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COMP 30005 Communication Server Administration - Middle East College


Objectives: Students are encouraged to work with enterprise mobility in terms of communication, organization and technology.

Learning Outcome 1: Discuss issues affecting enterprise mobility in terms of communication, organization and technology.
Learning Outcome 2: Evaluate technologies to support enterprise mobility within an organization.

Based on analyzing research studies, The student needs to prepare a report summarizing the key concepts on published research papers with literature.




Analysis Enterprises Mobility is a platform on which offers worker to operate work remotely with the help of devices like phones, Tabs, Laptops and so on. It is used for commercial purpose as well in order to share data from one company to another or with clients.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) and different advancements have risen to support IT divisions empower versatile specialists and to minimize the risk of security. A solid satisfactory policy which is utilized for the worker would be more effective for the betterment of mobility tactic.

Nowadays the concept of Enterprise mobility is on great demand. Employees are provided with the choice of working and it proves to be more flexible for them and due to this job satisfaction advantage of mobility, there is an increase in productivity. And this is only the reason that much organization finds it more beneficial for the production and development of their company.
During the old days, there were only mobile devices which were only useful for personal use or for personal information management like emails and so on.


EMS coordinates Personality and Access the executives Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application (MAM) arrangements with security answers for data insurance and danger the board. In today world workspace where versatility and Bring-your-own-gadget (BYOD) circumstances increase expanding hugeness, Undertaking Portability + Security can help IT heads to address the difficulties that exist between the most ideal client experience and efficiency and an abnormal state of security, information insurance, and risk management (John R. Freer.2018).

This management allows user for the login on one or more than one application in addition to cloud apps, mobile, and desktop by using identification.

Many companies have shifted. They depend upon the services and operation which are provided to the customers.

Enterprises mobility is all about the development of technology of mobile that how one can communicate by mobile and other web technologies.

Nowadays Very rare employees demand to work completely on mobile generally they are ready to get their work done from anywhere no matter where they are.

We can say in short that this concept of Enterprises Mobility is very effective in all-purpose like give better services to the customers and a good chance to spread out business on a large scale. It can help for security purpose, productivity, and performance.

Securing of data is a very big challenge as in business whether it is small or big doesn't matter exchange of data of different companies is on daily which is very confidential data. Data like information about sales, about employees' detail, about productivity, economic data and so on. These data are stored on the device of the employee whoever is working on it. So it is very dangerous and risky to handle and take care of it (Matt Kapko. 2017).

To overcome this issue BYOD is very effective and helpful in security purpose, but still, if it would not work properly then also there is a chance of losing data as well as loss in company's performance.

Enterprises mobility would be a beneficial feature which includes the partition of official and personal work and it secures data by using VPN technology to keep data confidential only.


Utilization of apps is in boom today. One can easily find and research by one app only what he or she wants to, either it is for travelling purpose or to watch a movie or to eat something. If anyone is hungry and wants to eat something can easily find food for them with all details like price, address, payment option and so on. Due to this business are developing rapidly day by day.
So mobile had made a life of common man very easy and flexible. And due to this reason, the only relation between man and mobile is becoming much stronger day by day.

Improved Productivity

Use of mobile apps helps in the improvement of productivity in business. It improves the accurateness of data and helps the user to gather information like images, address, time period.

It also helps to maintain records with accuracy on time. So in this way, it helps to organize and explore any work perfectly with less error.

Improved Communications
To give a proper assessment to the customer many companies has to provide customer service especially it will need an employee to take proper access to data of the company to assist the customer properly. So this issue can also be replaced by mobile app facilities (IT Services.2018).
For example, if we have to book tickets for traveling with all stuff like hotels room booking, table booking, and many more things, we don't have to move anywhere we can easily find these all things through app only we can book tickets online without any physical efforts.
Another example is, a medical clinic can utilize a portable application to change a crisis room into an ICU room by inspecting and submitting subtleties like bedside documentation, request passage, picture catch, and recovery. The application enables the patients and relatives to find out about the hardware in the room, pose an inquiry to the staff and check insights regarding the specialist.

Availability in portable applications and sensors offer an astonishing deceivability in status and soundness of gear. Web of Things and Versatility drives an extreme change for an assembling unit by helping them with innovative production network following frameworks and prognostic support. The assembling unit's proprietor permits plant director to enter the information of generation, educate them convenient about hardware, information representation, and line proficiency at a less expensive expense than customary desk work (Ravi Jasti.2017). For example, a vehicle fabricating unit can create brilliant generation process by encouraging complete contributions of IoT. The plant chief can utilize sensors to recognize constant creation botch in the generation plant. Also, the use of portability alongside IoT guides producers in decreasing work diminishing piece rates and improving the investigating capacities. Along these lines, the organization can drop down the expense of creation.

Since you know about the few advantages of big business portability the board, how about we take a gander at most recent venture versatility patterns to realize for what reason is it fundamental for your business:


Issues and challenges
The organization is using BYOD culture at their workplace as it has good potential to get work done by an employee from anywhere, location doesn't matter. One can easily operate work without any extra charges or efforts (limedea.2019).

Total seven threats are there of enterprise mobility lets look at this.
Challenges with security -various risks such as malware intrusion, data breaches and attacks related to ransomware have been faced by the organizations due to weak security protocols.
Enterprise system integration
Information soils can be generated due to failing in integrating the complex by the enterprise system.
Development of Apps
In many organizations, high-end app development which is responsible for improving efficiency is the major problem.
User experiences
End to end user experience needs to offer by the Enterprise Mobility.
Encryption system and multi-user authentication is the solution which must be adopted by the Enterprise system.
Enterprise mobility app must adopt cloud services integration for better security services and fast data handling.
Developers must prepare a plan for developing h8gh security apps to increase efficiency.

Information Leakage
Use of the mobile app can also lead to data loss or data hacking. When any user downloads the app in that app there is a possibility of data hacking. These apps are kind of free apps.
Unfriendly enterprise- signed mobile is also the reason behind data leakage. There is an option of app permission on each cellular device so in order to avoid this leakage problem one can use this option by enabling it (limedea.2019.)

Unsecured Connectivity
Many of the people are unaware of WI-FI networks are usually unsecured. No one wants to lose their cellular data if the wi-fi network is available. So it is safe to use wireless data up to personal use don't use it on an official level like credit card information or banking etc.

Many time in public areas like CCD's, the airport there is free WI-FI network. These networks sometimes allow a user to login with a credential, many time some people are habitual of using the same credential for every site this makes easy to capture credential for any hacker. So it is good to create a unique credential for each and every login sites to avoid this type of hacking. As well as keep your personal information also secured don't share it to anyone it is very risky.

Sometimes many sites have some extra links by clicking on that link your page get diverted to some another page so this creates an issue for us and cyber attackers get a chance to attack our personal data like email id, password, credit info, and many other credentials. So always keep trying to avoid these sorts of links. Many times some files or we can say attachments on site or emails are also infected, if we try to open these files our data also get infected by this. So it is always better to keep updated or educated our self regarding this issue and how to recognize which links, attachment or images are good and which are bad.To be on the safer side always enter URLs manually as possible.

It is the type of unwanted software due to which our computer gets infiltrate. It gathers information about a person without his permission. It can collect any sort of data in addition to personal information. Hence to eliminate this problem or to avoid the collection of data, download antivirus or malware detector before they could collect it.

6) Broken Cryptography
Encryption algorithms are also very important to point, if the app developer has used weak encryption algorithms then there are more chances to break those algorithms attackers can easily crack passwords and achieve access. Using highly secured algorithms it can restrict the attackers from cracking a password.

7) Improper Session Handling

To encourage simple entry for Big business Portability exchanges, numerous applications utilize "tokens," which enable clients to play out various activities without being compelled to re-confirm their character. Like passwords, they're created by applications as an approach to distinguish gadgets. Secure applications produce new tokens with each entrance endeavor, or "session," and ought to stay secret. As indicated by The Open Web Application Security Venture, ill-advised session dealing with happens when applications inadvertently share session tokens with pernicious entertainers, enabling them to imitate authentic clients.


Day by day necessity of Enterprise mobility is on demand as it is very beneficial in business productivity, in addition, gives security, and helps an employee to stay productive without any other charges.

Gadgets and applications have changed the manner in which we fill in as well as are pushing organizations to adjust their current methodologies to present oversaw versatility. In the event that you have been mulling over a similar taking a gander at the venture portability patterns, at that point let us take you through a couple of favourable circumstances of adjusted endeavour versatility the executives:
• It lowers down the cost.
• An employee feels flexibility in work due to this there is a great improvement in productivity.
• It is also very helpful for workers who are on fieldwork it is easy for them to do work.
• Employees can easily interact with the customer about the deal and their doubts regarding deals.
• Increase in service quality.


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