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online Customer Relationship

A discussion board with some of the areas as below.  Assess how the readings and assignments in this phase can be applied
to your career, course of study, or interests.

Some Areas:

Marketing strategy planning


Strategic Analysis

Distinctive Competence

Value Propositions/Image Goals

Marketing Mix

Analysis of Med Ed

Online communication


Target marketing and psychographic target markets

Marketing channels

Role of Internet in any form of marketing

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Online Customer Relationship

Marketing strategy planning

Online customer relationship uses marketing strategies in order to succeed in the market. The strategies generally uses are as follow:

- Investing in Technology-Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

- Building CRM through the loyal points

- Email Marketing

- Websites, Online Chats, and Toll-Free numbers

- SMS Marketing

- Including the social media for relationship marketing

- Consumer Campaigns

- Referrals (Bilgihan, Kandampully & Zhang, 2016)


The mission of online customer relationship generally set to accomplish the staff's requirements in order to get the most from customers. Improving Customer Satisfaction along with the efficiency of the business is considered proactive from reputation. Expanding the customer's base and enhancing the online sale and supports teams are another mission that does the optimistic benefits.

Strategic Analysis

The Customer Relationship Management Cycle consists of an evaluation phase, a planning phase, an implementation phase, and a review phase. Customer information and the attached technological tools are considered as the foundation behind the success of strategies (Navimipour & Soltani, 2016). The environment and the above mentioned finally lead to succeed with these following four phases.


Distinctive Competence

Distinctive Competence gives the advantages of online customer relationships that is considered difficult for other business. In accordance to develop the company, it does the internal and external criticism as per the corporative environments. It leads the organization to monitor continuously in fear of losing the distinctive competence not changing the business environment.

Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is referred to the use of the 4P of online customer relationship. It generally includes:

- Product
- Price
- Place
- Promotion
- People
- Process

Now days E-commerce has a great impact for online customer relationships by using the above marketing mix (Van Noort, Willemsen, Kerkhof & Verhoeven, 2015).

Analysis of Med Ed

Med Ed offers the ‘e-business' information's via mortar providers. As it is a cost saving potential, therefore farthest users and the staffs get the benefits by time management. Enhancing the mortar learning experience, Med Ed integrates disintermediation.

Online communication

Online communication nails the first impressions along with holding a minimum time. Making the customer service calls the first importance; customers become able like a real people. Hence, these online communications plays a crucial role.


Advertising sorts out the biggest issues that are related to the online customer relationship. Information, advice and marketing inspiration help in developing as an online marketer and a good leader.

Target Marketing and Psychographic Target Markets

Psychographic target markets are consist the online customer relationship with two major methodologies such as taking feedback from the existed clients and investigating website analysis.

Marketing Channels

There are numerous marking channels that provoke an online customer relationship. According to the researchers, they find only four as major-

- Direct selling
- Distributing as dual
- Selling though the intermediaries
- Reverse channels

Role of the Internet

Internet marketing helps in building relation with the online customers by offering the convenient products, exporting the business, inventing the low cost structure, personalized the offers according their purchasing preferences and histories, reviewing the product's feedback and taking the advantages of growth of the social networks (Verma, Sharma & Sheth, 2016).


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