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Contemporary Workforce Characteristics Assignment Help

What are the top three characteristics of today` s workforce? Describe how they influence HRM?

Discussion: Workforce and Changing characteristics

(i) Today's workforce is very much different from what it used to be before. The workforce classifications which do not exist before can be seen at present. A bunch of talent almost one third of the today's workforce is available in the form of contractors, freelancers and the part-time workers. The talent of this group of workers is no way inferior to the main stream workers and they do have the opportunity to enjoy their freedom to pursue their passion. Freelancers can be seen in even in the top notch companies for example Google, TCS etc at present (Horowitzm2015).

(ii) Today's work force is mostly self managing, they do not like micro managing by the leaders and autonomy and freedom to work. They have the necessary skills and tools to get work done by themselves, they are result oriented and does not need someone to monitor at each micro element of the task progression as it used to be before. They don't like the managers to look over their shoulder. This is not considered positive; rather they are feeling it nervous and disengaging too. Google is again example for letting its employee's work self managed. This is contributing both for reduction of the overall overheads as well contributing to better outcomes for the company (Espinoza and Ukleja, 2016).

(iii) Today's work force (As indicated by more than 77% of the today's workforce of millennial population), there is passion towards flexible working. They fell that flexible working hours will enhance their productivity (kavanagh,2017). Rather than taking an off at the end of the work week, they do like to have an off in the middle of the week. This indicates a changed trend towards a flexible schedule for work. Upwork and Thumbtack are some of the companies highly reputed for flexwork policies.

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