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Referencing in Assignment

Making a proper referencing in assignment or essay is the most difficult part for students while writing these academic tasks. The main reasons for this problem are given below..

There are so many formats and different referencing styles like APA, HARVARD, MLA, Chicago and more.

Every referencing style in university has its own unique format and its required proper knowledge before do it.

There are many important concepts or portion which is mandatory to write a reference like Author name, page number, year of publication and other source.

A lot student from many other countries is not habituated to prepare the references in their native country.

(Solution) Here, We give you some good links to help you with assignment referencing problems

  1. Know why referencing is important to put in your assignment
  2. When, where and how to use proper references


Plagiarism in your assignment can be cause of failing in assignment. Many students caught under this plagiarism act and this problem may cause of failing in class or module. This mostly happens in student's life just because of given reasons...

Scholars don't know what should be quoted as it is and what should not be quoted in assignment.

They are not such familiar of cases of strict plagiarism rules in their native countries or studies.

Many students face issues with their written English, so they are taken some mistakes to copy paste as it is from the other source.

If students are not having enough time and they are writing their assignments at the last minute, then they will be perform to copy paste as it is from the source.

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This article will help you to know What are the many kinds of plagiarism issues or mistakes, which you can knowingly or unknowingly commit in your assignments?

Blooms Taxonomy

It is very important to know about blooms taxonomy before preparing to write your assignment. If students do not know what exactly a blooms taxonomy, then it is not possible to understand your assignment brief guidelines as well as marking rubric. Here are provided many reasons why Blooms makes problem in assignment work?

Students who doesn't know what exactly is blooms taxonomy will never know the difference between these words mentioned in assignment brief or requirements DESCRIBE, APPLY, ANALYZE, SYNTHESIS and hence attracts markers disgust. Blooms taxonomy is not such a big problem or taught to students in many countries. It needed good practice and thorough understanding to develop a cognitive level as per Blooms.

(Solution) Here is a master blogs on A to Z of blooms taxonomy and it explains every cognitive level.

English Proficiency

This is one of the major and common problems issued by international students who are studying aboard (especially the students who are coming from non English speaking countries like China, Middle Eastern countries and other countries). Reasons behind of this problem are

There primary school education of some of countries was not in English

Many learners or scholars don't give values and appreciate the power of having good English in the present global environment.

Many students are afraid from English language or they are  lazy to learn and improve their English abilities.

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Subject knowledge

It does not matter how good your English or academic or referencing skills are, if you are not good enough in your subject knowledge, your assignments cannot fetch you good marks. There are many reasons where student is behind the lack of subject knowledge.

Most of students are doing jobs during studies, and because of part-time jobs, students don't get proper time to read on the topic and hence they cannot prepare good assignment.

Scholars do not prepare adequate notes during classroom lectures.

They don't have references, materials or books to refer

Learners sometimes feel shy for getting doubts cleared from their instructor.

Some instructors are geeky and they make even an easy topic, difficult for learners to understand.

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Expertsminds offers tutorials, lecture notes and assignment help for students who don't get time to prepare. They can learn a lot from reference of tutor's work and hence they can enhance their skills of writing assignment in quick time.

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Lacking in academic skills may be a big problem for a student and hence they flight too much while writing their academic assignments. Here we will explain some of problems faced by students and they do underperforming in assignments. The students have to overcome with this situation by enhancing their academic skills and know some reasons which may cause failing grade in assignment work.

Most common problems faced by student when writing assignments and essays 

Writing assignments is truly an art form that requires confidence to execute. You could run into a lot of issues when writing your tasks. However, you can't get rid of them unless you know what's causing them. Nothing can prevent you from functioning successfully once you have the information. I'm confident that if you follow these simple guidelines and suggestions, you'll always write your projects correctly. These are 9 most common problems faced by students while writing their tasks:

Confidence: Some students think they are just incapable of writing the assignment. They frequently doubt their ability that if they truly can do the entire project by themselves. And because of this self-doubt, they never attempt to begin working. Hence, Students decrease their own performance. Every day, they just hold off doing their job because they feel unprepared and, even if they do it, they think it is inadequate. Such students should focus on strengthening their talents rather than questioning them. Keep in mind that you can only learn from and repair your errors after you have already made them. Spend some time studying before you begin, work in groups, and ask advice, but do not underestimate yourself. 

Weak argumentation: During writing, argumentation is very essential, and the student will need to use it if they want to achieve their goals in writing assignments or essays. In order to be able to write significant pieces of material later on, such as an entrance letter or even their CV, students must learn how to argue their concepts and ideas when they are in high school. 

Hard topics: Every student might not have knowledge regarding every topic. In cases when a student is stuck understanding the topic, it becomes the responsibility of the parent to comprehend it to their children and show them how to conduct research to gather the data they need to create accurate conclusions. High school is a crucial stage in a student's education because of how much emphasis it places on writing abilities. These abilities must be developed for the future, however students frequently struggle with writing. Parents must comprehend these difficulties and learn how to handle them effectively in order to support their children. 

Lack of feedback: Teachers in high school may offer writing projects to their students without giving comments after reviewing the students' work. Giving students' writing assignments grades is insufficient for teachers. In order for students to understand where they made writing mistakes or the areas they need to work on, it is crucial for professors to provide them thorough feedback. Ask your teacher for input on how they marked your prior essay to quickly solve this issue. Feedback is essential for ensuring that students' competencies grow over time. It is significant to remember that good feedback encourages development of writing abilities more than negative criticism. 

Problem in structuring: The failure to organize logical arguments is another frequent issue. Students in colleges receive poor grades because they are unable to construct coordinated, structured arguments. For this one must do the research properly on previously available essay topics to know how the evidences has portrayed the same thing you want to learn for example summarizing or designing the conclusion, writing the introductory part or the main body.

Poor writing practice: This issue with essay writing is caused by a lack of practice and experience. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. This also holds true for essay writing. Students must practice writing in order to get better at it. This is so that students may develop and improve their writing skills. High school children can't develop their talents to higher levels without enough practice. Practice your solution to the problem and practice it some more. After receiving their written essays back from professors, it is crucial for students to edit them. They will have a chance to make amends because of this. Students gain an understanding of how their work should always be via revised work. This motivates them to raise their standards in term of writing tasks. 

Improper analytical and cognitive skills: Writing requires the growth of cognitive and analytical powers. The ability to write better will help student learn and think more clearly, thus they must acquire these talents. Students must read or understand their writing ideas. You must study and practice argumentation strategies if you want to address such skill-related essay writing problems. You need to create well-structured arguments. This requires cognitive and analytical abilities, and it is rarely covered in high school curriculum. 

Proper quality content: Another frequent problem is when students are still learning the value of avoiding plagiarism. It may be quite challenging to incorporate researched content into one's own style of writing, and the English level used at this level has a huge impact on it. Using a dictionary and thesaurus to locate different words, rearranging phrases in a sentence, altering the word form, switching between the active and passive voice, and compressing or lengthening the original are all techniques to prevent this. A student must also employ a citing style like APA, which requires considerably more time. 

Less time: No student can avoid college homework since they need to be completed and cannot be avoided. The assignment's time limit might be anything from a few hours to several days or months. Teachers provide a specified amount of time for each task for their own special reasons. However, in today's scenario people have incredibly hectic lifestyles. More have families and jobs, while yet others play professional sports. No matter how much time is allotted, many students still submit their tasks beyond the deadline. If a student wishes to avoid last-minute writing, effective time management is essential. They must learn how to manage their short period of time to do all the work desired. It is crucial to make a timetable with priority items at the top. Students can seek assistance from a variety of internet writing services if that doesn't work.

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