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How Attitude and Behavior Affect Cognitive Dissonance Assignment Help

1. Discuss the differences between your arguments from the first paragraph (in which you show the importance of the topic) and the second paragraph (in which you discuss how you personally act on your viewpoint). Are your attitudes about the importance of the issue reflected in your behaviors (i.e., is there dissonance between your attitudes and your behaviors)? How do you feel about the level of dissonance between your attitudes and behaviors?

2. Elaborate on whether you think that your opinion of the importance of this topic has changed, particularly thinking about your initial thoughts on the topic before you wrote either paragraph.

3. Briefly describe how experiencing cognitive dissonance about a debatable issue may make a person more susceptible to social influence, such as conformity, from others who hold opposing opinions. accepts instant and short deadlines order for How Attitude and Behavior Affect Cognitive Dissonance assignment – order today for excellence!Introduction

Behaviour plays an essential role in the overall development of a person. Behaviour also affects all our cognitive processes and even the way we act. Hence, it is quite essential to understand that this process is extremely important for our functioning. Cognitive functioning is defined as higher-order mental processes, that help us gather and process the data, such as reading, thinking, speaking, debating etc(Hofstader, 2017)

In this report, we will study how behaviour has impacted our cognitive functioning and understand how cognitive dissonance as a cognitive process can influence the way we think and what attitudes we hold.

Part 1

The issue selected for this report is anxiety and stress. These two mental health diseases are at large and are growing exponentially in the people. As the pressure of sustaining a good life increases, more and more people are pushed towards this mental health evil.
Stress is defined as a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. Similarly, anxiety is defined as Anxiety is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behaviour such as pacing(APA, 2019). These mental health diseases are currently the most rising ones in the world with as many as 45% of people diagnosed with them. These issues are important because we need to build a quality lifestyle for people. Micro factors contribute towards stress and anxiety which eventually culminate into depression, the worst of mental diseases. This ruins not just the life of the affected person, but that of the people who are associated with them as well. it is important to help people who suffer from these issues and create awareness so that the problem does not advance any further and remains under control (Jennings, 2018).

Part 2

In order to promote the issue of a stress-free and an anxiety free lifestyle, in my personal capacity, I have associated myself to various NGOs who work towards creating awareness of these issues so that the people understand how they can bring certain lifestyle changes to combat these issues further (Heisler, 2017). In this awareness campaign, it is important to show people how stress and anxiety can affect them, and eventually give them practical recommendations which can easily be incorporated in their lives.

It is quite enough to understand that it is only awareness which can help us bring any change as far as stress and anxiety are concerned.

Part 3

My cognitive dissonance is completely in check with respect to the issue at hand. My stand on the importance of ensuring relief from stress and anxiety and my action with regards to it is completely in sync(Acharya, 2018). I act according to my belief system and give to the maximum of my capabilities. My stand on this issue has only strengthened with time and there is no way it has dissociated me under any circumstance as well. I have been working for this cause for the past two years now, and I have reached out to around a thousand people through the NGO and independently.

However, there are certain people who have fallen trap to cognitive dissonance. I have seen that these people have often shifted their stance or have acted differently from what they had said. This was quite confusing at first, but sooner or later I understood that it was a result of social norms, expectation, influence and conformity. Often, it has also happened because they wanted to seek validation. One such example is of a fellow worker who preached how seriously she took mental health, but her lack of enthusiasm towards working proved otherwise. It was eventually understood she simply wanted to associate herself to something to look a little more sophisticated on social media (Hinojosa & Gardner, 2016).

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