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Project Management Processes


Introduction: Project management is a complex process and is composed of an identical level of issues in terms of operation all along with a variety of industries and organizations. Uncertainty is considered as an important segment of almost each of the major project management system. Timings, budgets and uncertainties are considered as the three most basic structural units of a major project management structure. A stiff and effective operation requires all of the factors mentioned above.

Almost all of the organizations which are practicable and have been operating in some of the other industry require a decent method to deliver their services. A typical project management process requires a substantial amount of work, which is to be done and that too, in an effective manner. The overall association that is governed by different segments, such as stakeholders and other forms of human resources. In addition to this, development of risk management teams, assuring project deliverables and goals and quality standards management also account for some of the operations which are needed in an effective manner (Nohria, 2017).

a. Thesis statement

Project management process across different organizations

b. Purpose of paper

To evaluate the similarities and differences between different project management processes

c. Paper overview

This paper will enhance the understanding of different project management process and their operations


Organizations conducting efficient project management system

Wrike, Inc. is a major project management application which provides its services to different organizations by organizing their project management requirements and easing their business. A large number of organizations prefer this particular application service for managing projects as there are useful real-time operations under it. Two major organizations which have been using this particular project management application and are quite satisfied with the services have been analyzed to develop a conclusion. The first one is a restaurant franchise named Ben & Florentine. This is a global organization, and thus, inbox traffic was a major issue for its project management requirements. The company has been using Wrike as their email and are quite satisfied with its services (Machadoet al. 2015). The company admits that the use of this project management application has a positive impact on its business as it has saved its large amount of time. The second organization is a clothing company named Sevenly. The company has been using Wrike as a major project management application to produce more within time. The application keeps this organization organized and thus, the company can launch and operate its project in the available time interval.

Similarly and differences in operational project management dimensions

Both of the chosen organizations act similarly in almost all of the major systems of project management. The most common function which is linked to both the operations and organizations is its availability of time-saving opportunities. Both of the companies have been saving a large chunk of their time with the introduction of project management application services. It has been benefiting both the organizations in terms of increased efficiency and more time for human resources (Turner, 2016). The operability index, which is related to this particular perspective is the mode of operation. There is a little difference in terms of operational type and industry for both organizations. Since both of the organizations use similar project management tool or application, the difference would only appear in terms of its operations. This wide gap of operational substitution can be assessed under the project management segment with some other tools under this particular operational segment. Apart from this, both of the organizations have been using a similar concept and its application for time management under their particular projects. This has also led to an enhanced perspective and large integrational opportunities for developing project management goals. The provided nature of project management can be considered as the best process (Fleming &Koppelman, 2016). This can be determined based onthe fact that time-saving effort in any project management process is important. It is going to benefit the process sooner or later. This surety of solution makes this particular segment of project management as the best of its kind.
Best practices for project management

• Availability of an understanding and cooperation based stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders are one of the major operating segments under a major project management process. According to the views of Goliniet al. (2015), availability of clarity regarding project among the stakeholder is a major positive support to the management. It helps in providing them with a more intensive application of regulations and attains their relative goals in a much more organized way. Team members, managers, clients, sponsors and users are some of the most influential stakeholders. A more clear vision and understanding among these stakeholders can provide the project with additional growth and success.

• Risk assessment and development of response team

A project management process is composed of major operations which have their risks and uncertainties. Managing these risks and uncertainties is an important task. Organizations develop a response team to deal with these cases of issues or uncertainties. These teams are generally a group of experts in project management who are capable of managing risks or limiting its damaging impacts. According to the views of Muñozet al.(2015), risk assessment requires skill and expertise under the project management domain and thus must be tackled with available resources.


• Development of a working map through analysing important perspectives

A project management process is generally disintegrated into subsequent stages which need to be completed in fractions. Thus, there is always a requirement of work map. This work map helps in tracking the process directions and dimensions, which ultimately leads to better productivity and performance.

• Effective communication throughout the project operation

Communicating the project requirements and availing benefits in an organized way is a major perspective linked to this particular segment. A project management process can only be operated and maintained with efficient communication among the constituents. It leads to a flawless transfer of information and ideas which increase understanding and thus productivity. To justify a better operational environment, communication plays an important role all along the project management process.

• Availability of technical and leadership abilities required for project management

Depending upon the project requirements, technical abilities are required. These abilities remain the same for large aspects like leadership, communication and interactions. But the technicality of each of the projects demandsa certain amount of ability and skill set. Once these abilities and skills are obtained the overall operability of a project management process enhances. It leads to a drastic growth in services efficiency and delivery.

• Process tracking and performance monitoring

Regular meetings are an important method for tracking development or monitoring performance. According to the views of Lathropet al. (2018), regular meetings provide the project management process, a spark which makes things easier and more updated in terms of time. It helps in organizing time and managing operations as proposed at the time of project launch. Process tracking also relates to the risk assessment process as the majority of the risks are discovered at departmental meetings and conferences.

• Inclusion of project management application services like Wrike

Project management applications are recent developments under the project management perspective. In the initial sections, it has been explained that project management applications like Wrike have been proven to be an important perspective for managing large operations. These applications simplify the operational standards which help in reducing the processing time. Project management applications reduce the burden on human resource and also increase work efficiency.

Conclusion and Recommendations

a. Conclusion

To conclude, it can be said that the operational standards of different organizations are unique, which leads to unique issues and risks for each of the operational sector. An effective project management model is provided in the above sections which relate with the fact that there are certain strategies which can help in controlling issues and enhance effective project management process. Two of the major organizations have been analyzed to explain the available opportunities under effective project management. Since both of the organizations were based on similar operations and project management applications, there are no major differences in their project management operations. However, a major similarly is the introduction of additional time-saving opportunities for the process.

b. Recommendations

• Availability of an understanding and cooperation based stakeholder engagement

• Risk assessment and development of response team

• Development of a working map through analysing important perspectives

• Effective communication throughout the project operation

• Availability of technical and leadership abilities required for project management

• Process tracking and performance monitoring

• Inclusion of project management application services like Wrike


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