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Ethical Decision-Making Models Assignment Help

Often ethical decisions are made within the context of specific ministry areas. For example: As the youth pastor, you find out that three of your small group leaders engaged in under-age drinking at a recent party. Members of the congregation are aware of this and have asked you to address and resolve this situation. 

Choose and research an ethical issue within your own ministry context, i.e., Christian leadership, Christian ministry, urban ministry, and youth and family ministry. Also, research ethical decision-making models, and chose one that would be applicable to your specific area of ministry.

Include the following:

1. Describe the ethical issue and the ministry context.

2. Describe the ethical decision-making model that can be applied to this ethical issue.

3. Explain the discipleship responsibility you have as the leader of the team. Include specific examples

4. Guide the team members on how to mature spiritually in preparation to engage this type of ethical issue. Include specific examples.

5. Explain how you as the leader can grow in the process of resolving this specific ethical issue. Include specific examples.

In addition, create a title slide, reference slides, and slide notes that provide a detailed explanation.

Use three to five scholarly resources and the Bible to support your presentation. If you use topic materials, they would be in addition to these. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the Turabian Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Ethical Decision-Making Models


Ethical decision-making is one that a leader or endanger trusts to indicate the responsibility, caring and fairness for an individual. For being ethical, one individual should demonstrate responsibility and respect to evaluate among the alternatives with ethical principles . The study will consider the ethical decision making process with ethical issues in the Christians community. The ethical issue regarding lying and telling the truth is considered to involve purity of speech and considering in case of specific definitions of an international falsehood.

Ethical issue

Ethical issue has been found regarding false witness or lying the truth in some context or case scenario. Ninth commencement from Bible is considered here regarding normal sequence of truth, which is closely connected to purity of speech and the issues involving silence ironic statements and nonverbal actions, which are required in separate discussions. It has been found that within an organisation, lying is considered as false in speech or writing something the individual does not believe. An individual is telling a lie to save his position within the office. In most cases, quick and truthful limitations are included to slander rather than remaining silent with for telling lies .

Ministry context

Numerous biblical statements condemn telling lies in the sense of firming of falsehood. Christian ministry faces this consequence in speech or writing lie to save themselves in critical situations. According to Christian commandments, lying is considered as connections of purity of speech and values of honesty while telling the truth to be nuanced. Sometimes lying can be more ethical response in particular conflict . The case study can be drawn as within a team, a leader has found one guilty and liar regarding any completion of tasks.

What is ethical decision-making model?

According to author, ethical decision-making model provides suggested mechanisms to develop critical thinking and planning in the resolution of ethical dilemmas. It is important that it is a condition between the situations that is used while helping to resolve the ethical dilemma at an ethical decision. Ethical decision-making model is considered as ethical principles, values and obligations. It is important to present ethics in content and signs for making the best decisions for the particular situations. In the context of lying, leaders implement the model to use in the context of saving life, compression and patience with right ethical regards.

Process of decision-making model

The step decision making model includes:

Identify the ethical dilemma or issues:

Identifying the ethical dilemma issue is included to move through the step. This is the first step to recognise the problems from deep and clear understanding with succinct state while considering the aspects of the problems.

Collecting information:

After getting the problems, collecting information regarding the truth of the situation is important. As per the view of researchers, source of the dilemma or problem is important to be acknowledged.

Applying ethical principles:

Ethical principles such as beneficiary, justice, autonomy and others are involved in the decisions. Application of the ethical principles in ability with ethical principles in conflict situations is applied.

Making and implementing decision:

Implementation of decisions is included to develop the best solutions frequently to this evaluation. Implementing and making the decisions are important to involve the processes and approval of the situations.

Discipleship responsibility

Leaders embrace and assist to spread teachings and active adherence as movement of philosophy as original towards the people. Christianity is included to assist and develop own commitments and exceptions regarding any particular situation. Discipleship of Jesus can be stated to denounce the guilt in order to delivery appropriate ethical responses for a particular conflict . Particularly, it is convicted to compile honest representations with ethical approach in certain aspects.

Responsibility of a leader for managing the team

- Creating an environment oriented to creative thinking, open communication, trust and cohesive team effort.

- Providing the team with a vision of the great life

- Motivating and inspiring team members.

- Leading the team by setting a good example

The leaders have a responsibility to manage and develop the discipleship regarding increasing responsibility for individual. Individual leaders have the rights to improve the Christian Ministries in developing own skills and are Christian leaders recognise the grave responsibility which she or he received to disciple God's people.

Authentic disciples and the system preferred to plan to get the leading and teaching process in the charge of ethical issues. Ethical decisions are made to household of God and the pillar of truth, which is called to develop disciples making leaders, which can be referred to as per the case scenario of telling the lie.

Managing the team members while engaging the issues

- Being transparent with the team

- Providing valuable feedback and comments

- Keeping communicating

- Trusting the team

- Encouraging collaboration

- Preventing theme burn out

Managing the team members is important to resolve the conflict while working. Strategies for resolving the conflicts are included such as embracing conflict, talking together, listening carefully and finding agreements regarding the ethical issue of lying. The leaders have the responsibility and roles to lead the team with positive influence and impact.

Resolving this specific ethical issue

In order to resolve the specific ethical issues identified in the study, the leaders need to talk with that team member personally. He should train the team member personally regarding ethical values of integrity and honesty in the workplace. Several suggestions for examples from the Bible can be effective in order to develop ethical decision making to the team members. The team leader includes resolving issues to tell the truth while they would be in danger. Only truth and being honest can help the individuals in any critical complex situations.

It is found that special discipleship system and leadership capacity can help individuals to develop ethical decision-making process which is important to explain own ministry. Christian leaders always follow Bible as their pillar and buttress of truth. Specific perception is important to neglect the important mission that authenticates the individual to take proper decisions in the critical time. Specific ethical issues are avoided through implementing correct leadership guides towards them.

Team leaders to manage the ethical issues

Team leaders have the responsibility to involve the relation and environment, which is the purpose of discipleship. It is important to witness the reliable people to teach each other. Team leaders have the role to justify regarding discipline in each other in a small group while inspiring each other to get support system in rational context . It is effective to develop theology in the critical situations of individuals like lying regarding own opportunity. It can be effective while helping the team members regarding telling the truth in any situation. Ethical issues can be avoided by practicing good example to the team members.


The study can be concluded that ethical decision-making process is important to validate ethical values of integrity and honesty in any situation. The team leader has observed one individual to tell lie regarding own opportunity in a negative sense to the seniors within the organisation. Serving ethical approaches and compensation for other are important with right ethical values and development to manage healthy relationships and natures with different ethical approaches and avoiding the conflicts within the team.

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