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MBA401 People, culture and contemporary leadership

Assessment  – Reflective Journal


Question 1. The theories you were taught, such as those for recruitment and talent management.

Answer :


Being a good leader is essential for successfully managing a team or an organisation. The current essay has been developed to provide an insight regarding the analysis I had conducted regarding my leadership abilities and self-awareness so that I am able to identify the areas that require improvement and development with respect to my leadership skills. To successfully analyse my skills and expertise, I have evaluated activities, the experiences that I gained through the lectures and the psychometric tests that I had given through the online medium which allowed me to test my leadership and interactive skills. In addition, I have also evaluated a few of the online sources that provide information regarding the different leadership theories, so that I am able to gain a better perspective regarding my abilities and how and in what way I can improve them. Furthermore, through this reflective essay I shall be able to gain more knowledge regarding my assessment and evaluate if the results are accurate and how they can help me in my future endeavour.

Academic Theories

Leadership is fundamentally defined as the ability that on posses to confidently and effectively manage a team or an organisation, towards success that has been envisioned by the individual. Leadership is fundamentally a trait and it is important for an individual to identify the extent of the trait prior to realising the manner in which the ability can be applied. There are various kinds of leadership theories that are associated with the identification of the leadership trait. The most fundamental ones include the transformational leadership theory and behavioural leadership theory.The behavioural theory of leadership provides an insight regarding the behavioural perspectives of a successful and efficient leader (Dewettinck, and van Ameijde, 2011). The various behavioural aspects of a leader such as the manner in which they interact with the team members, and the communication pattern. The fundamental traits associated with the behavioural aspects of a leader include the autocratic, laissez-faire and democratic leadership styles (Giltinane, 2013; Amanchukwu, Stanley, and Ololube, 2015). The autocratic leaders tend to make their decisions without the involvement of subordinates or the workers. Democratic leaders include those individuals who participate in group based decision-making and determine various feedbacks from the subordinates (Amanchukwu, Stanley, and Ololube, 2015). The laissez-faire leaders rarely use their power as the leaders. They give the group the complete freedom to perform as per their wish.

Transformational leadership is generally found at all levels of an organisation. Such leaders are generally visionary, inspiring, risk-takers, thoughtful and daring.Charisma alone is not sufficient for such leadership and a transformational leader is expected to exhibit four fundamental factors, namely, inspirational motivational, intellectual stimulations, individualised considerations, and idealised influence (Avolio, and Yammarino, 2013).The current business environment characterises transformational leadership by uncertainty, organisational instability and global turbulence. Transformational leadership makes use of impressionable management and therefore, it lends itself amoral self promotion by the leadership (Odumeru, and Ogbonna, 2013). The theory is difficult to be taught or trained as it is a combination of several of the leadership aspects. Therefore, it can be said that transformational leadership is multidimensional and has various prospects.


Question 2. The online resources you accessed, such as videos, podcasts and textbook chapters.

Answer : Online Resources

The online resources that were provided to us have been helpful for me to realise the different aspects that are associated with the leadership, its skills and traits. The online resources, links, videos, textbook chapters and podcasts have enabled me to learn about the various aspects that are associated with leadership and the manner in which I can identify my own qualities as a leader as well as the manner in which I can improve myself. The online journal articles have also been insightful in gaining knowledge regarding the various aspects of leadership and the resources have provided me with a multidimensional perspective regarding the various information that have been provided in the classroom and the online lectures.

Question 3. The industry guest in Week 6 who demonstrated the application of theory in the real world.

Answer : Industry Speaker in Week 6

The industry speaker who had provided us with guest lecture in week 6, was Katherine Dziaman, who is a group CFO of Tonic Health Media, MyDr and Aboriginal Health Television. The lecturer had offered insight regarding her experiences of growth as an individual from the role of SME to a leader and the transformations that led to it. The speaker had also discussed about the difference between managerial and leadership skills, along with the aspects of team building and the roles, duties and responsibilities of a leader within any given situation or workplace. The lecturer had also discussed about the motivational theories, namely Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. The lecture that was presented enabled me to identify the fundamental traits, skills and characteristics of a leader. The lecture also allowed me to identify the qualities that are possessed by me and realise the attributes that I am lagging at.


Question 4. The in-class activities you participated in, such as discussions and cognitive exercises.

Answer : In Class Activities

Although, I have attended the course through online mode, however, I have gained a lot through the online lectures that I had acquired throughout my course and the same has been significantly helpful in improving myself as a potential leader. For instance, the activity that was mentioned in the lecture week 03, regarding the situation of Tefal Vacuum Cleaners, enabled me to conduct a self-assessment by placing myself in that scenario and the suitable solution that I would use to overcome that situation. Additionally, with the talent matrix from Week 05, I was able to identify the areas where I have the required talents that would enable me to lead as an efficient leader.

Question 5. The assessment feedback you received following your performance in the first assignment.

Answer: Assessment Feedback

The assessment feedback on assignment 1, provided me with an insight regarding the manner in which have been able to perform in the assignment that I had submitted. Through the feedback, I have been able to identify that the manner in which I had presented the assignment had sufficient knowledge about the topic and subject, which I has supported with the relevant sources from which I had gained the information. Furthermore, the assessment feedback also allowed me to realise that the manner in which I had presented my initiatives and evidences regarding the engagement are ideal for the situation that we were presented with. The assignment was helpful for me to realise my capabilities and through the assessment feedback I have realised that the I have been successful in identifying my abilities and that I can use the same in future, even at the place of my employment.

The manner in which I had structured my assignment, allowed me to demonstrate my skills of perfection and the manner in which I meticulously operate while ensuring that the task that I am doing is excellent and compelling which would reflect my quality of being thorough. I had developed the assignment as per the structure that was demanded through the assignment brief and had ensure to address each element of the structure in an effective manner so as to ensure that the assignment is comprehensive and complete.


Question 6. The psychometric tests you completed, particularly for leadership and interpersonal traits.

Answer : Psychometric Test

Through the online sources, I had participated in two tests that allowed me to test my leadership skills and interpersonal traits. To test my interpersonal skills, I had visited the website of Psychometric Tests, which is an open psychometric test resource platform. The site had asked around 50 questions that were associated with the interpersonal skills and I had given the tests as honestly as it can be. Upon completion of the test, I had received the results that provided me information regarding various personality traits that include emotional intelligence, team working, empathy, integrity, and social boldness. The results were presented as both graphical representations as well as written explanations. The graphical representation is as follows.

Figure: 50 Item interpersonal skills Questionnaire Results

Figure- 50 Item interpersonal skills Questionnaire Results.jpg

(Source: Psychometric Tests, 2019)

From the results, I have identified that I have a high score of emotional intelligence, with the score being 37, which indicates that my emotional intelligence level is high that enables me to recognise, evaluate and utilise the emotional state or emotions of others in a more effective manner. Furthermore, it also indicates that I may make decisions based on emotional factors and the same are likely to have relative significance on the overall decision making processes and outcomes. Emotional intelligence plays a significant role in the decision making process and the same has been supported by Hess and Bacigalupo(2011).

The ability of team working was also tested through the current test and I received a score of 36 that indicates that I perform well when I work in a team as opposed to working alone. Also, my performance slacks when I am performing individually, rather than performing in a team. Team working plays a significant role when considering future in leadership position (Braun, Peus, Weisweiler, and Frey, 2013). The test has also provided the outcomes that I am socially bold with the boldness being a score of 32. This implies that I have the capacity of showing courage and boldness as when required.

In terms of empathy, I had scored 35 which signifies that I have the ability to easily realise the emotional state of an individual. I can easily understand the emotional state of a person and can relatively tune into their emotional state. Another trait integrity, was also tested through the questionnaire and I had scored 44, implying that my actions are heavily based on my principles, values and beliefs. I prefer to be honest when I am working and do not like to bend from my principles. It is expected of leader to lead with integrity and believe in the principles that are valued by them (Leroy, Palanski, and Simons, 2012).

To test the leadership skills, I had participated on an online questionnaire on the website Psych Tests. The website asked 56 questions and provided me with the following graphical outcome.

Figure: Snapshot Report of the Leadership Skills Test

Figure- Snapshot Report of the Leadership Skills Test.jpg

(Source: Psych Tests, 2019)

As per the outcome, it is evident that I had scored a total of 80 on the scale, which implies that I have the required leadership skills and have he ability to communicate my visions and plans to the team and subordinates in an excellent manner. Furthermore, I also have certain level of charisma which is required for convincing people around me. This is considered as an essential skill as the employees are more willing towards achievement of a goal when they are more passionate regarding it (Germain, 2012). Therefore, it can be stated that I have the ability to become a successful leader in the future if such opportunity arises. From the tests that I have taken, I have realised that I probably posses transformational leadership skills and therefore, I believe if I improve my leadership skills I shall be able to become an efficient leader in the modern competitive market.


Question :

During this time, you should have been writing a weekly diary, chronicling your experiences – both positive and negative. It is now time to convert those diary entries into a reflective journal that answers the following question: What type of leader am I and how could I improve?


Areas of Improvement

From the psychometric tests that I have conducted, I have realised that there are certain areas that require improvement. From the interpersonal trait test, I have realised that I can improve my emotional intelligence, empathy and social boldness. Although I have scored high in these regions, yet the scores are less than the rest of the traits which implies that there exists room for improvement. To improve my empathy and emotional intelligence, I would like to read more book on this subject that would allow me to gain more insight regarding these factors. Furthermore, to improve my social boldness, I am required to motivate myself and meditate that would clear my mind and take away any doubts that I have regarding myself.


Conclusively, I would like to state that the current reflective essay allowed me to identify the areas of improvement that are associated with leadership skills and abilities. Furthermore, through the current reflective essay I have been able to explain the areas in which I excel associated with leadership and the same I can apply while working on a real life scenario. Overall, the reflective essay has been beneficial for me in several aspects and allowed me to realise the areas that require improvement to become a capable leader.


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