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Task - Spirituality Paper - Select a body system and identify one disease process that fascinates you most as a creation of God. Answer the following questions relating to the disease process.

Solution - Disease process and fascination of the same as a creation of God:

Disease process is very fascination mainly, as it is depicted by god as a revelation of the effect of sin as well as due to special plans of God towards men his images on the earth. In most of the instances the disease process will be triggered either by men succumbing to the sin (Luke 5:31, 32) or by just doing something advised to refrained from in the bible (Timothy, 5:23). These are some of the features of the disease processes that do fascinate me, when looked from the eyes with appreciating towards mystic creation of God. One such body system is the digestion system, where in consumption of diet which is not preferred like rotten meat or some other bacteria infected food does create serious disease. The process consists in consumption of the infected food and this in turn will create malfunction or disease of the body (Mauk and Schimidt,2004).

1. What aspects of normal anatomy is interesting to you and why?

Anatomy and aspects: Entire body anatomy is of great interest to me. The way the body structure is created, Shaping of the body by creation of the skull and skeleton, filling it with the blood and flesh and keeping in position by muscles and skin, everything is quite interesting. And these aspects provide me a detailed insight for me into meticulous work of god and his great craftsmanship in making and shaping the final anatomy and physiologies work together in an individual.


2. What factors have caused the damage to the normal anatomy and physiology?

Aspects causing damage to the normal anatomy and physiology: Normal anatomy keeps the entire body structure in shape and it will work on to keep stability and integrity of the entire structure in shape. Secondly the physiology of the body is more related with the relationship between different body parts and their functionalities. Different body parts will function together in accordance with their respective duties. Each of the body part will do function in liaison with the other body part and will meet the objectives of the overall body functionality. Any aspect that can interfere either with the stability of the entire body structure of with the functionality of the physiology will immediately disturb the overall body functionality. For example a simple injury of the person or falling of an individual will impact the bone and may lead to fracture of the same. This will cause damage to the person anatomy. At the same time, the heart functions to send blood to the lungs and from there to all parts of the body. Any aspect like accumulation of fat (Cholesterol) in veins and artilleries may disturb the free flow of blood, or excess smoking may create barrier in letting the free oxygen reach the blood in the veins. However from the spiritual perspective, there is much to do with the person doing sin and refraining from following the advice from the bible. These aspects do create an immediate impact over the body health by causing damage to the physiology and normal anatomy as well. There can be possible also a special plan for God to create a disease to the person, though he has not performed any sin. These are some of the several aspects creating damage to the normal anatomy and physiology of the person in general (White, 2011).

3. How can we restore the healing process?

There are two ways in which healing process can be restored. The first is through medicine and curing process as per the science and second is through spiritual practices. From the first case, depending on the severity of the wound or the diseases appropriate healing process will be employed. It can be a simple surgery, a medicine support or just taking up a correction to the diet and daily routine and so forth. The exact healing process will depend on the type of ailment and the necessary healing requirements. However spiritual healing is a different phenomenon, one need to take repentance in the god and need to pray for him to get the required healing. Spiritual energy from the cosmic sources will enter the body by forming a connection with the godly energy sources in this process. The spiritual power will enable the healing process, whatever may be the seriousness of the disease and the damage. There are several instances where in even the seriously distressed and damaged people got their recovery back with the power of god and by using his healing powers miraculously. The same healing process can be applied not just for the sake of physiology needs, even the people with anatomy problems and any other troubles like mental complications can succumb to spiritual healing process which can revive them their vitalities and energies back as before.


4. What is the role of prayer, influence of religion and culture relating to this disease process?

Role of prayer, influence of religion and culture related to the disease process: Religion and culture play an important role in the sentiments of the people in the context of the disease process. At the outset, the disease is assumed to be due to sin or as per the plans of the god towards man. Understanding these aspects will provide people the necessary courage and willpower to take up the challenges. Secondly the spiritual recommendations include connectivity to the spiritual energies to get healed. Prayer is an important medium where in people can connect themselves with the spiritual energy and this inturn will initiate the necessary powers in people(Angelo,2016).

5. Conclusion with a call to action or something meaningful to remember.

Call for action& Conclusion: The entire observation that the man has created in the image of the god and the disease process is by virtue of god or as per the biblical postulations is quite fascinating. However the call for action is of use particularly for those suffering with disease. Mending the ways of daily routines in a way to form connectivity with the God is all that is needed at present and hence it is very much required for people to mend their ways and means to take in the energies of god to heal themselves. This is the call of action.


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