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Summary of Indonesian Music Assignment

Summary of Indonesian Music

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Indonesian music - A summary

The musical creativity of Indonesia is a true demonstration of its rich cultural heritage and diversity, and is not limited to only the local history. Foreign elements have time and again influenced the musical scenes, and thus there are a several hundred forms of music all across the islands.

When it comes to traditional music, Bali and east and central Java are home to Gamelan, while Dangdut is a very well-liked style of pop music, often accompanied by dancing. The 1970s were the decade that popularised these music styles. The Portuguese influence can be seen in Keroncong, which is widely used in the movie and entertainment industry in the country. Bamboo instruments are used in West Java, which is home to the music genres of Degung and Angklung.

Indonesian traditional music usually comprises of simple melodies and lyrics, and demonstrate together in community as one of its most important elements. The songs are typically written in the local language, and traditional musical instruments are used for accompaniment. The costumes used are also produced indigenously. Politics and music have a close relationship in Indonesia, as it is almost mandatory for the candidate to sing songs during their campaigns.

Jakarta and Yogyakarta show heavy signs of Western influence, as the music there is a lot livelier, not to mention their rich collection of dance studios, theatres, and exhibition halls. The Indonesian pop music of today is a melting pot of trends and cultural influences from many countries, such as Japan, Britain, Korea and America. One of its pioneers is said to be Koes Bersaudara, who cited The Beatles as their inspiration. They were also the torchbearers of rock ‘n roll music during the 1960s and 70s. Some of the popular Indonesian bands today include Peterpan, Gigi, Sheila on 7, Radja and Dewa 19.

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