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In this assignment, you will explore how diffusion of responsibility is exhibited in a real-world setting. To conduct this demonstration, when you are at work, on campus, or in some other public situation, act as if you need help with some minor problem. For example, you can look around confusedly while looking at your phone or drop something that will scatter a bit. Choose something innocuous and harmless to yourself. Do this a couple of times: once when there are several people present and once when there are only one or two people around.

After you complete these actions, write down your notes right away. Using your notes, compose an essay addressing the following points.

1. Describe what you did and how it indicated a need for help to others.

2. Explain the behavioral response to the situation when many people were present and when only a few people were present, including any differences between the two conditions.

3. Discuss whether the response you received fit with the textbook's discussion of the bystander effect. If your demonstration did not work out, explain why you think it might not have.

4. Describe a behavior that may elicit an aggressive, rather than a helping, response. Discuss whether you think the likelihood of an aggressive response would differ when many versus few people were present. Compare this pattern of aggressive responses to helping responses.

5. Draw on research from other resource to support your answers.

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1. While travelling to work, I acted as if I was fainting and sat down in the provided benches. The bus stop was more or less crowded with about 7-10 people. Like all other days, I walked straight to the bus stop and stood there waiting for the bus. I saw my familiar faces waiting for the bus as well. In sometimes, I acted as if I was fainting and I could hold myself therefore I would the need the help of others. I was fine, I did not harm myself, and I kept on observing the behavior of the people present in the bus stop.

2. As I mentioned earlier, about some 8-10 people were present in the bus stop and everybody saw me fainting but the response of the people differed. I observed that out of those 10 people about 2 people came forward and gave there helping hand to me while few stood there baffled and rest were ignorant. The people who came forward for help had compassion and concern in their approach and they asked me where I am heading to and do I need any medical help or how I am feeling and they help me have some water. Maximum people stood there either inquisitive or ignorant and did not come forward for help.

3. This social experiment helped me to comprehend the matter of bystander effect to a great extent. The behavior of the people clearly underpinned the matter of this social psychology where people are mostly inclined to avoid the situation and get away from it. I assume that the people who did not come forward to help me did not want to get involved in any kind of trouble. They must have presumed that I could have a heart attack or something and if it gets severe then police would get involved. Therefore anticipating the consequences, they refrained themselves from helping me. This perfectly explained the notion of bystander effect to me.

4. I am not particular sure but as per my understanding in the situation where I acted that I am fainting and need help, if I acted a little more fragile I believe there might have been chances of some people groping me or assault me or show some other aggressive behavior. Another reason for which I did not encounter any aggressive behavior is that that there were many people present in that situation. About 10 people were present in the bus stop, which reduced the propensity of any aggressive behavior. As per my understanding, an individual with aggression has lot of rage in their eyes and demeanor. They have a kind of irritated behavior and do not have any empathy towards people. On the other hand, people with helping response are inclined to show care and concern for others. They are inclined to come forward and check everything is ok with the person.

5. It has been further learnt that aggressive behavior refers to the rude and violent demeanor of individuals. As compared to aggressive behavior, people who have helpful demeanor are inclined to be or soft and have a sense of empathy in them. They have a compassionate behavior as compared to the aggressive behavior, whohas an enraging attitude (Restubog, Zagenczyk, Bordia, Bordia & Chapman,  2015). Moreover, aggressive individuals have a hostile behavior which is absent in case of helpful individuals. People who are aggressive are more inclined in finding the weakness of the people and hitting them there, however the helpful people are more likely to help people overcome their weaknesses (Berkowitz, 2017). 

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