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Fact Sheet of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Assignment Help

Fact sheet about the full details of tourism of Himachal Pradesh (India) past present future

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Tourism is one of the vital revenue-generating domains in India Economy. As of 2018, the total revenue generated in India as per World travel and tourism council exceeded 9.2% of India's GDP. The tourism sector in India is creating jobs more than 42 million which is about 8.2% of the total employment in the country. Every year India witnessing about 1 million of foreign tourists into the country. The world travel and tourism council ranked India as 40th in about 136 countries on a global scale in the tourism competitiveness perspective. Top countries from where foreign tourists used to visit country include Bangladesh from Asia, the United Kingdom from Europe and the United States of America as well. Apart from these countries, there are several other countries, with foreign tourists visiting the country every year. There are numerous world heritage sites as recognized by UNESCO in the country and consistently attracting tourists and rendering them memorable experiences (Sharma, 2017). The government of India is committed to protecting the tourism industry and granting considerable budget for the betterment of the facilities in the tourism sector and for upkeeping the amenities and security of the travelers to bring more and more tourists into the country. The following part of the write-up is about the Himachal Pradesh the key tourist state of the country, the hill state and attracting both the foreign and domestic tourists every year. The following part of the write-up presents the fact sheet of the tourism of Himachal Pradesh with particular focus on the trends from the past, present and for future.

Overview of Himachal Pradesh Tourism industry.

The state of Himachal Pradesh is formed in the year 1971. The total area of the state is about 55000 square kilometers. The location is in the foothills of the western Himalayas and it is about 6500 meters above the sea levels. The series of mountains in the region are grouped into three different areas like the outer Himalayas, central Himalayas and Alpine zone (or greater Himalayas). The vast geo-tropical diversity of the state is attracting a greater number of tourists into the state every year. The major attractions for tourism in the state include snow tapped mountains, the green forests, the red apple orchards. Also, the pollution-free pure air in the region attracts the tourists and makes them visit the place every year. There are several locations which are considered as honeymoon spots for people from all over the world, for example, Shimla, Manali, Chamba, etc are some of the several honeymoon locations in the state (Sood et al., 2017). Adventure sports are also available in the state like river rafting, trekking, ice skating, Paragliding, and skiing are some of the several tourist's attractions for those who seek adventure in the state. There are several religious places like churches, temples, monasteries, rivers, hill stations and architectural masterpieces. Some of the places like Jakhoo hills, the ridge of the lakkar bazaar, St Michael's cathedral, state museum, Mashorba Kufri, fagu, Kulum Chail, Kasauli, Manikaran, Dalhousie are some of the several places finding more tourists inflow every year in the state. Paharpur and Rukkhala are places offering rural culture and heritage exposure to the people visiting the locations (Jreat,2004).

Location and connectivity:

Himachal Pradesh is the hill state located in the northern corner of the country. The country has several scenic beauties which do attract foreign and domestic travelers from all over the world and the country every year. To promote tourism in the state, the government of India promoted HPTDC (Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) which keeps up the tourist attraction in the state. This works on to promote, catalyze and trend set the tourism in the state every year. There is connectivity to Himachal Pradesh on-road and airways from Chandigarh. Further, there is a domestic airway connecting Chandigarh to several international airports like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, etc.

Best times to visit Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal Pradesh is a summer resort, being a hilly location and with coverage of snow all the times, people from different hot countries visit the location. Most commonly tourists do find a place in this state from March to June which are summer months in India and finds Himachalpradesh with full of tourists in these times.

Factual Review

Facts from the past:

Before the times of the British, Himachal Pradesh does have tourists visit but they are mostly limited to the locations like the hills and some spiritual destinations in the state. The key changes made by the British include development of the hill stations to attract the number of tourists. Shimla the summer capital of India is developed during the times of the British and it is instrumental in attracting the tourists from the recent past. During the mid-80s and 90s Himachal Pradesh is the state with the maximum number of tourist visits in the country. Dharmashala since the past times is the major spiritual attraction and the Ridge is the major cultural attraction in the state (Bansal et al., 2018).


Himachal Pradesh is booming tourism industry is sustaining the economic growth in several rural locations of the states at present. There are several state-sponsored festivals and fairs taking up hallmark events for tourism promotion in the state at present. Once Himachal Pradesh is known only as summer capital of the country and now that barrier is removed and the state is made as destination for all tourists, for all seasons and for all reasons at present, there is considerable infrastructure development from the times of the British and this contributing to the increase in the tourist visits to the state from year after year (Gupta and Bansal, 1998).


There are few areas of significance identified by the tourism development council in the state. Like the safety of the tourists need to be considered for better planning, measures are being taken for risk avoidance and several attempts are being made to improve the safety of the tourists in the location. There are plans underway to improve the infrastructure in the state like railway lines, air transport, communication networks, etc. The key objective of all these concerns is to promote tourism in the state further. There are also other concerns like promotion of eco-tourism gaining grounds and more and more arrangements are being made to make the state as one of the key hubs for the promoting of eco-tourism (Kotoch, 2016). Eco-tourism will work on to improve the local community's empowerment and also will for improving the socio-economic and political conditions as well (Nag, 2018). Preserving environmental and ecological resources, linking the tourism with the agro-production lines, developing more season independent tourist attraction spots, the institutionalization of tourism, developing sustainable tourism promotion agencies are some of the immediate future objectives in the state.


Rights form the times immemorial; Himachal Pradesh is a tourist attraction in the country. Till the times of the British, only a few sacred locations are allowed for visitors. Later the state opened up several locations and made also the tourism season independent. As of now, the state government is making several intense steps to promote infrastructure, eco-tourism, sustainable culture, and economic promotion through tourism, etc. There is a considerable hike in the revenues generated from Himachalpradesh tourism industries at present and is still growing too.

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