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The blending of cultures is becoming increasingly prevalent as individuals of different races or cultures intermarry. As a manager, how would you address an individual&#39;s cultural needs that are broad-based across several different cultures? Also, how would you address integration into the organizational culture to prevent any misconceptions in the workplace?

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The intercultural trend prevailing over period of time has been providing the people with a perspective of widening their views and thoughts and bring up some new forms of culture along with keeping the traditional one. On acknowledging or assessing the organizational view, and the consequences or the challenges that could arise in an organization due to the intercultural practices, the solution to resolve these issues would also be available. An organization which has multi-cultural employees needs to prepare its employees legislation on the basis of humanity and not on any other cultural values or principles (Heizmann et al. 2018). The follow up of the humanity culture would provide the organization and its multi cultural employees with a justified place to work in and the environment would also be soothing and pleasant. The declaration of the values or the cultural aspect that is followed in the organization should be clearly mentioned in the employees letter and this would help in attracting only those who can bare with the principle of the organization.

The existing multi cultural employees needs to be provided with accurate seminars and programs where cultures would be presented on the same scale and the benefit of intercultural practices would be stated (Brigg and Curth, 2017). This would help in enhancing the humanity culture and once the people would understand the value of respecting each other as humans, the respect for different cultures would automatically be practiced. These practices would reduce misconceptions in the work place which would provide the company with a smooth and pleasant environment and thus, supporting the business too. The organizations' integration would be done through these practices and the company would even get a limelight for initiating the concept of human culture and thus, the employees would feel privileged to work in such company.

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