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Human Relations Can Make or Break You Assignment Help

1) Question as posed in the case ("What points would you attempt to cover” and WHY?).

2) How specifically would you go about delivering your points (be specific using course content - e.g. Comm Model, culture, perceptions, active listening, verbals, non-verbals - how to use your skills and the type of setting you would organize the communication in, etc.

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1. As George’s supervisor, I would suggest him to be more open to different kinds of adjustment styles that he could implement in communicating with the other employees. There is no need for him to go all the way, if there is a change in his attitude. The employees were not inherently unfriendly, as Ann was being able to easily adjust. George had to let the employees feel that he was more approachable than what they had presumed. The other aspect that needs attention is that he might need to take the first step and not expect others to do so (Lent, 2013). It is important for George to identify his own needs and try to understand the needs of his coworkers in order to build a higher team spirit. If there are cultural differences in the workplace, George must not feel left out and raise his voice against any kind of discrimination. However, nothing should be keeping him away from interacting. 

2. Rather than adopting a linear or one way communication while interacting with George, I would adopt transactional model of communication that would allow me to have George’s opinion on my suggestions (Barnlund, 2017). I would not impose any decision on him rather let him decide. Moreover, I would be open to listening to all types of issues that George has been subjected to and try to address them effectively, ensuring that there are no problem cultural differences. I would assure George that I would be available for him and help him interact with his coworkers by properly introducing him tom them. I would coach and direct George till the time he feels comfortable with the whole situation. According to my experience and understanding, George has a need to be recognized and hence, I would let him know how important he was to the organization and the department in specific because of the skills that he possesses and his coworkers look up to him for that. 

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