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Marketing plan for a Blueprint Reality Company Assignment Help

Marketing plan for a Blueprint Reality Company 

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Industry Overview

The industry is working on the Virtual Reality where the gaming scenes are shown with the capitalizing the rapid expansion of the marketplace. It includes the Virtual reality and Augmented Reality where the focus is on creating a complete change on handling the experiences depending upon the people and their transport. The company has been working on the personalized services for the clients, where it takes a great pride for working on building the relationship and achieving the goals of blueprint reality. BuePrint Reality has been working on embedding the real people for the digital environment, where they are able to authenticate the presence of the humans and their interaction for the different realities. There are different solutions depending upon the location that are unique and the team is able to offer the help on software, hardware and the on-location for the different companies.

Situational Analysis

The SWOT analysis helps in analyzing the planning, with website designing and evaluating the academic research centers effectively.
Strength: The company is involved in merging the users with some of the better experiences where MixCast is able to embed the people with digital environment and then enabling a complete authentic presence with different realities. The strength is determined through the unique approach where VR can easily allow to work on the precise control of the delivery of stimulus with the realistic training.The VR reality includes the domains about the therapy includes the rehabilitation with the advancements are depending upon the cost of system. The support is the development of a more usable form with the cognitive rehabilitation. The planning is done to represent more than the linear extension.

Weakness: The weakness is about the limitations in the planning and then defects in the entity that lead to the impeding of the progress for particularly defined goals. There are limitations to the view and the resolution could be for the display of the limit usability and other perceptual factors. The company has problems for the issues about how the VR application developer will be able to look for the development and the entertainment for the latest trends and procedures.

Opportunity: The major focus is on the inter-reality, where the team is completely involved in handling the gaming sector where they are independent of the lead developers for the virtual and mixed reality technology. The planning is about the low cost of the graphics and how they need to be handled for making the VR deliverable for the basic PC setup. The company has different opportunities for the making of VR puzzle games for HTC Vive and Oculus where there are Awakening guides that will also help in handling the problems that are mind bending. The visions are determined through striking the real time with the mixed reality that will help in focusing over the co-working space, MixCast and the connections with the virtual and the traditional realities.

Threat: The problems are about the conditions where the entity is based on impeding the strategy related to the barriers and the constrains that limits the goals and their achievements. Hence, there are clinical administrators or the other financial officers who believe that the equipment of VR is expensive for incorporating any type of the mainstream practice in an effective manner (Luckey et al., 2016).


The vision of the company is to focus on the tools with the virtual reality and the mixed reality that are considered to be the major emerging markets. This will include the unity of the master service agreements which are signed and then work order is done to follow the work. There are Microsoft and Google versions for the discussions and negotiations about the Mixcast. The company has been able to provide the complete service with the commitment to the savvy marketing and the representation of experts.


The mission of the company is to completely connect and plan about the different sectors and the boundaries for the realities that are impactful, shared and unique as well. They are based on the capitalization of the rapidly expanding marketplace with the augmented reality. The company is working on the different new devices, development model and helping in building or operating the different studios and teams.

Positioning Statement

The company BluePrint Reality has been able to focus on the 3D Designing, modelling and the game designing with the rapid expansion and the use of Mobile and VR markets. This includes the user experiences and VR groups at the different sectors. The company is working on achieving a better level of performance which is for handling the family across the higher performance processors. There are virtual reality for capitalizing and planning on the expansion or augmentation of reality. The lists of customer need and the product and service benefits are for handling and evaluating the positioning statement. The positioning is the process to identify the market niche with the product and the services. The target customers needs to focus on the primary competitive alternatives with differentiation, with the expression with set of the brands, products and services.

The live video is effective for the VR which helps in tracking and panning out to see the experiences. The live photo is to snap the live action photo where the viewers are able to pan the 360 degree. 3D video: It is for handling the animation of the services with demonstrations about what the viewers are seeing from the point of view. 3D model: The designing is based on examining the different angles of the item with the smartphone and the VR headset.

The Blueprint Reality is about the native functions where Google and Android mobile devices and Google Cardboard with the functionality is defined through the game development engine. The unity is also for the interactive and the animated VR content with A-frame tools that are for editing live action image, where the designing 3D models, for the purposes of creating virtual experiences.

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