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MSL522 Leadership and Communication - Abu Dhabi University

1. Describe how leaders influence individuals and organizations in setting and achieving organization's strategic goal? Provide reflections from presentations/discussions in class and/or your professional experience.

The foremost quality that I think has major influence on employees is ideal behaviour yet friendly approach to individual members. It cannot be undermine that work pressure often create less room for leader to manage activities that can help in achieving strategic goals. However, a friendly approach indeed helps leaders to create a positive work environment that has place for individual's contribution. I have been inspired by Niemeyer & Cavazotte (2016) that speaks of setting a ethic standard for making a first step toward strategic goals of company. In my point of view strategic goals can only be achieved by motivating fellow individuals and harnessing their capabilities. I have pointed out a similarity among employee centric approaches of inspirational leaders such as Steve Jobs, JP Morgan and Bill Gates which talked about transparent hierarchy in the organisation. This particular solution helps leaders to communicate about organisational need and requirements as future prospect and subsequently set the strategic goal for the organisation.

Considering the viewpoint of Baron et al. (2016) I can suggest that visioning the organisational position among rival is a workable approach is influencing employees. I have witnessed some of the organisational decision taken by consulting employees and reach the conclusion of project before setting up of goal. Consultation with employees is a solidified solution for organising employees toward a specific strategic goal and allows them to contribute to reach strategic goal. Approaching a strategic goal by motivation and giving individual accountability allow leaders to achieve the strategic goals of the organisation.

I have worked in a retail firm as a part time worker. I observed that, the leader was the one who played a major role. Firstly our floor manager was humble and influential. His instructions we used to follow without questioning. However, when he left and was replaced by another manager, 2 of the floor stuff left job as they were not able to adjust harsh attitude of this new manager. Therefore workplace ad worker are greatly influenced by leaders.


2. How critical is the role of ethics, values, and transparency in modern strategic leadership? Provide reflections from presentations/discussions in class and/or your professional experience.

Role of Ethics

I understand ethics as a stepping stone for achieving individual growth and also create a feasible environment for others to improve their capabilities and work standards. It can be said that ethics helps in creating moral values for the organisation. Strategic leadership requires workforce that can achieve organisational goals with increased efficiency and capabilities. Approaching leadership with ethical standard helps in creating needed working environment for employees to resonate with organisational goals and vision.

Role of values
It amazes me that ethical values allow an individual to influence fellow members with passion and enthusiasm. This is also a reality with strategic leaders as well because employees seek curiosity in work which can only be projected by having moral and ethical values of business. Kirkley (2016) has highlighted that values are important for leaders to reach clarity in vision and work practices. According to my perception, strategic leaders require values to approach goals with clarity in mind as this is the ultimate ingredient to reduce stress.

Role of transparency
Transparency is not only important to enhance personal relationship but also have an influential yet collaborative work relationship with employees. According to me, transparency leads an employee to get a clear picture of their leader's work knowledge and innate behaviour that influences them to produce higher productivity. I have seen that leaders with transparent attitude make efficient public speaker which is the essential ingredient for influencing employees. In my professional life, I would not be able to co work with someone who mostly hides things and inclines to lying to get small profits.


3. Explain a communication style you don't like in a leader. Provide reflections from presentations/discussions in class and/or your professional experience.

Among all the communication style, I do not like a leader to follow passive aggressive communication style. As per the opinion of Hughes & Brown (2018) leaders with passive aggressive communication style do not show their real intention and act differently behind the scenes. This is the worst fear for me to work under a leader that shows one type of empathic attitude in front of me and act angrily or get irritated by me. This could always keep an employee in a deception and not allow them to know about true intention of their employer. There is a higher probability that a leader with passive aggressive communication style will not accept my requests and demand with sheer acceptance. It is in the nature of passive aggressive communicators to find flaws and not accept their own fault which tends to create a gap between leaders and employees.

According to Murphy & Oberlin (2016) passive aggressive communication style does not possess necessary skills to showcase their disapproval or negative feelings. I think a leader must possess the ability to critic the approach of an individual employee and provide alternate suggestion for higher productivity and efficiency. In case of passive aggressive speakers, a constant sense of sarcasm is always at play in order to either dominate their fellow individuals or to neglect the needs and demands. In my point of passive aggressive communication style is not suitable for a leader that seeks work efficiency and better position against rival companies. I was appreciated for being a collaborative and friendly person. I build a social circle at workplace. This is due to my interpersonal skill and ability to convey my opinion clearly to them.


4. Explain your communication approach to be an effective leader. Provide reflections from your leadership vision task, and presentations/discussions in class.

An effective leader should be mindful of their approach with fellow employees and also produce necessary self esteem to push for one's own ideas. Therefore, I consider assertive communication style as the most proper form of communication approach for a leader. It has been pointed out by Omura et al. (2018) that leaders with assertive communication approach know their way to promote organisational objective and also respect the views of individuals working under them. The statement of author resonates with successful leaders around the world that showcases higher self esteem and also push for someone else's ideas towards the ultimate strategic goal of organisation. I believe that being assertive in communication can help leaders to understand the work approach of employees and form a healthy relation with them.

The very nature that is being respected by individual employees is that their leader are respectful toward employee's demands and views but asserts on productivity which influences them to be efficient in individual approach. This can also be pointed out for assertive leaders like me, because they know the right to be manipulative or submit to other's ideas. As per the views of Bigman et al. (2019) assertive communication approach helps an individual to have different response of people with different profession. In my point of view, this seems to be the proper way for a leader to be in asserts their leadership skills ad attitude. I can also point out that assertive communication approach can help a leader to spread positive work environment which does not only demand action but also promote flexibility

5. How ‘power'ful are you in influencing others around you? Provide a critical reflection.

During my 24 hours schedule of the day I try to be positive in my conversation and thinking pattern. This practice has been helpful for me to acquire praise as well as takes manipulative approach for achieving a common objective of project or any other work. Inspired by Kirkley (2016) I believe in empowering others with knowledge and skills. It does not only help in garnering necessary support from surrounded people but also make them appreciate my approach with them. According to me individual skills are an important aspect for not only individual's growth but also helps in reaching strategic vision with ease and comfort. I do not neglect other opinions and views which give me an upper hand in understanding their feelings and use it to influence them. It is an important approach for a leader or an individual to show respectful attitude toward others to garner their support.

I got inspired by Baron et al. (2016) that showing sympathy to others allows an individual to know about other's problems and resolve it necessary solution. This works in favour of me to set up any particular process by understanding their current mental state. Therefore, sympathy, skill building and respectful attitude are some of the key elements for me to influence people around me.


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