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Strategic Thinking Assignment Help

Your assignment is to develop a paper that details each of these principles and notes how each impacts a person's leadership style.

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Strategic thinking involves constructive thinking about planning for the future of a person through understanding current situation. Strategic thinking is essential to reach for a decision for an organizational structure or in personal life.

The study aims to understand the strategic thinking and its principles which mission, vision and values on personal leadership style are.


Strategic thinking is a process where constructive thinking involves in decision-making process to achieve anything in professional or personal life. Understanding leadership style needs extensive study regarding own capabilities and expertise. As a leader, strategic thinking is crucial to understand planning to structure their own behavior and expertise to handle and manage employees within an organizational structure. Mission, vision and values, these are three main principles which involve in strategic thinking (Kazmi, 2017). The purpose of strategic thinking is to make a plan for the future. The mission is a clear plan for the current organizational structure. Vision involves the future purpose of the leadership which helps to construct a mental picture about the future of the planning. Values on the other hand are those principles and ideas which guides to achieve the purpose of strategic thinking.

Mission is the short-term plan or goal which helps to change to the current structure of leadership within an organizational structure. As a person he or she has first to understand the aim of the organization he or she is working under so that they can structure their leadership style. The mission of the organization regarding which kind of customer segment they serve, what will be the target market, their market position is crucial to understand as a leader (Singh & Sandelands, 2017). Mission also helps the leaders to construct or bring change to their leadership styles. Understanding which kind of leaders, he or she will become is crucial to give structure to his or her planning. Mission statement is the first step of strategic thinking which helps to decide on any topic or factor based on a basic guideline.

Vision is a plan for the leadership style which will be inherited by the person who will be a leader in future. Within a working culture in an organization, a clear vision is essential for the leaders to align their leadership style with the organizational goals. It is crucial to understand where the organization is heading in the future. Vision statement acts as a great factor in motivating employees from the leaders. Leadership needs study of the employees regarding their behavior, working pattern, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, mental structure and others to guide them and align their working trend towards the vision of the organization. The vision of both the leaders and organization have to be feasible, desirable, flexible, communicable, focused and imaginable to achieve them successfully (Onstrategyhq, 2019).

Vision is the last factor which guides the organization and leadership practices through principles and ideals. Value is a core belief of an organization which gives shape to the organizational culture. Value plays an essential role in the daily decision-making process for the leaders to align the workforce with proper direction (Johnsen, 2015). Employees and their mentality at first have to change or evolved as per the organizational aim and in this process leadership style plays a critical role. Adaptive nature always helps the organizations to guide the employees to maintain overall corporate values and culture as a whole.


From the above study it can be stated that; mission, vision and values play a crucial role in the leadership style and decision-making process. Combining mission, vision and values act as a strong force towards achieving the ultimate goals. Vision of the future helps the leaders to structure the working culture of the employees. Understanding organizational value guides leaders to align work culture with their goals.

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