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Organizational culture involves many different details, including customer service, employee benefits, and hiring/termination processes. In this essay, you will further explain the role of organizational culture and its influences.

Within your essay, include the following points:

What are the cultural influences on training and development? Provide two examples.

Discuss the effects of cultural continuity and change on organizational succession planning. Provide two examples.

How do internal and external social media influence organizational culture?

Is social media the most effective way for employees to share knowledge? Explain.

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The discussion is about the organization culture which involves the discussion about the different details which includes the services of the customers and the benefits of the employees as well. It involves the discussion about the cultural influences where the training and performance is important for the management programs that helps in outlining the customer services with receiving and handling the indicators for a better focus on the customer services. 

Discussion on Organization Culture

The training includes the production or the improvement of the products and the services. The encouragement for the managers is to support the training mainly with the major impact on the competitiveness and the success. The support comes with measuring the employee productivity and the performance standards (Bortolotti et al., 2015). The other variables includes the understanding about the accomplishment of a work environment where the greatness can also thrive with focusing on the quality of the organization. The example for the same are the functional orientation with innovative organization for better research and development. The other example is that the training helps in coordination with the resolution of the conflicts with creating the widespread consensus.

The cultural continuity and the change for the organizational succession planning includes the updation and then using the state of art. The companies like Aon, Ford and GE are involved in focusing on the specialization of employees with the units that are important for success. The successful succession plan is for the supporting of the continuity to maintain the value for the shareholders mainly (Helms et al., 2017). The companies tend to sustain the competitive advantage where the organization have the way to recruit and retain the manageable workforce for producing the effective results. The succession planning includes the specification of the job functions which includes the education and job requirements with training programs that needs to be communicated at different positions. It allows the leaders and higher potentials to clearly understand about the current role and what needs to be done for the next level of leadership. 

The internal and the external social media has a major impact on the communication and interactions, where the media is a tool for communication for better social interaction. It helps in working on the web based and the mobile technologies that involves the consumer generated media with participation and openness (Arditi et al., 2017). The use of the same is to help in bringing the attention of the clients and then focus on the perspectives for better products and the services. The recruitment is done for the impact on the workplace with possible advantages that includes the use of the social networking sites with the recruitment of potential employees. 

The social media has been effective for the better interviewing process which helps the employers to filter out for the unqualified candidates. With this, the social recruitment is based on the survey and then understanding the use of the social networking sites for the recruitment process. Some of the people make use of the medium of Facebook, Twitter or the blogs. The social networking sites help the employees to properly work on the alignment with better corporate objectives (Elsbach et al., 2018). 


The internal social networking encourage the people with connecting and properly communicating with each other. The ability is to communicate the issues with the insights and the solutions which could lead to the proper generation of the ideas. The company needs to work on the effective search with the skill sets that are for matching the specific project requirements. The increased risks of the people includes the data and then identifying the theft with the potential consequences at the legal level with potential result in the lost productivity. 

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