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Monitoring Employees Collaboration in Working Teams-Leader’s Perspective Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to summarize, paraphrase, and appropriately quote the work of others using technical writing standards and correct citation format.

Review the Level 2 Writing Guidelines required for this assignment.

Using the PMI Online Library, locate a peer-reviewed article related to the controversial topic you selected in a previous lesson in this course.

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This study focuses on employee collaboration as it can be beneficial for firms and enterprises to sustain an environment which includes efficiency in activities and approves the progress of the company. Main points regarding the study of the employees' collaboration are discussed as well as the problems which can affect the collaboration and possible methods to avoid such outcomes are mentioned. Two main topics regarding the employees' collaboration are present. The possible outcome as a result of overload is discussed on the basis of the studies of other researchers.


Every company wants to improve its productivity, efficiency of the activities being performed in the company and mainly on their progress overall. For this purpose, different companies and firms focus on different aspects to meet the desired efficiency and progress over time. To come up with the desired progress, efficiency and innovativeness in the industry, firms focus on one of the main issues which are the collaboration of inside the firm. This collaboration is not only limited to inside the firm but also outside. The collaboration of the employees provides a significant boost to the productivity of the firm as well as increase the overall efficiency of the work done due to shared ideas and knowledge. Enterprises make use of such collaborative employees, and for this purpose, managers of the Companies focus and monitors the collaboration to make sure they make use of it, and there is no issue occurring in collaboration. This is done by implementing several cooperative tools for teams, different beneficial programs for employees as a source of boost and motivation for them and avoiding overload in the collaboration. Overload in the collaboration is one of the main problems which leads to either lower performance efficiency or disturbs collaboration overall. This overload leads to results in which the valuable assets fed up and leave the team due to overloading of work while in some cases even leave the workplace. Gray, Ballinger and Cross also stated the same problem as a result of their study (Grego & Sudolska, 2018). These researchers stated that "encountered numerous employees who had to develop a reputation for being knowledgeable and reliable, which led many colleagues to turn to them for expertise, information or assistance. Unless steps were taken to offset these constant demands, these employees performance often declined as network demands increase. When such high levels of demands persisted over time, employees often burned out and left, thus creating a significant gap in the network." The study spotlights the necessary tools required for effective collaboration of teams and the problems like overloading and that how to avoid such problems and increase the effectiveness and efficiency. There are two main parts in the study which are focused on the evaluation of the issues occurring in the collaboration of employees, monitoring them and prevention of the collaboration overload outcomes. These aspects are viewed in the more theoretical way while another main part is based on the results of observations, more logical and on experience about the problems of the employees' collaboration and its monitoring (Grego & Sudolska, 2018).


Companies' focuses on their progress and efficiency in the production and activities related to their production to grow and be more effective. Employee collaboration is the key to sustain such progressing environment in any business, firm or company. For this purpose, employees collaboration monitoring is important to analyze the existing problems as well as identify the key factors which can affect the employee collaboration in a more positive way and avoid consequences resulting negative outcomes and losing assets. For this, different programs can be implemented for beneficial employee purposes and solve the problems occurring in collaboration to keep the pace up.

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