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Milestone Four: Workplace Analysis Assignment Help

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This discussion intends to provide information on the essential organisational issues that might be encountered by an individual. This discussion would also cover the essential factors that provoke the creation of organisational discrepancies. 

Discussion of Critical Elements

a) Explain actual workplace organizational issues drawing from your own experience.

From the kind of work experience that has being attained, it was being identified that certain organizational issues have the tendency to impact the mentality of majority of the people and make sure that substantial amount of attention has been acquired for the beneficiary understanding of various solutions. From the understanding of Engstrom Auto Mirrors it has been conveniently understood that a proper relationship with the management of an organisation leads to an enhanced amount of productivity and profitability. An organisation would be able to deliver the promises that has been made only when there would be a possibility of mutual respect and a proper knowledge of each other’s situation (Clarke&Mahadi, 2017). Another major issue that could be witnessed in an organisation is the lack of employee motivation and that they would be able to maintain a proper systematic structure of the situation. In addition, there has also been some instances when the management individuals have not provided enough amount of attention to the kind of work that has been done by various individuals and have mainly shifted their focus towards the one who are being favoured. These are some of the reasons why Engstrom failed to fulfil the expectations of their clients. 

Thus, it is evident that some of the greatest concerns comprise of the lack of mutual respect among people, the partiality that is being shown to the people and the lack of persistency in maintaining a proper workplace culture that draws positivity. An organisation must eradicate these issues to function better with prominence and proper structure (Andriof et al., 2017). 

b) Analyse root causes from a human behaviour perspective and validate the analysis with supportive research evidence.

According to Peerally et al., (2017), there is always a root cause behind the existence of a problem and it is essential for an organisation to find that root cause and eradicate that issue permanently. In the earlier section, some of the essential problems that have been identified are the ones that have derived from the behavioural issues of an individual. The behavioural aspect of an individual plays a major role in making sure that relevant amount of consideration has been taken in benefiting the organisation and in building a mutual, yet effective relationship among various individuals. In order to solve situations like this, it is mandatory viable considerations have been undertaken about the situations that the organisation is going through and determining the gravity of it. Engstrom is going through a tough phase due to the lack of consideration among the employees. The point of jealousy or the idea that one employee is being favoured over the other and the ability that there has been subsequent amount of changes in the perception led to the understanding that it is mainly the bad management that impacts the behaviour of one employee, which in turn affects the entire dynamics of the organisation (Hill& Alexander, 2017).

For instance, in the situation of Engstrom, it has been identified that the management does not functions in an appropriate manner, which eventually resulted in decreasing morale of the employees. Further, it toned them down into working with excitement because of the negativity perceived and encouraged by the senior management. Thus, it is evident that the root causes of an organisation eventually result from the side of the human behaviour. Eventually, it has been proved that the perception and the behaviour of the people plays an essential role in enhancing a positive workplace culture. 

c) Examine the impact of poorly aligned and administrated human behaviour theories and concepts.

From the case study provided, it is clear that the current situation of Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant is the resulting effect of their inability to understand the significance of employee motivation and the lack provision in providing them with a sense of security. The management needs to fulfil some of the basic needs of the individuals, that positively affects the quality and productivity of the organisation (Fiske, 2018). The behaviour showcased by the organisation mainly focused on substantial amount of negativity for the employees and not encouraging the proper idea of mutual respect from one another. The case study provided led to the understanding that their reputation is at stake due to their lack of concern during the time of manufacturing or maintaining the proper deadlines of the work. The company has been highly insufficient in making sure that they are able to deliver their tasks within their allocated time. Also, it is definitive that the organisation failed to comply with the standards that had been presented by their clients. 

Also, it has been considered that the rising state of mismanagement in the organisation has made sure that employees are being denied of subsequent amount of facilities and have not been able to provide enough focus on the work that is being done. At the same time, the management of the organisation has also failed in paying attention to the situation of their employees and the downfalls of their product as well. Also, the organisation has failed in the implementation of a proper incentive plan that would enhance the motivation of the employees for better productivity and profitability.


The discussion provided above focused on the organisation named Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant. The discussion led to the subsequent knowledge of the idea that it had been going through various obstacles. Some of the prominent reasons behind these issues comprise of the organisation’s inability to motivate the employees and their lack of understanding regarding the promotion of positive behaviour. 

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