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Health Care Services


A multi-storey bank building, with several tenants, is discovered to have sprayed asbestos in the ceiling-space. List, and briefly discuss, the main issues to be considered in deciding whether the asbestos should be removed.


When there is a sudden case of the Asbestos, there would be related to how people would be able to suffer due to the how one can suffer asbestos-related and the causes from the major health problems thereon when they are exposed to the substance which would happen due to the prolong long periods of time. Even if it is sprayed on some parts, still when it is asbestos is sprayed that it can cause the people residing in the department to bear the consequences of it. It also causes the exposure due to the materials in one own home to deteriorate over time, and it would also be becoming disturbed or damaged even when the asbestos fibers which would be released with time in the air. This also causes the material that would be bound with the staying power and can cause the fibers to stay around which would be covering the entire house for years. Due to the Asbestos, it would also cause the fibers - that are especially part of the small, invisible variety that can with time cause damage to the lungs breathed.

As a consequence of it, the fibers that would also be building inside the lungs and it may also cause prolonged damage due to the lung cancer and the people would also be facing a consequence due to the mesothelioma. It would also cause cancer of the lung along with the damage internally in the form of the abdominal cavity lining. Due to the Asbestos, it would also cause high damage due to the health risk and it may further deteriorate the medical condition called as the Asbestosis that may arise with the given condition of the permanent scarring and causing damage to the lung tissue. It would also be causing scars that would be proved deadly over time.

It would also cause a number of places asbestos that would be available happen with the condition of the magnesium silicate, and it would also be caused due to the mined and condition of the manufacturing, It would be evidence that would cause a significant asbestos that would be duly be separated with the single fibers and it would be progressively be emitted due to the products as a flame retardant along with the ability that can also cause an insulation. The asbestos can also be released from the paint, insulation, fibreboard along with the siding and it would also cause with the soundproofing tiles and it would be dependent on the roof shingles, floor tile and it would cause damage due to the cement which would be included due to the asbestos

Steps to remove Asbestos would be to contact the EPA, and it would be contacted on the basis of the opt not and would also be based on the asbestos materials removed, and it should be able to seal or cover them. Through the process of the sealing which would make the created products by the process of covering it and also wrapping it within the closed room. The professional contractor would be contacted to remove, seal, covering and it would be important that EPA- or OSHA-certified mask. It would be using the powerful vacuum that would be used on the basis to clean up and also be able to sweep excess materials (Metcalf, 2018).


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