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International Relations



 In international relations how power, authority, and economy are organized on the basis of religion and political relations like the Pope and the Emperor are two parallel connected powers. International studies are concerned with political, economic, social and cultural issues that prevail in the international agenda. It is the understanding of global societies, systems of international Governments. Cultures, language and the complex relationship between them which results in shaping the world we live in.. The international relationship focuses on the relationship between countries whereas international studies are regarding global-oriented issues. International studies or international affairs are either a field of political science, an interdisciplinary academic field like global studies (Jackson, 2017).

Behaviouralism shows the act, behavior, and actions of individuals. It is the application of natural sciences on human behavior. It can explain unbiased political behavior. It does not reflect the characteristics of institutions like judiciaries, legislatures, etc. As given by David Easton: eight characteristics of behaviouralism like regularities, verification, techniques, quantification, values, systematization, pure science and integration. Behaviouralists are of the opinion that human behavior is more or less is the same as per casting vote politically. They are found more inclined to vote for the same candidate as per their cast and creed. Therefore voting results are more likely to be predicted. They believe in factual results which can be achieved scientifically verified. Behaviouralists do not accept anything as granted and they would like to testify everything. They adopt the correct techniques like multivariate analysis, surveys simulation, etc to analyze the data scientifically. So that reliable and comparable data is achieved. Without measurement and quantification of data, one cannot predict the political results more or less accurately. Curves, graphs, and tables are drawn in behavioral research after collecting the data to predict the results precisely. They believe in empirical values and value-free study and not in ethical values. Traditionalists believe in the value-laden study. Scientific studies are objective and therefore are value free. They believe that research in political science must be systematic i.e. theory oriented and theory directed (Thompson, 2017). They apply the scientific theory to solve the social problems and do research in social problems.social and political studies are interconnected and these cannot be studied in isolation. Man's social, economic, political, etc life can be studied in a wider perspective of his social life. It is interdisciplinary studies. Study of political science requires an understanding of sociology, economics, history, etc for the unfolding of another phenomenon like economic, cultural, etc.

The relationship In between the International Relations & the behavioral Revolutions

The framework of the International Relations is also concerned with the perspective with the understanding of the relations that would work across the given boundaries of nation-states. This also works in relations to the addressing of the international political economy and having a  balance on the global governance along with the intercultural relations and with the national and ethnic identities. it is also subjective with the foreign policy analysis, introduction of the development studies and also in the framework of the environment, international security and building with the ties of the diplomacy, terrorism and with the media, social movements, etc. This is also subjective with the  multidisciplinary field which would not be considered with the restriction towards the students that can potentially also have an one approach along with the intention that can subjective which can also be able to employ a variety of methods that also includes the rationality of the discourse analysis, statistics and even the understanding of the comparative and historical analysis (Jackson, 2017).


From the governing decisions, it can also be explored with the relation of the explored of the rationalist tools, that would also have an existence of credible commitment problems along with the asymmetries inclusion of the information.

To understand the two countries relationship one has to understand the approaches governing the decision making that has been done by both the Iraqi and US leaders. It has been indicated how there have been strong bias (Hill, 2017). For example by Saddam Hussein that also failed to recognize why the United States was committed to war as he was not sure as a governor of Iraq to reveal his true identity and the credibility. There has to be a major cause of the dismantling with the relation to the weapons of mass destruction. Fro the perspective of the United States it has also signaled how there can be intentions along with the subjective relations to be made with the Iraqi leader that can also be remained limited with the new information. To understand the perspective of how there are Bush administration officials that can also be able to build with the Americans framework who are treated as liberators along with the democracy that can help to determine with the accord. It would be equally be motivating with the reasoning both precipitated war along with the contributed power for the failure to plan. this is subjective to the framework of the rebuilding the Iraqi state within the giving war's wake. It has even caused an Iraq War along with the disastrous consequences related to the aftermath to appear to lie and as per the beliefs and decision making that can be subjective to the standard theories of bargaining.

To understand how there are similar anomalies it can also be consecutively be found with the framework of the international political economy (Gilpin, 2017). It is also opened with the theory of the open-economy politics that can help to understand with the clear predictions that would indicate with the individual preferences that can also relate to the trade policy. It also forms a governing body that can help to understand the relation of the factors of production that would be specific in relation to the given industry along with the governing individuals that would be employed or invested (Burley, 2017). This is also subjective to the understanding of the comparatively advantaged sector that can help to understand the need for the favor of free trade. Form the paradigm of the factors of production that would be projected to be mobile and would be considered to be as a part of the individuals that can also be possessed with the assets which would be central to the timeline of the relatively scarce that can also seek favor protectionism.

Also relating to the episode of the careful empirical research, it can also be considered with the relatively less evidence which can give with the voters that can help to understand with the interests in relation to these rational and with the governing materialist ways (Booth, 2015).


To understand the definition of the behaviouralism or political behavior this can also be related to an understanding with movement in political science which would help to understand the obligations to the observable behavior that are part of the political actors" (Forsythe, 2015).

It would also be inclined with the relation to determine the two things and as the subjective relation with the demand mention. This is also related to the conjecture with the movement along with the definition with the behaviouralism that can be based to the observable behavior that is necessarily part of the individuals, It would also be related to the understanding of the political actors. As a role of the behaviouralism, it can also begin with the understanding of then in-depth as a part of the scrutinizing with the political behavior of individuals (Fawcett, 2016).


The international relations with the behaviorism is more subjective to the requirement of the citizens' preferences that can also be appearing under the lens of the socio-tropic-that has also uprooted from the lens of the economy's performance projected as to the whole consideration with the averse form of the policies that can also cause a harm with the least projections to the advantaged in society (Baylis, 2017).  Also, the Individuals can also form predispositions that can be related to the trade which are part of the nationalism, ethnocentrism, along with the racism. To understand the women role would be more protectionist than men and can be considered to be more averse in relation to social inequalities. As per the trade policy preferences, it also depends on the basis of the heavy obligations of the issues that have been framed such as to answer the relation to the questions engage respondents' and as apart of the producer or consumer. Another is the understanding of the holding attitudes which would be subjective to the position that is part of the international market and also with the relation to the individuals that can appear to be guided in terms of the dispositions rooted with respect to the emotion, social psychology, and also includes the genetic differences.


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