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Transformational Leadership

Question :

In your own words identify the key differences between transactional and transformational leadership. Discuss at least two examples of each style in current sport leaders. Support your choices with evidence from valid resources. What is TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP?

Answer :


Transactional leadership refers to a type of leadership where the leaders mainly look on how to maintain the daily flow of activities in an organization according to Masa& deh, Obeidat & Tarhini, (2016. Transaction leaders make us of multiple incentives and disciplinary tactics to encourage their employees to deliver the best way in the organization. In a nut shell, transaction leadership focus on balancing performance and the reward of the same. It is like the situation of maintaining the ship to go in the direction it is expected to go. Most people who are transactional leaders do not focus ahead in their strategy of leadership but only ensure the daily running of the organization is at its correct point.

On the other hand, transformational leadership focus on the change in the company apart from the daily running of the organization according to Ghasabeh, Soosay & Reaiche, (2015). Transformation leader can achieve his goal through collaboration, motivation and team building with other employees in various sectors of the organization. Apart from the team building, the transformational leaders set various goals for the organization, these goals ensure they have something to motivate them in order to meet the high performance they want for the organization.

There are strength and weakness of each type of leadership. For instance, transactional leaders have the ability solve small operation challenges faster while a transformational leadership is significant in giving direction for the development of small business. In sport leadership, Hawkins, (2017) argue that the supervisor can be a transactional leader is effective while a CEO of a sport team should be transformational leader.


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