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Applied Anthropology and Modern World Assignment Help

1) How may anthropology be applied to address some problems of the modern world, or Option

2) How may anthropology be applied in your career field, or in your major? To embed images, use the icon that looks like a mountain range with a sun/moon behind it. This will allow you to select images from your device and embed them directly in your post. If images are not embedded and are attached only partial credit will be earned.

3) Analyze and Reflect on the image collage you shared with classmates. Explain how the images illustrate ways in which anthropology can be applied to address problems in the modern world, or how anthropology can be applied in your career field or in your major. Be specific.Engagement and Presence. 

4) Share a piece of news about an ethnocentric experience or event. How is this an example of ethnocentrism? What people were affected? How could ethnocentrism have been minimized in this case?

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Most of the researchers consider the discipline of anthropology to live in the remote places, undertaking harrowing adventures and studying mysterious rituals. These images might make the discipline seem very exotic in nature and are being removed from the daily lives of the people. In reality, anthropology is the subject that deals with understanding the diversity that is existing among the human society. The discipline also deals with the cause of the existence both for functional as well as historical reasons, the values, behaviours and beliefs of the humans and how these are are affecting the individuals and societies (Kluckhohn 2017).

The concept of change is perhaps the most common phenomenon that is experienced by human life regularly in the present world. There might have been diversity in the context, pattern, extent, scale as well as speed of the changes, but people round the globe more or less are sharing experiences of economic, cultural as well as social alternation in their everyday lives. The world have been inter connected economically, socially and culturally with the introduction of globalization, which have helped in spreading of the market, transnational migration, improvement of technologies and many other aspects. These changes have both positive and negative effects on the societies. There are people whose lives have been blessed with globalization; there are mass inequalities in economic sphere. Besides, many nations are facing violation of human rights, poverty, stigmatization and exclusion of the minorities as well as discrimination and violence against women (Boas 2017). All these problems are assessed and solved by the anthropologists with experts from other disciplines.

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