what are important facts that should be fully ignored during your academic writing.

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Do's in Assignment Writing

[Do's in Assignment] Paraphrasing & Summarizing Correctly:-  The students are required to develop assignment paraphrasing clearly and summarise your assignment correctly and in the end of this assignment you must include proper references and make citations to clearly indicate which parts of your work are prepared from other student's or another author's work or from some sources.

Paraphrasing is the act or writing work of rewording another author's work. In other meaning, it is the writing work is in your own words. - You must require to include an in-text citation so the reader of your writing can locate the actual source that you have summarized and paraphrased in your own words. - it must be clearly indicated which part of your work is prepared from somewhere else by the placement of the citation. Hence its required for every student to make paraphrasing correctly and include proper referencing to avoid academic misconduct act.

[Do's in Assignment] DO use direct quotations in assignment sometimes: -

It is allowing occasionally quote other person's work sometimes - but it should be remember that don't' overdo quotations. Make sure that you are going to provide your own contribution / viewpoint.  Submitting an essay or an assignment made up mostly of quotations from some different sources, you may get failed or possibly receive a very low mark if you do not get zero (0). So every student has to take care of it and use direct quotations where exactly fit not all over the assignment or essay.

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[Do's in Assignment] DO include a reference for every diagram, image, table, or figure (unless you developed it).

Always reference images, diagrams, tables, and figures that you have copied or altered from other student's work or other person's work. - If you develop these by own, a reference is not required to add then. Reference is only when you use for someone other's work and not required if you produce something new and original.

[Do's in Assignment] DO include a reference list of all work cited.

You have to make sure you understand what kind of of referencing style you are required to use for each unit. - Text based assessments/assignment usually need in-text citations & a reference list that gives the full details of the source material. - Visual artefacts (for example PowerPoint slides) or portfolios usually require a reference list that provides the full information and details of the sources referred to when creating the work. Anything used and modified must be maintained in a list.

[Do's in Assignment] DO keep a record or information of all original sources referenced.

You are always required to keep copies of your work and a record of the documents you make the reference for those and how to get them originally. This is very good academic practice. - At any time, you are required to develop the original source for comparison.

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[DO's in Assignment] For High Quality work "Use only scholarly resources."

Too many students are not aware with scholarly materials and they usually don't know what they are or how these should be used effectively. 

This student's guide can also result in learners trying to know definitions or background information in narrowly focused scholarly articles. These are very important for getting good grade in assignment and it enhances value of your assignment work. We suggest you to have properly used these scholarly Articles for Effective manner.

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DON'TS in Assignment

[DON'TS in Assignment] DON'T use copy and paste content or don't take text directly from another source (unless it is a direct quoted and you referenced properly).

Copy and paste instead of paraphrasing and summarising creates a risk of plagiarizing. - Copy and paste is only allowed when you quote others' work or use images, diagrams, tables and figures. If you copy and paste from a source and fail to reference it properly, then you have plagiarised.

[DON'TS in Assignment] DON'T use language conversion or paraphrasing software to include text from sources in your work.

Text conversion software (i.e. language conversion or paraphrasing software) is sometimes used inappropriately to create or translate text that is not in your own words. This is a form of plagiarism and is unacceptable. - This practice usually results in poorly written and confusing text that is easily detected by an academic with low marks a consequence.

[DON'TS in Assignment] DON'T use another student's work, or submit someone else's work as your own.

Often students are encouraged to work together, cooperating, sharing ideas and understandings. However, individual assessments are meant to be your own work. Copying from someone else's work is plagiarism. - Do not allow or give your work to anyone else to submit as their own. This is collusion which is considered academic misconduct.

[DON'TS in Assignment] DON'T copy or use a previous assignment submitted by other student for same unit.

Submitting work already assessed in another unit or assessment task is considered a type of plagiarism - However, there are some assessments that involve a series of scaffolded tasks where you are expected to build on previous work (e.g. in some larger projects or thesis work); or where a student is repeating a unit and it is appropriate to re-use your work. When in doubt - ask your lecturer.

[DON'TS in Assignment DON'T buy assignment someone scam resources or pay for it..

Paying someone else in money for making an assignment or other means to do your assessment is called CONTRACT CHEATING. This is known a serious breach of academic integrity and penalties (like suspension or expulsion) can be applied for this case. So every student has to take care of it and should be edited work done by other in such manner they can provide evidence to university in case any such cases happened in their academics. Keep the record of direct access of references and maintain rough drafts you can demand these from the source you have used. So keep cautious not to come in these serious misconduct problems by taking some over smart steps. You can use some authentic assignment help where tutor's assistance would be great options instead of using entirly work written by someone else. 

[DON'TS in Assignment] "Don't use too much internet sources"

This is very confusing concepts for students because most journals and magazines are available on the Internet and the library provides access to thousands of scholarly eBooks that are online. Students often express concern that they are not allowed to use academic journal articles found through the library's databases, because they are accessed through the internet.

In addition, many substantive news and other content is either born digital or available both online and in print.

[DON'TS in Assignment] "Don't use Wikipedia."

Absent context, students may just require to have another Internet resource that's potentially even less useful. Wikipedia references are not valid in academic assignments. So don't use Wikipedia references otherwise your assignment will not be marked good.

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