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Advocacy for Change Assignment Help

1. Introduce the person. Discuss what led him or her to become an advocate.
2. Which of the sociological views (conflict, interactionism, or functionalism) helps to explain the type of inequality being discussed?
3. Did his or her advocacy invoke a change and/or influence others? Discuss why or why not.
4. What lessons do you believe we can take away from this person and apply today?

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Answer 1- The person about whom I would like to talk about for this assignment is Martin Luther King. We all are aware that Martin Luther King, Jr. is regarded as one of the best known advocates of twentieth century for his involvement inpeaceful social change. It is notable that in the year 1955 Martin Luther grabbed the attention of nation when he along with other activists of civil rights was arrested after leading anembargo of a Montgomery. This required the non-whites to submit their spaces to whites, and the non-whites were supposed to stand or sit at the back of the bus. His speech which is known as I have a dream is also very inspiring ("Martin Luther King, Jr, Civil Rights Movement : Youth For Human Rights Champion", 2019).

Answer 2- In my opinion the sociological view that explain this type of disparity would be functionalism. African American was treated in a way that they were not humans when they were being compared to White Americans. It can be clearly seen that the Black African got this kind of treatment as a result of their skin colour. Black Americans were treated inferior than White Americans. Not only White Americans treated them as ordinary slaves but they also were treated as second class inhabitants("Martin Luther King, Jr, Civil Rights Movement : Youth For Human Rights Champion", 2019).

Answer 3- His advocacy definitely changed things and also inspired the people. Talking about the Montgomery Bus service case Martin Luther King played a very important role in gettingmodification to the civil right for African Americans. His protest against the bus services leads the Supreme Court to bring out the decision that that discrimination which is being done on public buses was unlawful.Martin Luther King also played a vital role in passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1964. This act recognized the voting rights of African Americans and gavethem the right to vote.

Answer 4- A lot can be learned from this king named as Martin Luther. He was a firm believer of nonviolence ("8 Things We Can Learn From Martin Luther King Jr.'s Words - Unblemished", 2019). His protests were simple marches without any kind of violence. His beliefs and determination displayed that diligence and hard work will help to have a positive change ("Martin Luther King, Jr, Civil Rights Movement : Youth For Human Rights Champion", 2019).

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