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Examine how international growth places demands on management and HRM based on the given factors:


Effect international growth and its effects on the demands of Human Resource Management

Size: As size of company increases, the number of employees increase, and it becomes difficult for the human resource management team to ensure that every employee is getting his required needs in the organisation, whether all of them are having the necessary skill set and everyone is staying motivated for the work or not. It is easier to maintain these attributes in a small organisation however when the size increases, efficiency of the HRM team gets tested (Banfield et al., 2018). However, owing to the fact that employees are the most important asset of an organisation and HR is the backbone of the organisation, it should rely on enhancing skill set of the HR team and break work according to the hierarchy (Collings et al., 2018).

Structure: In the view of Brewster et al., (2018), as a company internationalizes, it grows in size and so comes additional hierarchies for different verticals. It is essential for the HRM department to break into hierarchy as well so that work can be divided and executed efficiently. It puts pressure on people at similar levels to work as well as monitor performance and monitoring is essential here as the number of employees in the HR department increases as well, with internationalization. Hence, hierarchy in the HRM department is essential.

Flow and volume information: With international growth, people from various countries come to a country to work and they do not remain aware of the political and economic conditions of the host country. Hence it is essential for the HRM department of the company in the host country to be aware of these aspects so that the employees can be enlightened regarding them (Ayentimi et al., 2018).

Control mechanism: It is the duty of the HRM team to conduct tasks like promotion, demotion, transfer, selection, retrenchment, training, retention and development to ensure the best people handles the best task and the organisation excels in the market. When these are done for a larger number of people, it is essential that their performances are reviewed and controlled to ensure they are according to plan (Meyer and Xin, 2018).

National culture: Due to internationalization, employees across borders come to a host country to work. It is the duty of the HRM team of the organisation in that country to ensure that the employees are aware of the culture of the host country and that their own culture is not affected here. In case of that, it disturbs the employee and makes him unable to perform at his best. The HRM team can also conduct virtual team training and diversity training over internet, for this purpose (Chams and García-Blandón, 2019)

Host-country demand: Different countries have their own visa rules and rules for letting foreigners stay there. With internationalization, cross-country travelling is rampant hence it is the responsibility of the HR department to look after such issues of employees so that they can continue to work without bothering for the overheads and work goes on smoothly (Collings et al., 2018).

Operation mode: With internationalization taking place, urgency in requirement of work is on the rise as well. This poses great challenge for the HR managers since their ramp up time is small. It is essential that companies have experienced HR professionals who can get operations off the go as soon as possible. If a fresh HR takes charge, he may not be qualified enough to retain an employee hence the company can lose an employee. It is essential that companies keep additional budget for HR processes so that fresh talent can be trained in the background and experienced ones take care of HRM tasks on a daily basis (Ayentimi et al., 2018).


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