What is CAS letter? Why its necessary to study in UK? What information you need to include in your CAS letter?

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Know why a CAS letter is necessary for the United Kingdom

Do you know what a CAS letter is? CAS is known as confirmation of acceptance for studies. When you think about studying in UK school, you should know that you will need a CAS letter to go there. CAS is a confirmation of your studies, which tells that the University for which you have applied has accepted your application. CAS letter is a very important document for a student which is required while applying for your student visa Therefore, before applying for a student visa, it is necessary to apply for the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. In this letter it is mentioned that you have applied in which university of UK and your application has been accepted from there.

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Here we have mentioned about some details which you need to include in your CAS letter.

First of all, there is an important detail that you need to include in the letter; they are as follows, the reference number assigned to the CAS

  • English language proficiency exam is known as IELTS. This exam is very important for taking admission in the university and it is very important to mention its score in your CAS letter.
  • It is necessary to mention the sponsor license number of the university in which you have taken your admission in the letter.
  • If you are also getting residential facility in same University, then it is necessary to mention its fee.
  • Also mention the name of the course you have chosen and its starting date
  • Along with the full fee of your course, if you have got any kind of scholarship, then it is necessary to mention it.
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There are certain requirements which must be fulfilled while applying for the CAS letter

Let us know what are the requirements to be fulfilled while applying for CAS letter? And along with this there are some important documents which are required to be submitted.

  • Last year mark sheet or transcript
  • Photograph and passport
  • Valid credentials

CAS letter is valid only for 3 months but if the course is starting late, then you can use it till 3 months before the course starts so these are some important documents which are required to be submitted for CAS.

How to apply for a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies letter?

Do you know how to apply for CAS letter and what are the requirements which need to be fulfilled?

  • Must fulfill all the terms and conditions given in the conditional offer letter
  • It is necessary to confirm your admission by paying your course free, tuition fee all
  • Submit all the admission related information and documents on your UK University website
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Know about the Deadline to apply for a CAS letter

Processing time of UK CAS

Applying CAS letter completely depends on the University of the UK because when your university will be accepted from there, then only you will be able to apply for this letter. But this rule of applying CAS letter is that the one who applies first will get this letter issue Therefore it is necessary to apply for CAS early.

Applying from abroad

The duration to apply for such letter is up to 90 days from the date of commencement of the course but it also completely depends on your university. If there is a delay in accepting your application by your university, then it may take time to apply for your CAS letter.

Keep one thing in mind that if you do not have much knowledge about applying for CAS letter, then it would be appropriate to take someone's guidance and advice.

Through this article, you will be able to know CAS is very important to study in UK. We have mentioned in this article about what are the requirements and documents needed to apply for CAS letter. In this article we explained the importance of CAS letter to study in UK, what are the formalities need to complete while applying for CAS letter, terms and conditions and requirements for applying CAS letter to study in UK.

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