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Poverty and Crime Rate in the US Assignment Help

For this task, you will begin researching your topic. In the n section of the class, you will begin to outline an argument ail this topic, so right now, it is important for you to research both sides of the argument so you know which side you plan to argue. Aim to gather varied evidence for your side of the argument in this research assignment.

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In the present time, it is found that most recurrent problems occurring in today's society is related to increased levels of crime (Friedson& Sharkey, 2015). As a result, several citizens are impacted and it thereby becomes the responsibility of the government to overcome them. While determining the major causing factors of such crimes, it was found that poverty is one of the key reasons due to which people are found to be engaging them in committing crimes. There is a need to conduct a research in this direction that will allow to not only determine the correlation between poverty and crime rates but will also assist in determining the sociological factors responsible for engaging these people with different crimes (Friedson& Sharkey, 2015).

Discussion and Research Findings

One of the key responsibilities of the Criminal Justice will be to overcome such crimes and instead assist people in overcoming their social problems such as poverty. It will thereby allow them to focus on their daily socio-economic routines, capture new employment opportunities, and thereby earn live their livelihood (MacDonald, 2015). It will thereby solve the problems of both poverty and increased crimes in a community.

This report will consider the statistics associated with different research reports and will thereby first determine the correlation between poverty and crimes rates in different parts of the US. It will then provide recommendations to resolve the current situation in a given environment. First, it is observed that people struggling with poverty are also found to be engaged in different forms of violence.

The statistical report confirms that these people are having firearms with them at rate of 3.5 per 1,000 people (MacDonald, 2015). Second, it is also found that the urban poverty increased the risk of violence among the US households. The crime rates among the Whites household was around 5.64%, whereas for the African-American households was around 5.13% (Donohue, 2017).

On average, around 25% of the American youths were found to be involved in either serious violent victimizations or in the crimes associated with murder (Donohue, 2017). It thereby becomes necessary for the US government and the Criminal Justice to identify ways not only for preventing crimes but also for the purpose of allowing the youths to get engaged in different types of employment activities. It will thereby make sure of preventing the occurrence of different crimes in a given environment.


The role of the social justice organizations and other such communities will be important as they need to make sure that the youths do not engage them in different crimes or get diverted during their career period (Rosenfeld, 2014). Instead, they need to be made aware of the challenges associated with such crimes. It will thereby first prevent them from committing such crimes in a given environment.

The role of the criminal agencies will be to monitor such actions and activities taking place within the vicinity of different communities. They can thereby prevent them from committing different forms of crimes in a given environment (Rosenfeld, 2014). The government on the other hand should formulate policies to overcome poverty challenges and subsequently provide employment opportunities to these people. IT will thereby help them achieve desired objectives in a given challenging social environment.Even, the youths should provide their inputs so that the government can get aware of the social gaps and take necessary steps in this direction.

Research Process

As required in the report, there were four sources included related to the given research topic. The research process comprised of first defining the research topic and then identifying the necessary sources for data collection. It will thereby allow me to examine the facts at present, determine the gaps related to the given research topic, and thereby focus on research objectives so that solutions to the given research problem can be found.

I used keywords such as "poverty", "crime rates", "unemployment in US", and several others to determine the exact resources as required. In addition, I learned about how the entire research is conducted and how one should follow the different research principles while conducting a given research.

Second, there is a need to follow the major aspects of research to cover the given research topic and thereby achieve the desired research objectives. I need to also follow certain ethical guidelines that will allow me to overcome unethical breaches and ensure informed consent among the participants of the research.

It was found that there is also correlation found between the age demographics of an individual and his exposure to poverty. It leads him to commit crimes in search of livelihood. On the other hand, the US government found that the National Juvenile Justice Network demonstrated arrests of youths for committing crimes such as robbery, assault, and other forms of social crimes. Thus, I shall be using this given argument in the research report in the form of an outline so that I can know the starting and the ending point of the research. It will thus define the scope of the research as well and will assist me in achieving the required research outcomes.

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