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MKT01906 International Tourism Systems Assignment Task - Fact Sheet, Southern Cross University, Australia

Prepare Fact Sheet On LONDON which presents key details about the destination and international tourism. Explaining:

• Number of international visitors and visitor origin.

• The type of accommodation options available at the destination.

• The economic impact on GDP from tourism at the destination?

• Several key tourism attractions at the destination.


Answer - Fact Sheet


London tourism is one of the biggest tourism industries in the world. Each and every year a bulk of tourists come to visit London in order to witness the impressive monuments and to admire another piece of amazement. Reports say the amount of this visitor is approximately 30 million for a year. More interestingly, it is increasing year-on-year, making the UK economy more embellished. This study presents information on the number of International visitors in London, Its impact on GDP of UK, types of accommodation available for the tourists and different tourist attractions.

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Number of international visitors and visitor origin

Every year a great amount of money is invested in the tourism industry by the government and other non-governmental sectors in London (Mowforth and Munt, 2015). As a result of this, the increasing ease of the visit is attracting more tourists in this tourist spot. The visits are not only made by the people of UK. The number of international visitors is also surprising. The reports of tourism industries indicate that in 2015, 35.9 million visitors from Africa have toured in London, 579.6 million visitors from Europe, 39.4 from the Middle East, 293.2 million from Asia and the Pacific region and 199.8 Million visitors from America have visited London (Statista, 2019). Interestingly, the increase in the number of visitors visited in the year 2017 is noticeable. Visit from Africa has been increased to 42.1 million, to 634.6 million from London, to 39.8 million from the Middle East, to 329.8 million from Asia and the Pacific region, to 220.6 million from America (Statista, 2019). It can be predicted that the number of tourists from international origin will increase day by day. The factors which contribute to this matter are the investment of the government, ease of the tour, standard services provided by the tourism agencies and government as well and others.

The type of accommodation options available at the destination

In order to provide good services to tourists, it requires a huge amount of stay-in options as well. There are many hotels with or without meal facilities are available. Here, the hotels and available facilities will be discussed. Pullman London and Saint Pancras is a 4-star hotel closed to King Cross in North London with the facility of the fitness centre (Lamers et al. 2017). Ibis London Euston-Saint Pancras is located next to Euston station with restaurant facilities. Generator Hotel is a pocket-friendly backpacker type hotel with cheap rooms and other facilities. A 5-star hotel Adria Boutique Hotel in the west end near the science museum is in service with the facilities of the sauna, fitness centres, restaurant and more (Shengnan and Nedelea, 2018). Holiday Inn Oxford circus in located for shopping trips near Oxford St and Regent St. Novotel London Tower Bridge is located near the Tower of London attracting for the Tower and others. At the south bank of London, The Premier Inn County Hall Hotel near Waterloo is located for London Eye, National Theatre and other attractions. Therefore, there is a lot of option for staying in London along with the spots nearest to them.


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Several Tourism attractions

The increasing rate of the visit to London reflects the popularity of the places or spots that attract people. Therefore, a discussion about some tourist destinations popular in the country will be contained in this section. These places are considered as some most attractive spots for visiting (, 2019).

Buckingham Palace- This place has an entertaining value as tourists can experience the palace tour including changing of guards and afternoon tea. Tourists can buy tickets and experience this section.

The Tower of London- This historical iconic structure attracts with its fascinating stories along with other lovable highlights like Crown Jewels exhibition, Beefeaters the royal mint and others.

The Victoria and Albert Museum- It include the Natural History Museum and Science Museum. It includes 145 galleries keeping artifacts of around 5000 years along with sculptures, prints, prints and photos (Bramwell and Whally, 2018).

National Gallery- It retains within its European paintings from 1260 until 1920. Apart from these, there is a preliminary sketch of Madonna and Child by Leonardo Da Vinci, The Entombment by Michelangelo and more.

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The economic impact on GDP from a tourist at the destination

Gross Domestic Product is the value of the products produced by the country, which is calculated annually. However, there is a lot of impact of tourism reflected in the GDP of any country. The GDP of the United Kingdom portrays 4.23% of the global economy. Compared to 2017 GDP of the United Kingdom has increased by 1.4% in 2018 (, 2019).


Tourism business in London vastly impacts on the UK GDP. International visitors in London is surprisingly increased from the past years at it has crossed 40 million in recent years. These tourism areas contribute 12% of London's gross economy and give support of 13% in London's placement (Statista, 2019). These contributions come from transport costs, lodging, food service, leisure expenses, shopping etc.

As represented in the graph, in recent years, tourism contributed 93.5 billion US dollars directly to the GDP of UK (Richards, 2018). This includes expenses directly spent by the tourists. Taking the other contributions into account, the total contribution of travel and tourism to the GDP of UK is 266.1 US dollars (Mowforth and Munt, 2015). Visitor exports have added 35.6 US dollars in the GDP. Domestic spending and leisure spending together contributed 303.3 US dollars.

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Travel and tourism have impacted on the annual GDP of UK by covering 12% of its Gross annual economy. Thus, from the discussion above it can be concluded that the booming economy of UK is largely influenced by its travel and tourism business. From 2015 the rate of international visit increased as the years are passing. Especially form the Asia and Pacific region. The government has taken initiative to invest in this business for the purpose of ease of visiting. As a result, it has reflected in the economy of UK and the world as well. Attractive tourist spots, comfortable and easy availability of hotels and restaurants ranging from cheap to luxurious are the causes of this increase in visits.


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