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CRJ 308 Psychology of Criminal Behavior

This course deals with criminal behaviour, particularly their thoughts, intentions, views, actions, and reactions. The learner is taught and trained on effective strategies they can use to sneak into the criminal's mind and discover what their plans are. This knowledge is crucial in detecting, deterring and preventing crime. The student is required to explore certain truths, half-truths, and lies about criminal behaviour such as its link to substance abuse. They should be able to demonstrate this and more in their CRJ 308 Psychology of Criminal Behavior assignments. However, not all students find this assignment to be an easy task. CRJ 308 Psychology of Criminal Behavior is holding total 3 Credits.  Introduction to the Psychology of Criminal Behavior explains an overview of the intersection of psychology & the criminal justice system. The biopsychosocial factors that may influence criminal behavior are explored such as aggression, mental health disorders, psychopathy, & brain dysfunction. At last, appropriate psychological interventions are explored to explain the best course of action for predicting & treating criminal behavior in both juveniles / adults.

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