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Workplace Scenario Situation Assignment Help

Case Study #2 workplace scenario situation (Marked out of 100— worth 15% of grade) Due March 28, 2019 Please choose one of the following scenarios and write a 2-3 page typed, double-spaced paper (not including cover page and References page) citing all sources using APA format. Your employee from Africa mentioned he often hears God talking to him. Based on your readings and one additional primary source, what are some possible cultural explanations or considerations? How would a manager with cultural knowledge perceive this vs. a manager who does not have previous knowledge? How would you respond to this employee? How would you manage other employees that may be expressing derogatory comments? OR You have an employee of Chinese descent that works for you. He has always been an effective and productive employee but recently you noticed he appears distracted, is having difficulty completing his paperwork on time and has been less interactive with the other staff and you suspect he is struggling w/ a mental health issue. Based on your readings and one additional primary source, how might a manager with cultural knowledge approach this employee vs. a manager who does not have previous knowledge? What cultural factors would you want to consider when preparing to meet with this employee and how might you deal with his possible resistance to discussing your observations? 

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Workplace Scenario Situation

Scenario 2: Chinese Descent Employee Having Mental Health Issue


In this case, the employee is a Chinese descent which means that he is from some Chinese lineage. The said employee is being observed to have some changes in its nature and behaviour also having effect on his efficiency on work. Earlier the same employee was very sincere and punctual which is being disturbed by something and is having its direct impact on his work life (Agervold, M., & Mikkelsen, E.G., 2004). The disturbance in the given case is because of the fact that the employee is a Chinese descent and therefore because of the cultural differences he is being bullied upon by the other employee which is directly impacting his work life and thereby decreases his motto of working. Therefore, the manager is to have a meeting with him so as to discuss the shortfalls of him under two different situations. One situation is that the manager having meeting with the employee have sufficient cultural knowledge whereas under another situation the manager have no such knowledge. The basic summary of the TV episode is the role of manager in dealing with his employee in case his employee his having certain mental health issues because of being bullied and the same is done by the manager taking into considerations use of the cultural factors.

Perspective of The Employee To Be Considered:

The manager can take a wise step by considering cultural factors if he have come across in his life practically and in case where nothing of that sort have happened with manager then he needs to put himself in the shoes of his employee. An employee being a Chinese descent has differences in culture with that of the other countries and therefore it becomes difficult for an employee to cope in the workplace with such differences. The major differences that exist are the social structure, conflicts, face, morals, business relationships, lack of person space, behavarioul aspect (Bartlett, J.E., & Bartlett, M.E., 2011). However, in the given case the employee is not a descend from the same ancestor but is from the same lineage and so all the above differences might not exist but one major difference that will definitely exist is the appearance of the employee face wise. Therefore, from the point of view of the employee being bullied due to the differences in culture is going to have effect on his actions and work majorly which is clearly being observed from the decrease in the efficiency of the employee in question.

Reaction of the Chinese Employee:

An effective manager is surely going to note the changes in the work life approach of the employee as an alarming situation for him so as to have a meeting fix to discuss this so that the employee does not go into a permanent mental health problem (Arthur, D., 2012). For this, the manager if have previous experience of dealing with a similar situation or a situation with the cultural differences will be able to make the employee feel comfortable and will assure of taking strict actions against people bullying him thereby enhancing the confidence of the Chinese employee on the manager resulting in increased efficiency. However, in case of manager who does not have any such previous experience needs to handle the situation with more effectiveness by observing the employee and his culture along with the reaction of him on being bullied. The manager needs to understand well that the reaction of the employee is reasonable and justified as because anyone upon being bullied because of having differences in culture will have mental health issues thereby reducing his efficiency. Other major challenge that can be faced upon by the manager will be the resistance of the employee on discussing with these facts as because the employee might not feel comfortable to do so. Therefore, it becomes the duty of manager to deal with the resistance of the employee while discussing the observations well.

Purpose Behing the Bullying Behaviour:

The manager should understand the fact that since initially it was being noted that the employee have been one which is very effective, honest, productive and punctual. All these qualities are the qualities that should ideally exist within an employee. All this makes the fact very clear that bullying behaviour is just to bring the efficiency of the employee down by harassing him mentally. The manager needs to make the employee understand this fact very well so that the employee gains his confidence back.

Multiple Perspectives of the Situation And The Various Responses:

The fact that the managers might not have enough cultural conflicts experiences can exist and therefore for the given case if the manager have such past experience then it will become easy on part of him to get the resolution and bring back confidence in the mind of the employee but in case where the manager does not have such previous experience, he need to do his homework well before going for meeting with the employee regarding his observations.

All this makes the fact clear that there is immense need of creating a culture of knowledge sharing at workplace by keeping transparency in the communication, by having meetings organised and as per schedule, by engaging people, by discussing and telling stories of success, by creating a base of knowledge and lastly by following the open door policy wherein all employees are open to information with their colleagues (Ayrton Boldt, 2017). All this helps in creating an environment within the workplace where there is minimum chances of internal failure of the organization. On the other hand, it helps in supporting the ideas thereby contributing the organizations growth in the long run.

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