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Reduce Stress in ICU Nurses Assignment Help

1. Describe the problem identified in Assessment 2 and briefly explain the rationale for the change

2. Describe the change theory that will form the framework for the plan and explain the reason for selection this theory.

3. Identify any specific groups of people that will need to be consulted and possibly included in this plan

4. Identify any expected reactions/resistance and provide strategies to manage these

5. Develop a plan that outlines all actions to be taken, who will be responsible for each action and assign a time frame for completion and an estimated budget for the project. (You may use table form to present some details of the plan but this must also be explained within the text)

6. Include an evaluation strategy and explain how the outcomes of the change will be monitored and sustained in the organisation. This assessment task is about finalizing your business plan. This assessment requires a report like an essay in that it has an introduction, body and conclusion.

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It is vital for assessing stress conditions and creating favorable working conditions. There are several problems faced by nurses working in every department in the hospitals The nurses have full responsibility for taking good care for the patients. It causes a lot of burden on the heads of the nurses and provides negative impact on the health of nurses. The proper motivation of nurses is important for providing better health care services. It is crucial for allocating equal tasks for everyone in the hospitals. This helps in creating a collaborative workforce and reduces the amount of stress for the nurses. The role of nurses is to provide efficient health care services for the patients who are admitted at the hospitals. The reduction in the stress level helps nurses to adopt correct practices in providing adequate treatment services. It is eminent for evaluating role of nurses and creates stable working conditions. This helps in creating a positive effect on the mind of nurses. The main issue is to identify causes for removal of stress from the nurses.   It is observed that most of the nurses face several types of stress related problems in handling patients at the correct method. There would be proper guidance provided by senior nurses for increasing motivation among the nurses. It helps in proper assessment of the entire job orientation and gave a basic knowledge on managing proper needs in the job requirements.The people who would be affected are stakeholders, nurses, staff and patients of the hospitals. The stress level of the nurses in handling patients provides direct effect on the above people. It would be clear that main reasons for handling stress by the nurses are given and discussed analytically in the study. 

Main Body

There would be increase in the total revenue as nurses would be more focused in accomplishing the tasks. It helps in better quality in man management and increase reputation by proper training. The reduction in the stress levels helps in timely delivery of the operations. It is effective for achieving productive and increase efficiency in the operation level.The nurse would have to be provided with additional training methods for increasing efficiency among the operations. The proper practice of training sessions could not be provided due to miss communication among management and the nurses. It results in creation of negative image among the nurses. It is necessary to create a change in the entire management process for reducing negativity in the entire operations. The achievement of the goals is necessary for creating a stable working environment and reduces overall stress in the minds of the nurses. In the next paragraph proper identification of objectives are identified for removing stress among the nurses. It is vital for the achieving of proper stress level among the nurses and reducing any type of stress.These objectives have to be achieved for bringing a change in the entire operational process and improve morale. The main goal is to bring a change in the entire management process by reduction of stress among the nurses. It helps to increase morale and provide better performance.

The organizing of motivational techniques helps in improving the stress among the nurses. It can be achieved by conducting motivational classes by administration of the hospital to manage stress problems (Anderson et al. 2017). The motivational class provides a wide range of methods for increasing morale and helps to increase relaxation. It is vital for implementing the change in the current techniques for creating a stable platform for the nurses to handle stress in every condition. The reduction of stress in ICU nurses helps to provide a strong coordination among the management and nurses. It helps to create a stable environment and increase productivity. Proper functioning of the nurses can increase the productivity of the hospitals. In the next paragraph there is proper implementation of the Lewin’s Model for creating proper change by reducing stress level of nurses. It helps to assess proper problems of the nurses. 

Lewin's change model is one of the popular models which focuses on analyzing problems in the current situation and provide correct solutions for bringing in the required change in the management. In the current scenario, there is a lot of stress faced by the nurses to work in the ICU departments. This model can be useful for providing a stable framework for bringing in the change in the current operations. In the first phase of the model, there is proper identification of the problem area that helps to assess the need for the change. The first stage of the model is Unfreeze stage which focuses on the stress problems faced by the nurses. It creates a wide range of solutions for bringing in the new change in the entire hospital (Blomberg et al. 2016). The employees are more pleased for bringing in the required change due to effective communication. It helps to provide a constructive approach for bringing in the required change. In the change model technique, there has to be proper communication among the various members involved in the management for reducing any type of problems faced by the nurses. The change has to be implemented within a short time by the management. This helps in acting against the change brought about for improving the current condition. The last stage of the model is the refreeze stage which helps to implement the entire change in the management culture. It is vital for communicating the entire change process which is implemented by the management. 

The implementation of Levin’s Change model theory helps in identifying issues faced by the nurses while working in the ICU department. It helps in formulating proper strategies for assessing proper changes in the current working conditions and develops possible methods for changing the current operations. This framework is essential for identifying current problems and changing the entire management system. Levin’s Change model theory is essential for adopting right strategies for reducing the stress conditions managed by the nurses. It helps in evaluating proper methods for implementing the entire change in the role of nurses (Bohström et al. 2017). The implementation of the theory assists in creating preferable strategies for handling any type of issues faced by the nurses. It is crucial for handling stress problems faced by the nurses while performing work in the hospitals. This model is efficient in providing efficient solution for handling stress related problems. It crates enough opportunities for the management of the hospital for handling difficult situations. 

It is important for engaging various members in the entire change management plan for bringing in more success. In the current situation there are various people engaged in the entire hospital. It is mandatory for identifying every person in the entire plan for adopting proper solution to the problem faced by the nurses. The active cooperation between groups in the change management plan helps in bringing in the change more quickly. The nurses, staff, patients and management of the hospital are specific groups in the change management plan. The management of the hospitals should be responsible for adoption of proper techniques for creating motivational techniques among the nurses (Hersch et al. 2016). They are an important part in the entire change management plan and helps in achieving desired needs. The staff and nurses are directly involved in the entire change management plan. The change management plan is necessary for bringing in the required change within the given time. It helps to provide stable framework by accepting the need for change in the entire process (Hevezi, 2016 ). The identification of specific groups helps in entire management plan helps in identifying proper strategies for reducing stress. It is vital for implementing right actions and asses future predictions by the management. 

It is necessary for implementing proper change management plan for reducing stress level among the nurses and creating more opportunities.   The change management plan is an effective process used by management for implementing required change within the specified time. There would be an active involvement of people and staff in the entire management process for achieving desired success. In the current situation, there are various people who could be involved in the change management plan for reducing the stress level of nurses. The change management plan for reducing stress level among the nurses working in the ICU departments is as follows:

image 18.png

It is vital for understanding the people involved in the change management plan. This is useful for measuring success for the problems faced by the nurses in managing patients. The stakeholders are an important part of the hospitals. They provide basic financial requirements for improving the entire system in the management. They are directly involved in the operations of the hospitals (Johansen & Cadmus, 2016). They have to be provided a minimum of six month's time for improving current practices by implementing new training methods. The training methods would help to provide adequate motivational techniques and reduce burden on the shoulders of the nurses in the ICU department. The management of the hospital is an integral part in the entire change management process. The role of personnel in the management is to allocate separate tasks for everyone concerned in the hospital. They have to develop right strategies for creating proper motivational techniques for improving morale of the nurses (Lu et al. 2015). The management of the hospitals has to organize motivational classes for the nurses in managing different types of stress related conditions in handling patients (Johnston et al. 2015). They should be provided a minimum of eight months time for organizing training classes, which helps to keep nurses more relaxed. It is vital for improving present stress of the nurses at the hospitals.

The human resource department is responsible for allocating proper task for the staff involved in the hospitals. They help in providing effective communication procedures between the staff and the management. It is vital for the human resource department for interacting with the nurses for analyzing stress related problems and creates a change in the entire system (Khoury et al. 2015). The efficient functioning of the department is essential in managing several issues related to stress reduction. They should be provided with a minimum time of five months for implementing entire change in the current practices. It is a vital procedure used for analyzing present condition.
In order to adopt for resistance to change, assistance from different quarters within a wellness institution is very essential. In this context, special educators for nurses are to be hired. Nurse educators play a significant part in enhancing the nursing workforce by constructing, outlining, implementing and evaluating various nursing educational programs. Resistance is a prominent connotation to any form of change that can take the shape of either foot-dragging or sabotage (Wang et al. 2015). The nurses have a huge responsibility to take care of the patients and provide medical assistance to them. In every hospital or wellness institution, nurses are the primary provider of care and support to the patients. This is evident that they have great pressure and anxiety while dealing with critical patients. The nurses always have to remain alert and energetic while delivering their tasks (Ratanasiripong et al. 2015). This causes a lot of anxiety, stress, tension and burden on their mental and physical health. Apart from the anxiety that arises due to tackling various patients and patient families they have to face additional pressure from departmental tasks. Different departments handle different kinds of diseases and patients suffering from different diseases. The nurses who are allotted different tasks in these departments have to deal with certain changes and modifications (Song & Lindquist, 2015). This change in the functioning of the different departments initiates stress and anxiety in them. However, they are expected to somehow resolve and acquaint themselves with such changes within their departments. In order to help the nurses overcome their stress level, certain strategies should be adopted by the hospitals. These would help the nurses to restore their energies and boost their positivity. In the next paragraph, proper strategies have to be developed for improving relationship among the stakeholders and management in the hospitals.

The hospital management and other stakeholders can arrange for motivational and orientation sessions for the nurses. This would help the nurses to motivate themselves by interacting with eminent personalities. In addition, the real life stories of challenges faced by those eminent personalities would help them to understand that obstacles are a part of life. They should try to figure out opportunities for themselves and overcome all hurdles.

In order to achieve a healthy environment within the hospital and allow the nurses to work in a stress free environment, effective communication is a must. The hospital management should be able to establish effective communication system with the nurses (Sun et al. 2016). This would allow them to know the difficulties that the nurses have to face regularly. Moreover, it would allow the nurses to freely interact with the management and claim their rights in an appropriate manner. Mutual understanding between both parties is essential to help each other. In addition, it would allow the nurses to reduce their stress level and anxiety by sharing their problems with the officials. This would urge the management to work towards the betterment of the health of not just the patients but also the nurses, Special nursing training should be provided to the nurses within a wellness organization. There should be arrangement of special exercises and yoga sessions can be introduced within the hospital premises. Yoga would allow the nurses to reduce their stress and lower their anxiety levels

The outcomes of the change in the management have to be measured by creation of a separate department in the hospital. The entire change can be evaluated by providing responsibility to the management. The investigation department in the hospital will assess stress levels of nurses. It helps in evaluating proper methods for monitoring correct process for bringing in the new change and calculating any type of risks in the future (Turner & McCarthy, 2017). This is essential for achieving long-term success in maintaining correct stress level of the nurses. It helps in implementing correct techniques for increasing satisfaction level.

It can be assed that proper strategies should be implemented by improving present condition of stress level for the nurses. There should be employment of more staff at the hospitals for dividing entire responsibility of the nurses. It will help in allocating equal responsibility to every staff present at the hospitals and reduce stress level.The management of hospitals should provide adequate training methods for nurses in handling any type of stress conditions. This helps in preparing best point of the nurses and reacting to any type of change in the operational process in the future. It is efficient for managing long term success and identifying proper stress levels of nurses operating at the ICU wards.


It is essential for analyzing required change in reducing stress level of nurses in the ICU departments. The application of change management process helps in reducing stress level and creating more opportunities. It is efficient for managing long term problems faced by the nurses and adopt right strategies for bringing in innovations in the current management system of the hospital.

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