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Discuss the merits of the “here and now” approach

Discuss the merits of the “here and now” approach postulated by the Routine Activities theorists versus the merits posited by conventional background criminological theorists in the explanation of predatory crime causation. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Merits of the “Here and Now” approach assignment – Order today for excellence!

Here and now, theory is based on the idea of client’s interpersonal matter that will ultimately emerge in the remedial relationship. If someone feels that everyone betrays him will also feel the same with his therapist. Concentrate on the material comes to focus at that time. Therapy becomes less conversation about issues and more functioning with them as they happen in here and now. Yalom support therapists and patients similar to talk the susceptible risk of discussing what is happening in the moment, a perceptible shift that bears fruit. It make one realize he is not alone. The therapy gives support and helps to receive support from others. It also helps to relate with others in improved way (Belgrave & Seide 2019).

Crime is a complex occurrence that changes cultures and time. Activity, which is legal in one county maybe illegal in other. The theories are divided into two major approaches.

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Biological theories

This theory is based on the fact that some people are born criminals. This depends on various factors.

- Biochemical conditions which is lined to poor diet and misbalance of hormone

- Disabilities caused by  brain

- Genetic legacy or  abnormality

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 Sociological theories

This theory suggests that crime is shaped by factors and involvement of the surrounding.

The factors depend on 

- Attachment

- dedication

- participation

- Belief

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