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Behaviourist’s Journal Assignment Help

Choose a behavior of yours that you would like to try to modify using the principles of behaviorism. Keep it simple and clearly measurable (for example, not "I should exercise more," but "I want to jog one mile a day" - not, "I don't want to be so shy," but "I want to talk to one new person each day" - not, "I want better grades," but "I want to study X amount each day"). For three days, merely record the frequency that the behavior is occurring naturally. How often, at what times, and under what circumstances, do you engage in the behavior? What are the good consequences of the behavior, and what are the bad consequences? If the behavior is a currently non-existent one that you want to establish, go straight to "identifying positive reinforcers."

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Behaviourist's Journal

Behavior to Modify

My behaviour includes extreme aggression which I want to modify as I do not like this behaviour of mine and I feel bad about it later. This behaviour of mine reflects a personality which anyone wants to avoid as such extreme emotions only result in a stressful environment around me. This behaviour of mine affects the community I live in which includes my friends and classmates as well. Sometimes I feel like they avoid me and does not want to face me at all because I easily get angry over things. Later, I feel that it was not worth it to get angry over such things and I feel guilty, and I end up with stress most of the time. For this, I want to reach out to the people who can help me with this. After recording the frequency of the behaviour for 3 days, I came to know that whenever the things that I say or the work I assigned to my siblings or friends is not done my aggression peaks out. This leads to some negative consequences but also some positive consequences as well. The good consequence of this behaviour is that it directs me to my passion which I like to do and reduce my anger. I like to play video games in this case as well. While on the other hand, the negative consequence is that it affects badly the people I love and the ones in my surrounding. However, it may not be considered as best form of behavior because there are many people who harm themselves through their aggression. They direct it inwards which in turn causes them to remain extremely anxious and upset about little things. Therefore, aggression must be channelized so that it does not affect people negatively and reduces their level of anxiety also. They can also enjoy doing sports or some other activity through they can be relaxed.

The Stimuli

Whenever my friends and family members talk about the things which I do not like or bothers me, stimulates the aggression. Things like I am not focusing on my studies and that I play video games loudly. While I know how to keep a balance between my academic life and other interests While I always got good grades in my studies, but, they always treat me like I know nothing and they are all superior which triggers my aggression, and my anger overcomes me due to which I start to react and speak in loud and aggressive voice tone. Also that whenever I have appointed work to my friends or family and is not completed, my aggression is triggered and reaches to an extreme level. As I do not like to be tricked and whenever someone says that he or she was not able to do my appointed work, I feel like I am being tricked which leads to extreme anger. In short, anything which I do not want to face and I do not expect from people, enables aggression which I cannot control and do certain things like reacting out on an extreme level and speaking loudly with the people that are involved in the cause. Although this may sound strange, but I do not find any other suitable outlet than my close friends and family. They have to bear the brunt of whatever I am facing always and therefore this pattern keeps on repeating itself. It makes me upset most of the time and I am unable to focus on tasks about my studies. It seems that I am always in a state of seeking some refuge for myself in order to withdraw myself from those things which bother me.

Positive Reinforce

Whenever I get angry, I go to my room and starts to play video games. Playing video games on the PlayStation is my passion, and I love to play games. I have emotional attachments with some of the characters of games like Kratos and others which I grew up playing(Metacritic, 2019). I like to play my favourite games which includes these characters. Focusing on their story and playing with them helps me calm down a bit. This reduces my aggression gradually, and after a short time, it totally eliminates my anger. Playing video games is what I like, and I seek help by playing video games. Therefore, I would recommend this line of action to everyone who faces difficulty in releasing anger appropriately(Scott, 2019). I would suggest them to play video games which would calm them for a while but they should not apply this on human beings. If they fear that they might learn those violent patterns of behavior which they watch in video games, they should withdraw themselves from watching those videos. They can also get busy with any other activity like boxing which would help them in their catharsis. It would ultimately reduce their level of aggression that will make them calm and peaceful.

Joining Community of Gamer Friends

I have reached out my community of friends as they are gamers as well. We have engaged in gaming together. We play games and have fun with each other over voice chats. This helped me to focus on other aspects of life and not involving in any sort of activity, thought and consequences which can lead to aggression. This engagement of my friends in this reinforces helped me a lot(The Guardian, 2019). I have noticed a significant decrease in my aggression as a result of focusing on the brighter side of life and aspects. Now, again it depends individually on a person how much impact he gets of the action of playing video games. If he feels he is not getting any kind of negativity as a result of watching video games, he should continue doing that(Anderton, 2018). If he gets some negative effect in his behavior, he should refrain from such activities. There is also another way of dealing with aggression which implies indulging in any other activity that could assist the person so that he can get himself out of such kind of aggression. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Behaviourist’s Journal Assignment Help – order today for excellence!

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