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Explain the goals of univariate, bivariate and multivariate analyses

Explain the goals of univariate, bivariate and multivariate analyses.  Which of these would most likely be applied to your research topic? What would that analysis tell us about your topic and/or the variables or subjects?

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The easiest yet simple form of analyzing the data is Univariate, which helps in analyzing the data of only one variable, like the bar chart, distribution table. This analysis is used for data description and finding the patterns already existing. While, to found information regarding relation between two variable like which are different, Bivariate is generally used, like the Scatter Plot. For analyzing more than three variables, Multivariate is used, which can be achieved by performing various methods like Cluster analysis, Canonical Correlation Analysis, Analysis of the factors and many more (Scott et al, 2018). While the research is being conducted, the analyst needs to measure the actual causes along with the effects for the mentioned conclusions. In the research topic “Jail growth in Rural America”, the bivariate and multivariate analyses is generally used, as for measuring the growth in a particular area, scatter plot is necessary to discuss the past happenings along with the present (Periera et al 2016). The bivariate helps to determine and identify the relationship. Analysis being a part of multivariate analysis is also necessary for measuring the needs of growth in a mentioned region of a country. 

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