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BUS1168 - Management Communications Assignment - Lethbridge College, Canada

Objective - To reflect on and analyze individual communication strengths and weaknesses and effectively communicate this analysis through a paper using concepts and knowledge gained from the course.



Communication is the process of conveying the meaning from one entity group to others. The main process involved in communication is the framing of communication reason and motivation. In addition to this, in communication, it is necessary to compose the message in such a way that everyone can able to understand the opponent's feelings. The communication plays an important function which is closely associated with the other managerial functions. This study sheds light on the communication strengths and weaknesses with the implementation of communication plans and goals.

Part I -

Q1. What are my major strengths in each of the 8 major areas of the evaluation?

Eight major strength in the area of evaluation - My major strengths in the areas of evaluation are as follows:

  • Communication helps me to maintain the coordination level between the others.
  • I can able to learn about the different management skills from communication.
  • I can able to learn the skills for the encouragement of different subordinates from the community.
  • Communication skills ease out the process of planning.
  • Skills of communication help me to be an effective leader in my class and in society.
  • Communication skills help me to boost up my level of motivation and morale.
  • With the help of communication, I can able to develop the people to accept the change that has happened.
  • One of the important strengths of communication that I can achieve the development of good human relationships.

Q2. What are the major areas which could use improvement in each of the 8 areas?

Major areas for improvement - In communication, improvement is necessary in order to develop strength more potentially. As per MacDermott, & Ortiz (2107), it is necessary to work on the weak areas to be an effective leader with the help of communication skills. The areas need to improve from the 8 major areas are as follows:

  • In my opinion, the areas of coordination with the other needs improvement to achieve a high rate of success.
  • The area which helps the individual in the process of planning needs more focus because the planning has not been eased out smoothly.
  • The other major areas which require improvement is the different management skills.


Q3. What is the evidence from my communication experiences that indicate that these areas are strengths and weaknesses?

Evidence from communication - The evidence from the experience of communication which highlights the strength and weakness are as follows:

Strengths - The strength I am able to acquire is the quality of leadership and motivation. For example, it has been observed that after the completion, of course, I can easily lead a team in a class to perform social activities. In addition to this, I can easily boost up myself by means of motivation.

Weakness - The weakness is that I have to work hard on the process of planning and coordination. It has been observed in my class I am not able to coordinate with my friends and its effect on the process of planning.

Q4. Are there any areas in which you have reconsidered your original evaluation mark after learning more about each area during communication class - either changing to a higher or lower rating?

Areas reconsidering for the original evaluation - The areas which has been reconsidered after the evaluation of marks that leadership and motivation are changing to a higher rating. In fact, the process of planning and coordination needs more concentration because it tends to changes in the lower end.

Part II -

Q1. Why did you choose this as a goal to be accomplished in this class?

Choice of goals to be accomplished - Communication plans and goals: the plan and goals of communication are to implement smart objects in real life. As per Hargie (2108), smart objective includes specific, attainable, measurable, time related and realistic. I chose the SMART objective goals in the class because it helps me to understand the present situation according to the demands. In addition to this, with the help of communication goals, I am able to maintain the time and realistic in order to achieve success.

Q2. How did you decide on your plan? How effective and realistic do you believe your plan was for accomplishing your goal?

Decision on plan - I decide on my plan after evaluating my strengths and weakness in communication skills. In addition to this, my deciding plan helps me to highlight my strength skills and weakness and help me out to determine the realistic ways where I can achieve success and where I can be a failure in my career.


Q3. What measurement did you put in place to determine if you met your goal? How would you know that you had made progress or had achieved your goal?

Measures evaluate to determine the plan - The measures that have been taken to determine the achievement of the goals are the facts and figures related to the situation. In addition to this, I would like to apply the smart objects and check whether I am successful achievement the desired target or not.

I would determine whether the goals have been achieved or not by means of taking a real field example. For instance, if I am taking measures to improve the process of planning then I take such a project which is related to planning and implementing the different strategies in order to determine the achievement.

Q4. How would reaching this goal improve your overall ability to communicate?

Ways to reach the goal improvement - The desired goals of my career regarding the ability of communication can help me to stand out of the crowd. According to Chinedu, Olabiyi & Kamin (2015), communication skills which help the individual to uplift their position and achieve success in their career. In addition to this, reaching the goals of communication I can able to get a good job in my career and I can maintain the quality of leadership and perform well in the organisational workplaces.

Part III -

Q1. From the questionnaire what specific information did your observer give you about your communication behaviour? Did you agree with his/her perceptions? Why or why not?

Specific information on communication behaviours - The observer provides me with feedback regarding the question arises regarding the communication behaviour that I have to work hard on my process of planning and coordination. In my opinion, the observer provides me with the right feedback and I agree with my professor perception. In addition to this, I agree with my observed feedback because I am not able to implement the proper process of planning in my court studies and that is the reason that I am not able to perform well in my career.

Q2. Was there any information that was new to you? Explain.

Information outlook - Yes, the observer provides me with some new information which is related to training my leadership quality because I am performing well in leadership and motivational skills that are a part of communication. According to my professor's point of view, I am performing well in motivation and leadership skills and to make it a powerful tool in my career I need to work hard on implementing a different type of strategies which is related to motivating the other in the workplace as well as in society.

Q3. Did your observers give you other feedback not directly related to the questionnaire? Was this information helpful to you? Did you agree with his/her interpretations? Why or why not?

Observation on feedback - Yes, the observer provides me with some indirect feedback related to the question areas that I need to work hard on the skills which encourage subordinates in the community. Yes, the information which has been provided by my observer is really helpful and I agree with his interpretation because in the community. It is necessary to encourage subordinates to achieve success in a high rate of success over the activities. As per the viewpoint of Oza et al. (2018), have mentioned that encouraging others is a part of good communication skills. In addition to this, I agree with my observer interpretation because in a group it is necessary to encourage others to get a high rate of success over the activity.


Q4. Have you or will you use this information in a constructive way to improve your communication experiences? If not, why? If yes, discuss specific examples of how you have or will use this information.

Feedback used to improve the communication experience - Yes, I would use the information to improve my communication experience because according to me whenever there is activity a group of people working under it. In a group, it is necessary to encourage other subordinates and help them out from the situation they are facing. For instance, it has been noted that in my college robotic workshop has been conducted and I am the responsible person to gather an ample number of students for the workshop. In the meantime, I have noticed that two of my friends is not able to decide whether they register their name on the workshop or not. At that time, I implement the communication skills which is regarding the encouraging the others and the feedback that has been provided by my observer and with the implementation of two feedback I can manage both of them to register their name.

Part IV -

Q1. Do you believe your communication skills have improved since taking this class? Why or why not? Give specific examples.

Believe in communication skills - I believe that my communication skills have improved after taking these classes because I can easily able to apply different types of strategies and easily maintain the quality of leadership in my class as well as in my community. for example, at an earlier time in my college to simultaneously training has been conducted and at that time I am not able to attend both of them training because of lack of time management. After completing the course, the same thing happens again and I can easily manage both of the training smoothly.

Q2. Do you think you have reached your goal? How do you know? If not, do you intend to continue working on this goal? Why or why not?

Achievement of goals or not - Yes, for some cases I already reach my goal that is the quality of leadership and motivation I can achieve a high success rate. The achievement of goal can be determined by means of applying the same strategies in the real field and if I am able to achieve success then I am sure that I already reach my goal Apart from this, there is some communication skills which I need to concentrate more because till now I am not able to implement the proper process of planning in my career as well as in my education. I have a belief that if I am working on my lag in part then I can surely improve communication skills which I am not able to perform well.

Q3. If you believe you have reached your goal, how do you think you were able to accomplish thi2 goal and do you believe you will be able to continue with this improvement?

Accomplishment on goals reached - I have a belief that I have reached my goal and I can accomplish this goal in my education and in my society. According to Spyropouloun et al. (2018), in today's fast-forwarding world continuous evaluation and improvement required to maintain the demands and needs of the community. Addition to this apply my learning outcomes in a place where an ample number of people working together with such as in organisation workplace or in the community meeting.

Q4. Did you improve any of the weak areas from your original communication evaluation? If so, how did you accomplish this? IF not, why do you think you were unable to improve?

Improvement of weak areas from original communication evaluation - Yes, I am improving my weak areas such as the process of planning, coordination from the evaluation of communication skills. In my college seminar is going to be conducted and I am one of the members of that seminar at that time I can easily implement the process of planning in arranging different types of essential components for the seminar. In addition to this seminar, there is an ample number of students working together and at that time I can easily coordinate with them and be the vulnerable part of that seminar.


It can be concluded that communication skills are one of the important parts of today's world. There are different types of communication skills like leadership motivation planning process encouraging others to coordinate with the group and every skill need proper communication. In addition to this, it can also be concluded that I can achieve success on the communications skills like the quality of leadership, motivating others and I am still working on my weaker zone that is planning process and coordination. This paper shed light on the strength and weakness of communication skills and the necessity of communication goal with their planning.


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