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Redefining Identity Through Assimilation Assignment Help

Define assimilation in your own words.

Explain one advantage and one disadvantage of assimilation from an immigrant" perspective. Provide an example for each.

Explain one advantage and one disadvantage of assimilation from a non-immigrant" perspective. Provide an example for each. This question is asking you to detail how non-immigrants (i.e., citizens of a country or natives of a country) are affected or feel about immigrants" assimilation.

Explain how the choice to assimilate or not to assimilate can influence immigrants to redefine their identity.

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Assimilation is considered as a process in which the non-volatile cultural groups encompass more analogous.  In terms of assimilation, It is seen that frequently it embodies the contingent immigrant community those are considered acquiring the major culture. As a result, the factors such as ideology, practices behaviour and values get prioritized by assimilation. In regard to the article, "The Pressure to Cover", it can be said that a distinction between both being propagated and doing reflected put up with bias in terms of assimilation. As expressed by the author (Yoshino, 2006), analysing the Judiciary flaw it has been discerned that its assistance to cast the relation as adultery good. The author also assessed the assimilation as the way of implicit aspects in which the aforementioned group could be circumvented discrimination through the mainstream fading. However, sometimes the assimilation is not acted as avoidance from discrimination (Yoshino, 2006). As a matter of this fact it precisely dominates both the immigrant and nonimmigrant communities. In the chosen article the author has pointed out the law as an incomplete solution for costing assimilation. As a reason behind that author has considered the example of a myriad group that has subjected to encompassing their demands except for the factors such as gender race orientation disability and religion. Furthermore, the author (Yoshino, 2006) put a question regarding the role of constitute while justifying assimilation. As opined by the author, the actual definition of assimilation would obviously become controversial in this regard. 

The article "Assimilation & Ethnic Identity" defined that, considering the perspective of an immigrant sociologist Milton Jordan prioritised the probability of ethnic identity through the theories of assimilation (Le, 2019). For example, in regard to an immigrant, the theory taught that the factors such as values, institute and the norms of the major group are entirely superior. As expressed in this article, the advantage contains a wide range of class differences. For example, some ethics or an immigrant consisted of an outstanding level of job skills, education, English proficiency than others. In regard to this fact, the expectation comprises the socio-economic benefits promptly than the others (Le, 2019). Also, it helps to get a job containing high payment, high status and more reliable. As a result, an immigrant becomes able to confront socio-economic mobility as well as the fastest sensational factors than the other group. On the other hand, the disadvantage consisted of racial differences from the perspective of an immigrant. For example, in 1800, white immigrants those moved to U. S.  experienced discrimination and prejudice (Le, 2019). However, they were supposed to intermix American society more easily and quickly.

In regard to a non-immigrant perspective, it can be said that assimilation could be considered a distinct between socio-economic structure and acculturation. In terms of advantage, it is seen that non-immigrant enjoys the entire advantages of behavioural assimilation popularly known as acculturation (Le, 2019). For example, a non-immigrant does not need to get involved with the patterns and behaviour of the host society. As a result, the Asian American select retaining much of their traditional norms, values and culture those are still acquired as mainstream American society. Besides, non-immigrant facilitates the benefits of traditional forms of Asian Culture in favour of mainstream identification of American society as well as the complete immersion. Conversely, in terms of disadvantage, it is seen that a non-immigrant undergo either the behavioural or socio-economic assimilation manner. As a consequence of this disadvantage, cultural, political and economic abstraction get intensified as well as residentially incorporated into the American society (Le, 2019). For example, as a non-immigrant, the Asian American retained their old traditional norms, culture and behaviour. Besides, they chose to be isolated from the mainstream society of America.

Evaluating the article "Assimilation & Ethnic Identity", I have come to understand that there are some factors such as socio-economic, historical, sociological that could have both indirectly or directly influence the identity of immigrants at the time of redefining. Besides I have also understood that a child's relationship with her parents and its level of affection play the key role while determining identity. For example, if a child maintains a strong relationship with parents, the national origin will be more likely to accept parental identity. I have realised that the ethnic community strongly influences their identity. For example, the Cohesive ethnic community lovers are seen to regularly participate in the core ethnic activities in the related organisations. As a result, I have found that they get identified with the national origin identity. In regard to redefine the identity of an immigrant, I come to understand that, the perception of discrimination and racism also influence the second generation ethnic identity (Le, 2019). For example, I have considered the Asian American to maintain a strong attachment with their traditional ethnic identity shapes in order to encounter a high level of at ethnic biases, intolerance and competition respectively. I would like to conclude that the ethnic identity among the second generation of Asian American has been found inevitably fastened with the procedure of assimilation. In regard to this fact, I have realised that the non-similar aspects of assimilation and the ways in which the different factors get comprehended, could encompass the outcome of assimilation. I have understood that the distinguished understanding of assimilation conserves a diversity between acculturation and socio-economic or structural assimilation.

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