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At the outset, it is very much required to acknowledge the fact that the college administration has full right to make the policy that fit well their mission and visions. If the college is a religious institution like Brigham young university etc, they want every student in the campus to strictly oblige the preaching of the Jesus Christ and also wish them to lead a respectable life as preached in religious books. In any case, if the discussion is about the ban of alcohol on campuses, apart from the right of the colleges to ban alcohol, there is need for the universities, to assess why it is necessary to ban alcohol?(Chaloupka et al.,2002)


Following are the premises that makes basis for the argument that the college campuses should ban alcohol on campus,

- As per the legal regulations it is not allowed to serve alcohol for people under the age of 21 years.

- Academic organizations do have ethical responsibility towards safe and wellbeing of students in the campus

- Alcohol consumption is the cause of several accidents on the drive.

- Accidents on road cause problems to self and society too.

- Alcohol consumption can damage intellectual talent and contribute towards poor academic performance.

- Alcohol consumption can provocate sexual assaults in the college campus.

- Girl students can develop fertility problems with excess consumption of alcohol.

- Both guys and girls can develop health problems like liver cancer with excess consumption of alcohol.

- Alcohol stimulates and may make students involve in violent activities that can spoil their life and career.

- Academic organizations do have moral responsibility to provide a good platform for future citizens to develop a good foundation for their life and career in the aftermath.

Narration to support the argument:

It is legally not allowed to serve alcohol for the people below the age of 21, keeping into consideration of the fact that most of the people in the college premises do have age below 21 years, it is better not to allow alcohol in the college premises. Alcohol when is uncontrollably available in the campus, there is every chance that atleast few students will get addicted to it and do spoil their physical and mental healths. Also, when the students in the campus had alcohol, it may become detrimental to their safety, as in the case of car driving accidents, bike driving etc, student do cause accidents and die, becoming problem for self and for society as well.

There are instances of alcohol consumption and relation of the same with the poor academic performance. At the same time, when there is excess alcohol consumption, it is more likely that the people in the colleges do involve in violent activities. Alcohol do create imbalance and stimulates people to involve in the violent activities, which are not anticipated in the college campuses. Also there is every chance that alcohol consumption do create tendencies of sexual assault. Considering the fact that there will be sufficient female students residing in the campus, there is every chance that the students in the campus need to be protected and it can be a good safety measure, if alcohol is banned in the campus (Ebadollahi et al., 2006).

College campuses should be employed to provide a decent platform for student to develop their own life and career. Apart from skills needed for career development, they can also be places which can provide healthy habits that can contribute for good personal life in the aftermath. Hence it is a social responsibility for colleges to ban alcohol, which is highly detrimental to the individual and society well being as well. Alcohol can contribute to several fertility problems in women; they can create health problems related with livers for both men and women. Last but not least there is no any good reason to support alcohol, hence considering all these reasons it is good to ban alcohol in the college premises (Hingson, 2010).

Weak premises and Elimination:

Alcohol may enable student become violent involve in sexual assaults and may contribute to the social problems in the personal life in the aftermath. Well they are all true, but they are not just the caused by alcohol consumption, even people with access to other drugs can damage their own life's as well as other people in several ways. Alcohol is not the only cause for these problems; nevertheless it is also a potential contributor in this regard.

Argument 1

Considering the fact the college administration do have social responsibility towards the well being of the society and the students as well in the campus, it is very much required to ban the usage of alcohol in the campus. It will contribute towards well being of the student at present as well in future too (Hare, 1990). Educational institutions do have responsibility for safe and well being of students living in the campuses. Both the mental and physical well being can be assured by banning alcohol in the campus. Typical banning can work to eliminate the violence, assaults of all types as well health problems reduction in campus.

Argument 2

After all students are tomorrow citizens, they should be provided of freedom to choose what they wish and how they like to shape their life. It is against the principles of human values to prevent the student to consume alcohol and the colleges do not have the freedom to ban it in the premises. Other arguments that support this perspective is social drinking, which is a part of the western culture. Social drinking is an accepted norm that supports alcohol drinking for social lubrication as well as a part of social customs too (Vogel Sprott, 1992).

Argument 3

There is a third option too, a judicial quantity of alcohol can be allowed in the campus. Each student can be rationed and provided with certain fixed quantity of alcohol and such measure will enforce limited intake and thereby will contribute for the betterment of the social life in the campus. This is not a totally new policy, some similar policies are there in existence in the football match stadiums, where there are restrictions on alcohol supply (Menaker and Connaughton, 2010) are enforced. Similar ideas with customization to suit college needs can be somewhat useful to restrict alcoholism in the campuses.


I believe the first option is the best; alcohol should be banned in the college premises, because there is no other option better than social responsibility and the students and society need to be taken care and taught of good habits. It should be banned in college premises.

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