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GRM4007 Personal Development Planning, Gulf College, Oman


Task a: Introduction

Answer: Employability skills are determined to be the attitudes, qualities, and skills that are significant for the workplace. These are regarded as the general skills that helps a person to work in an organization (Collet, Hine and Du Plessis, 2015). While hiring candidates, the managers always look for these skills. Employability skills are the soft skills which enable an individual to appropriately work with others, adjust into any work environment, and apply knowledge to resolve the issues. They are also involved in the professional skills that allow a person to become successful while working in an organization. These are also considered as transferable skills as they could be applied to a particular job in any organization. There possess different types of employability skills such as communication skills, teamwork skills, self-management, positive attitude, critical thinking skills, problem-solving, ethics, computer skills, and so on. All these employability skills help an individual to execute work efficiently and effectively.

However, the paper will help in providing personal analysis of employability skills along with identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It will also discuss about the classroom experiences that will be helpful in enhancing employability skills. Based on the development plan, it will help in creating an action plan and timeline that will help in developing employability skills. The paper will focus towards the role of classroom activities that is effective in developing employability skills. It will discuss the significant role of employability skills and acquisition of employability skills that will help achieve success in career.

Task b: Personal Analysis

Answer: In the future, I want to become a business development manager as I seek to build my career in business management. I have acknowledged that a career in business development requires experience and talent where my job will be to grow the current business. I will be responsible for recognizing market opportunities and expansion and attracting new customers.In this particular field, salesmanship and business strategy skills are the significant requirements (Suleman, 2016). It also requires personal connections and deep knowledge of the industry. However, to develop a career in this line, it is essential for me to develop employability skills that will help manage the work effectively. Moreover, I have developed four strongest employability skills, liketeam skills, self-management, communication skills, and technology skills.On the other hand, I need to improve four employability skills like problem-solving, organizing along with planning skills, adaptability and flexibility skills, and action planning skills. The strengths and weaknesses of the employability skills are as follows:

Strengths: The first of my strengths is I have good teamwork skills as I can cooperate and work easily with different individuals from different backgrounds. I have acquired this skill as I was a reservation manager at a sports club for three summers. While working in a group, I can create ideas with team leader and other co-workers and develop plans to assign work to the members of a group.

Some of my other strengthsare,I am good at self-management, where I possess the ability to manage time effectively. I have obtained these skills by attending various university classes at my college. This skill helps manage the work effectively and in proper time without facing any challenges (Ruge& McCormack, 2017).

Another strength is I am good at communicating with others as I can develop a good relationship with my superiors and coworkers that helps in creating a good working environment. Communication skills are important for an individual as it is helpful in understanding and satisfying customer needs (Wolff & Booth, 2017). This particular skill is obtained by me as I was a member of the argument team when I was in school.

Another significant strength is I possess technology skills as I have basic knowledge of computer and I know how to utilize specialized software packages. I have acquired this skill as in the first year, I have learned business decision modeling where there is a need to make use of specific software packages. Therefore, I have gathered knowledge of how to use these packages within the course.

Weaknesses: One of my significant weaknesses is that I am extremely weak in problem-solving as I face difficulty in solving issues and fails to find relevant solutions to the problems. I realized that I am not good at resolving conflicts and experimenting with new negotiations and procedures. However, problem-solving skills help an individual to set goals by making use of logical reasoning and reasoning (Lim et al., 2016). Thus, I need to develop this skill by gaining experience from future work. 

I acknowledged that I am also weak inorganizing and planning things as per the requirements. It is essential for undertaking good research, assigning responsibilities, and good record keeping. However, I am not good at developing procedures, managing time effectively, and managing the process of scheduling resources.I need to develop this skill by improving the process of working to deadlines and reviewing progress.

Another weakness is that I lack adaptability and flexibility skills where I am unable to adjust myself into work assignments and changing conditions. Most of the time, I feel difficult to develop parameters. Hence, I need to develop these skills by working within the team that will be beneficial for me in my future career.

Moreover, I come to know that I am weak in action planning skills as I find it hard to develop a work schedule or timetable, create a contingency plan, and work to deadlines. Therefore, I seek to acquire this skill by gaining experience as I will be working as a secretary in a company.

The opportunities and threats that may affect the plan are as follows:

Opportunities: Through communication skill, I could use the internet to gather relevant information and develop a network of strategic contacts that will provide an opportunity to offer appropriate solutions to the consumers. The teamwork skills will provide an opportunity to achieve the desired targets accurately and efficiently (O'Connor &Bodicoat, 2017). Furthermore, knowledge of modern technology will also help me in my future work.

Threats: My marketing skills are poor, and my lack of experience could result in miscalculations and mistakes. An increased amount of communication skill leads to negative results as there is huge competition within the market (Sinclair, 2017). I could get confused due to the changing work assignments and work conditions. My inability to managing networks could negatively affect the teamwork project.

The employability skills have been learned within the classroom with the help of technology that helped me to enhance my employability skills. The use of technology helped in developing authentic learning experiences as well as life-long learning experiences (Jackson, 2015). It also helped me in developing my digital literacy by using various efficient tools.

The current sources that are available to improve employability skills are employability toolkit and report, skills case studies, higher education case studies, employability skills lesson plans, life skills handbook, and career readiness curriculum. The other tools that could be used are skills profiler, global transformation maps, and informatist online gaming tool (Suleman, 2018). All these employability skills tools help an individual to enhance their employability skills that will be helpful in future work.


Task c: Development Plan

Answer: The action plan and timeline to improve employability skills are given below:


Employability skills

Specific actions


Target date


Problem-solving skills

  • Helping others to solve problems
  • Applying for volunteer opportunities in the future

Evaluateand fulfillthe requirements of the assignment

Deadline of assignment


Organizing and planning skills

  • Managing daily lives and study at university

Make plans every day and work as per the plans

Christmas holidays


Adaptability and flexibility skills

  • Take initiatives in creating acquaintances
  • Participating and presenting in class discussions

Work in an organization as a trainee for one month

Deadline of group assignment


Action planning skills

  • Working on a group assignment
  • Making an action plan by summing up the gap

Attend the finish courses held in the university

At the end of Semester

Table: Action plan and the timeline for developing employability skills

The classroom activities greatly help in gaining relevant knowledge regarding the characteristics of soft skills that help a person to function as an individual (flexibility, self-confidence, and motivation) and within a group (respect, negotiation, and teamwork). Such activities are determined to be key for workplace success and acquiring appropriate employability skills. The activity helps the students to recognize their weaknessesand strengthsand provides an opportunity to improve their weaknesses (Abas & Imam, 2016). The group activities such as the wrong way or right way skits helped me in developing my soft skills and practicing critical thinking, communication, and creativity skills. Moreover, the blindfold activity also proved to be helpful for me in enhancing my adaptability and flexibility skills and listening skills. These skills will be helpful in the future work to adapt to the organizational change and listen carefully to the needs of the organization along with its members.

Furthermore, the oral presentation has also been included within the classroom activities to develop employability skills. The oral presentations are determined to be an effective and useful method to enhance student's awareness regarding communications skills. Therefore, such presentations become a significant component in facilitating positive learning experiences. The role of the oral presentation is to present the content of a subject in an effective, concise, and organized manner. For example, it helped me in managing the work appropriately and effectively communicating with others. Another role of the oral presentation is to improve the communication skills of an individual and develop strong and effective presentation skills (Jackling &Natoli, 2015). It improves my quality of communication and enables me to ask relevant questions regarding the process of improving employability skills.

As a result, the classroom activities helped me in developing and improving the employability skills that would be helpful for me in the future to manage the organizational activities successfully. It is also helpful in understanding the needs of others and executing the work as per their needs (Peet, 2016). With the help of such activities, I have acquired problem-solving skills that help me in solving the problems efficiently and effectively without facing any difficulty. It also helped in identifying the development needs and current trends of the organizations. It also provides an understanding of how to manage and control the flow of information by utilizing technologies (Fearonet al., 2019). For instance, the classroom activities encourage an individual to adapt themselves to the changing environment and situations. With the help of the activities, I have learned the basic and essential skills that would help me in the future to manage and organize the work efficiently and effectively by overcoming the hurdles.

The other challenges that helped me in developing employability skills are a time-management challenge, teamwork challenge, and problem-solving challenge. It is essential to deal with all these challenges to develop employability skills.All these challenges are explained below:

Time-management challenge: I have developed my employability skills while working in an organization where I had to deal with a time-management challenge. Within the organization, it was too difficult for me to manage the work that I was assigned to me. However, time management is essential for the procedure of practicing and planning control of time in professional and personal life (Ito & Kawazoe, 2015). Thus, to overcome this challenge, I implemented a time management software that helped me in planning organizational activities promptly.

Teamwork challenge: Academically I was facing teamwork challenge where I use to deal with poor change management, lack of transparency, low engagement, tension and conflict, and lack of trust with the group members. Thus, to overcome this challenge, I communicated with the team members and developed the strong coordination with them that helped in building trust. On the other hand, I have also implemented various approaches to deal with my poor performance.

Problem-solving challenge: In my personal life, I use to face various challenges related to problem-solving, where I was unable to solve the problems. I was unable with the change that takes place in my life that puts a negative impact on my ability to be creative. It is significant as it provides an ability to solve the problems in a timely and effective manner without any challenges (Simatele, 2015). However, I overcome this challenge by monitoring the problem from all sides, taking appropriate actions to mitigate the issue, and making a list of bad and good points.

Task d: Role of Employability Skills in the Career Success

Answer: Employability or soft skills are considered to be the building blocks of career development for an individual. The employability skills have become significant as well as the decisive factor that helps an employer to monitor or examine the candidates and hire the employees subsequently. Employability skills are the fundamental teamwork, personal, and academic skills that are expected by the employees from their workers, and that is to be developed by the educational system. Most of the employability skills are denoted as transferable skills, necessary skills, key competencies, life skills as well as core skills.It plays a vital role in gaining success in a career as it helps an individual to acquire various essential skills (Moore &Morton, 2017). For an employer, it acts as a performance indicator where the managers want the employees to adapt these skills to facilitate the cognitive factors. If an employee lacks these skills, there are more chances to get terminated from the job. Thus, it is significant for an employee to gain employability skills in order to achieve a better position within the organization. Developing employability skills helps a person to understand the organizational needs and achieve the desired target. It also helps in overcoming the challenge faced by an employee and assist the company in resolving the issues (Messer, 2018).

It is also helpful for an individual to get along and work with other people that help in acquiring interpersonal and communication skills that help in achieving success. Communication skills help in achieving listening, non-verbal communication, and verbal communication skills. Moreover, interpersonal skills are useful for an individual to identify their strengths and weaknesses in a specific area. It also helps in managing and organizing time effectively that helps in achieving success in a career. It makes an individually reliable; for example, an employee could not leave the office if the work remains pending (Clokie&Fourie, 2016). Conscientiousness and trustworthiness are determined to be the parts of self-management and self-regulation that help a person to become successful. However, the individuals who are reliable and self-regulated usually take responsibilities for their actions. The employability skills help an individual to enhance creative thinking skills that improve knowledge and skills.

The process of acquisition employability skills is considered to be a generic and technical skill that help me in achieving success in my career. The employability skills expected by employers are job-seeking skills, technical skills, corporate skills, soft skills, communication skills, academic skills, personal traits, and training needs. Apart from these skills, employers also expect job seekers to possess generic skills that enhance career success and development (Devambatla&Nalla, 2015). Moreover, the generic skills involve monitoring and evaluating one's performance and having personal goal and vision along with having confidence and knowledge of one's ideas. It helps me in gaining adequate knowledge regarding the necessary skills required to enter into the corporate world. The acquisition of employability skills and attitudes is beneficial for me in gaining employment in a particular professional area or occupation.The employability skills include the ability to efficiently contribute to an organization with the help of good written and oral communication skills as well as critical thinking skills that build the foundation for career development and success (Matsouka&Mihail, 2016). It is helpful for me to contribute to the growth of a company by performing a task efficiently.

These significant skills will help me in the future to get along with the supervisor and the fellow workers of an organization in order to make relevant decisions related to organizational activities.The employability skills will help me in finding out a suitable job and may acclimatize to organizational, technological, and social changes. These skills involve an understanding and personal attributes along with achievement that enhances the willingness of an individual to build a career and become successful in choosing employment (Fletcher, Sharif & Haw, 2017). It provides me with an understanding of how to execute a taskrelated to organizational activities. It also provides me with an understanding of positive work ethic, good attitude, personal energy, self-direction, eye-contact, flexibility, honesty, and courtesy. Therefore, the acquisition of employability skills provides an experience to fulfill organizational needs that, in turn, helps in achieving development and success in career (Park & Hill,2016).


Task e: Conclusion

Answer: The paper demonstrated an understanding of the significance of employability skills for an individual in order to achieve development and success in career. It has been observed that employability skills help a person to gain a better position while working in an organization. It revealed the fact that it is important for a person to develop employability skills like communication skills, adaptability and flexibility skills, problem-solving skills, organizing and planning skills, teamwork skills and many more to achieve success. Based on employability skills, the paper presented four strengths, such as teamwork skills, communication skills, technology skills, and self-management. Whereas, it also identified four skills likeproblem-solving, organizing and planning skills, adaptability and flexibility skills and action planning skills that need to be developed. It also discussed the opportunities and threats that affect the plan for developing employability skills.

The paper also helped in developing an action plan and timeline that focused upon the four employability skills that need to be developed. It provided relevant information about the role of employability skills that is helpful for an individual to become successful in a career. It discussed the role acquisition of employability skills that helps an individual to gain development and success in career.

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