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Malcolm’s 10,000 Hour Rule Assignment Help

Your assignment is to write two paragraphs, one supporting Malcolm’s 10,000 hour rule, and one critically arguing against Malcolm’s 10,000 hour rule. Remember to use research, reason, examples, and a healthy amount of skepticism.

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In support:The supporting argument for Malcolm's 10,000 hour rule can be collected based on the stories of success of investment of effort hours by a few personalities from the history. For example include approximately 75 people who become rich and famous with their hard work, dedication, and commitment by practicing for 10,000 hours (Farina &Cei, 2018). As a matter of fact, in the book, Gladwell argued that this number is magical which in turn denotes for the requirement of continuous dedication and an example of extraordinary effort. In order to be more specific, the 10,000 hour figure are also based on two cited sources, viz. Ericsson's psychological practices (citing the examples of violinists and piano) and the expert development as chess player (Walter & Walter, 2015). Overall, this figure is reflective of deliberate practice, work or participation with interest, and continuous play where the individual will be enjoying the act(Ericsson & Pool, 2016). This in turn will be the key factor responsible for becoming successful and proficient in any field.

In contrast: The argument against the Malcolm's 10,000 hour rule can be made with respect to the commitment and dedication of the individual. This can be linked with the self-esteem, effort according to the situational context, which cannot be justified with a numerical figure (Hambrick, Macnamara, Campitelli&Mosing, 2016). In other words, the effort could be many more than 10,000 hours, in order to become competitively successful and get meaningful achievement. In such regard, the hour rule by Malcolm can be referred to as inaccurate description of Ericsson's work which could be misleading (Ericsson & Pool, 2016). Alternatively, it could be argued that the magical number is not ascertain for achieving the productive results, but a continuous effort is required in order to achieve success.

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