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Assessment - Case Study Proposal

Task - Select an event for evaluation. The event must be either cultural, sporting, or business. The event must be held after April 26th and before May 20th.

Describe the event - type of event, name, date, conducting organisation, its program, location, duration, the intended audience for the event - numbers, demographics. Describe the purpose, aims and objectives of the event in measurable terms. Discuss the possible impacts the event will have on the local community in which it is being held - economic, social and environmental.


Answer - REPORT


The report talks about the event happening in Sydney from 25th to 28th April, 2019. The event is planned to have greatest amount of vibe with affordable prices and fun festival. It's a three days festival and situated near Wisemans Ferry which an hour to two hours away from Sydney (Begg, 2011). There will be some great performance which are clustered around camping scenario with history of Settlers Arms pub situation on the river. It consists of different musical act, food stalls, crafts and good workshops in addition to campsites and fun activities for the children.


Describe the event

The event has an outdoor stage, the Settlers Arms Inn is considered as one of the oldest pubs, is considered as the spot for varied families, with different famous musicians performing in beer garden as well as toddlers. They can be chased by pet animals like chicken and peacock that will roam free on the grounds of the pub (Garland, 2018). The target of the event is to maintain the overall energy of the festival is considered as the first felt, right before getting into different adjoining with main site of the festival.

The program

The festival will have activities for children, diverse level of food stalls and considered as very interesting, with art and craft, cloths stall and many more. But, right before the village is becoming a busy zone for party, the event starts with a crucial riverside event. The mark of "Welcome to Country" is based on respect and an option to appreciate the past and continuous association with domestic indigenous people along with the land. The respect for the people of Darkinjung as well as the land is appreciated, the domestic indigenous performers that initiate the event with a ceremony based on dance, storytelling and song all around fire after the sun sets (Gibson and Connell, 2011).

There is an additional sense of some level of camaraderie that exist between festival folk music as well as the performers developing an all-round happy experience from the festival. At the same time, the festival shows in the current time with remarkable level of interstate as well as domestic or local level of folk performers. It further grabs a combination of conventional, historic and modern level of storytelling which is cheerful by nature and yet bring some amount of peace in a most heartfelt manner.



The festival is located in St. Albans village which is about one hour away from Sydney towards Gosford. It is two and half hours away from Newcastle, is the perfect or ideal form of establishments for the St. Albans Folk Festival. From the time of Anzac Day which is considered as a public holiday happening on Thursday between the dates of 25th to 28th April, the four-day festival. The event is considered as easy going as well as extremely affordable and fun festival showcasing domestic as well as interstate level of performers, musicians as well as songwriters (Harris, 2018).

The intended audience for the event-numbers, demographics

The village will come completely alive at the time of festival with diversity and range of conventional and modern level of sound, since musicians are taking part in so many impromptu street performances in a more relaxed and convivial manner. People will get to enjoy to sound of various instruments like banjos, fiddles, guitar or acoustic guitars and voices for singing that can echo all across the valley (Jones, 2015). At the same time, festival folk related saunter with the help of village, the landscape can become a complete kaleidoscope of different colours. The important stage areas are part of the buzz of ever happy sounds since performance can shine further.

Conducting organization

The conducting organisation is Hawkesbury City Council, Ducks Crossing Public

Describe the purpose, aims and objectives of the event in measurable terms

The audience must expect a fair service of Bush, Celtic, Bluegrass, Blues, Conventional as well as Contemporary music along with poetry and many more. In addition, it comes with a splash of comedy which is thrown in for measure of food. This time, there will be Bollywood music and dance as well happening on the night of Friday and the routine bush dance which is happening on the night of Saturday. The event will maintain an intimate environment and further make it easy and extremely enjoyable, with a festival which is family friendly by nature where people can join or relax as well as embrace folklore related festival and it is considered as best options (Piazzi and Harris, 2016).


Discuss the possible impacts the event will have on the local community.

Following will be the possible impacts:

1. Environment sustainability: in completely sustainable environment, decisions must be made that should promote high level of equilibrium within the natural structure and look out to motivate positive development. There is unnecessary kind of disturbance for the environment that can be ignored whenever it is possible. This event will make sure that when there is some kind of disturbance, it must be immensely mitigated to the high practice-based level (Shirley, 2016). When decisions are formed, one kind of discussion must always be on the environmental outcomes.

2. Economic sustainability: same as environmental sustainability, the concept of economic sustainability consists of developing economic level of value structure on whatever project that are undertaken. Economic level of sustainability actually means that decisions are form in highly equitable and fiscally methods that are possible while basing it on many other features of sustainability (Thurnell-Read, 2016). In this case, the organizers ensured that there are long-term advantages for the village.

3. Social sustainability: this concept is related to the concept that a decision in the event actually promote the benefit of the society. Generally, the upcoming generation must have the same quality of life advantages as the present generations do.

The process evaluating event organization's success

Conventional folk music normally related with folklore which has been around from so many years, but, the word folk music is becoming immensely popular at the time of 1800s. In the most conventional manner, the music which is able to connect with varied families and societies via the process of storytelling that is immensely rich in culture as well as music and can be passed on from one form of generation to another one where music is transmitted in oral manner (Wagg, 2019).

Event's impacts on the host community

Australia's folk form of music growth start at the time with early time of colony time, with unique themes of life in Australian land which is becoming well-known as bush music and most probably most wide called is a part of Waltzing Matilda from Banjo Paterson.


This time, the diverse selection of performance can be delighted for all kind of music lovers. The complete line-up consists of more than fifty acts, which is based on the Shane Howard Trio, who will ensure to keep the audience on the very edge of the seat while when they wait to listen the anthemic kind of rock. Bands like Senor Cabrales, Chloe and Jason Roweth Band, The Dead Maggies, Traditional Gradditi along with The Trippy Hippy Band are some of the bands that are actually performing (Weir, 2017).


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