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Social Justice


Question 1: Exploration of social justice themes within the context of a group along with the discussion of a culturally competent social justice group worker

Answer: Social justice is important for every human being to understand their social rights and equality in the society whether humans are poor or rich in financial condition. According to the Australian parliamentary democracy, human rights in Australia had been developed hugely for protecting the common rights of the human within the society. In this context, social justice themes can be explored to promote life along with dignity within the characteristics of human beings. As mentioned by Sidanius et al. (2016), the social justice themes had greatly helped the human beings of Australia to develop their life physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. In order to generate equity, diversity and supportive environment for a better life, the social justice themes can be applied within the society of the country to provide them with a healthy environment to live.

In this regard, the government's aim must be to create a supportive environment where people can protect themselves from several threats to health issues. As opined by Cullen et al. (2017), the exploration of social justice principles within a group of people can be helpful to determine the health outcomes of society. This can also help a group of people to prevent mental illness, death rates and help to minimise the effects of the socioeconomic condition, cultural and environmental factors in their life. Moreover, the social workers having cultural competency can help people to provide knowledge about the society which must be respectful to all cultures, classes, religions, languages and other diversity factors. This kind of workers can be able to deliver their service to the people with the necessary support and help them to live a healthy life.

Question 2: Describe the advocacy competencies that can be incorporated within the practice of the Australian community

Answer: Advocacy competencies refer to the framework which is mainly used to develop services and maintain the continuum of delivery of services from micro to the macro environment. The implication of these competencies within the practice of the Australian community can be helpful for its society to develop the continuum of services delivery for enhancing the lifestyle of the community in a specific place. Through these advocacy competencies, social justice can be enacted within the society of Australia to provide them a healthy lifestyle (Davern et al., 2017). Moreover, it is also important to monitor the entire process of advocacy competencies whether there is no social injustice happening in the country. For this, the social worker can be responsible to keep the monitoring process in progress and help those people, who are getting social injustice in the country.

In this regard, the social worker must develop human knowledge about their rights and dignity to maintain social justice within the entire community. Moreover, the social workers having advocacy competency can help people to provide knowledge about the society and its development. As mentioned by Ruhindwa (2016), the social workers must aware the people to be respectful to all cultures, classes, religions, languages, and other diversity factors to maintain human rights of all the people of the nation. The advocacy competencies can also be helpful for the Australian community to enhance socio-economic and cultural development. In addition to it, the advocacy competencies can help people, especially those who are vulnerable, to defend their social rights and safeguard their genuine competencies.


Question 3: a. Describe if it is useful to society to label some individuals as mentally ill

Answer: Mental illness of a person can be harmful to society as the number of mentally sick people can prevent the development of a society. This can also harm people's regular life by affecting thinking, mood swinging, and feeling. This type of illness can affect the lifestyle of the people and can prevent to contribute towards the development of society. Moreover, this illness can increase the possibility of suicidal attempts, mental disorder and enhance the death rate, which can surely harm the progress of the society. Labelling someone as mentally ill can make the person be irresponsible towards society and can affect the effectiveness of society.

b. Describe if labelling someone as mentally ill may lead that person to continue to act irresponsibly

Answer: Mental health refers to the psychological, emotional and social well being and effect in the thinking, feeling and acting process. For this, labelling an individual as mentally sick can deploy the psychological disorder within the person's characteristics. This can make the person act for the society in an irresponsible manner as mental stability is affected for the person. As stated by Corrigan (2016), every common people are responsible for improving the culture of society and maintain the socio-economic balance by keeping discrimination and social diversity apart. Labelling an individual as mentally ill can make an impact on its mind and affect the feeling, acting and responding process. For this, these type of persons can continue to act irresponsibly for society.

c. Analyse the consequences of labelling a person as mentally ill for many years

Answer: As a consequence of labelling a person as mentally sick, the person can act irresponsibly for the development of social and economic standards. Mental illness can also extend suicidal attempts, mental disorder and enhance the death rate of a particular society. For this, people can suffer from depression and cannot evoke a suitable response to the development of social and economic standards. As suggested by Lucksted & Drapalski, (2015), the consequence of labelling a person as mentally ill can make the person more vulnerable with its speech, which can make stigma and discrimination from other people. On other hands, such type of disorders can also enhance a strong and supportive response from some people and families significantly. This could help those people to overcome the mental illness and come back to their actual life to maintain society improved. Hence, it is important to identify the people who suffer from mental illness and support them to overcome the period of illness.


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