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ICT Ethical Issue Assignment Help

- Identify the main ethical dilemma involved in this case and undertake further research about it.

- Analyse the ethical dilemma, considering the different actions by the ICT professional 'Ken' (as suggested in the three videos), from the perspective of the Australian Computer Society Code of Professional Conduct.

- Make a recommendation on the basis of your analysis providing reasons for this recommendation.

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For the number of reasons the continued growth in information technology and the dependence on computers has been crucial. It's up to the functioning of society along with our financial system which has given rise to social, legal and moral issues. The infield of systems as well as computer engineering, ethical decision making is very important and must be integrated into professional skills. Engineering is a very risky activity. But, a main disaster in the technology is extremely unfortunate and rare. Most business association dealing with IT around the globe is very concerned about their position in the market.

Ethical dilemma Australian Computer Society Code of Professional Conduct

According to a Youtube video, the business landscape in the IT sector, just like other organizations of business, is also filled with the ethical dilemmas faced by workers at the management level. For this report, a case study of the ethical situation of the initial system going live is highlighted. Ken lets the system go-live and Ken battles again the next day, defending his decision not to keep the unattended system alive as planned, and after a month, Ken resigns and meets with his bank lending officer (Al-Saggaf, 2016). The video shows that the project manager of the IT development business had a live broadcast due to some mistakes with the project director in the system. Three probable scenarios will decide ethical as well as non-ethical characteristics and implications of the project director. In the video, it's seen that Ken decide to let the system go live without testing. The second option is he will fight back and ask for a one-month extension and then submit the complete system and third option for Ken is to resign and meets his bank officials. If Ken makes any unethical decisions regarding this system, the group developing the system, the project director, moreover the entire business will also be at threat with legal consequences. There are three possibilities for Ken. The implementation of project manager may come first with the surrender of the project director. This will have serious authorized implications that may distort the image and shut down whole business entities (Alt, 2018). As a result, project directors, teams, project managers and companies will be legally responsible in all matters. Also, the company that the company submits to the client will have huge insecurity and hacking which will charge the client and service provider a lot in this regards. Second, the project manager may reject the instructions given by the project manager as well as stick to the ethical processor that delivers the system.

As an ACS member, Kane must cultivate the esteem, effectiveness, and respect for being professional (Barad & Patel, 2012). This means that additionally to being very good citizen moreover practicing law, Ken needs to be consistent with following values of the ACS.

1. The priority of the public interest is that Ken will put the interest of people above personal, departmental or business interests.

2. Improving the quality of life will work to improve the excellence of being of those who affected by Ken's work.

3. Authenticity Ken will be very honest in representing Ken with knowledge, skills, products, and services.

4. Competence ken will work diligently and responsibly for Ken and the company.

5. Professional growth Ken will enhance the business development of you and Ken Company (Burmeister, 2017).

In the case of differences in values, democracy takes precedences over the other standards. This professional code of conduct is targeted particularly at Ken as a personal practice or is a guide to Ken's acceptable business practices. This is relevant to all the ACS members, irrespective of the specific scope of work in the specific areas of the ICT industry.

The growth of ICT has had important impacts on lifestyle and society. However, as with all technologies, this effect has been hugely beneficial, ICT has a few negative effects moreover will persist to do so. There is a need to encourage equivalent access to advantages of the ICT by all the members of the community (Flanagan, 2012). ICT business is relatively innovative and is characterized by quick change. He has not had a chance to develop in several years and take his standards and laws (Hardy, 2016). ACS is trying to boost the confidence of the people in the ICT business. It's imperative to maintain professional standards, especially for members of the society who increase and improve the image of the business. All people have the right to be treating with respect and dignity. Discrimination is unprofessional behavior like harassment. Members must be alert that ACS may help them resolve a moral lapse (Raco, 2018).

In accordance with these values:

1. In the work, ICT can play a role in improving the life quality of people, particularly the disabled or underprivileged;

2. Promote and protect the safety and health of those who affected by our work;

3. Understand and understand the people affected by your work.

4. Try to raise the sense of personal satisfaction, ability, as well as control that has impacted your work.

Numerous elements need to be surely considered by all ICT professionals when they conducting all their duties (Al-Saggaf, 2016). There are few little breaches in some of these codes in the given case study. ACS code of ethics list is as follows:

1. The primacy of public interest

2. The increment in the quality of life

3. Competency

4. Honesty

5. Professional Development

6. Professionalism

According to YouTube video links, there is no follow-up to the primary task of the "Code of Ethics for Public Interest". The project manager asks Ken to live the system without properly testing the application. This can cause problems if there is not enough security for the untested system. It can result in the loss of delicate data and theft of a few people using such an untested system. For their benefit, the project manager ignores the public interest. Another factor is honesty. Ken needs to perform all of his duties honestly, and project leaders are avoiding this factor, forcing employees to complete quality-free work within tight deadlines to earn unethical profits. ICT professionals need to be professional and they must work to get the job done within the deadline. This also violates this part or element of a moral code. To avoid this situation, some effective decisions need to be made (Alt, 2018). Ken needs to fight back and must coordinate with his seniors and client as well and tell the project all the necessary facts. Another option that can be taken is to treat more human and financial resources to ensure that projects are completed promptly. If you can provide sufficient support for the project team as well as provide them with additional overtime incentives, you can complete the project at the right time. This helps to complete the project completely in a very ethical manner and also without violating any ethical guidelines (Murray, 2015).


An essential feature of a business is the adherence to its members' code of conduct. This code for ACS is established as a Code of Professional Conduct. This regulation applies to a few ACS members working in Communication and Information Technology (ICT) field. This CPC identifies six fundamental ethical values and related needs for professional conduct. Society should adhere to these values by its members or act responsibly as well as in all their business dealing. Relevance to the Law This Code of Conduct is consistent with professionally certified law. Non-compliance with the Code may be used based on claims of negligence by professionals. This code of conduct should be used by an expert witness who evaluates professional behavior. Failure to comply with the Code may also result in disciplinary action from the ACS.


It has been concluded that Ken should fight back and take a one-month extension and then successfully update the system. This can only be achieved by securing highly secured business protocols, services as well as products. All these aspects are limited to the business. Business associations are aware of the fact that business operations in a few areas have become very inefficient. They are also related to various components of IT. These types of factors are too complex to balance needs or align with all investment parties. It helps in providing good quality services as well as products to the customers. From the report, it can be concluded that ICT professionals need to comply with the ACS code of ethics to accomplish the task ethically. This helps to avoid and prevent unethical situations within business organizations. A case study on the early initiation of the project has been explained, in which unethical issues have been identified and appropriate recommendations have been made to prevent such situations within commercial organizations.

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