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MNG91002 Entrepreneurship, Southern Cross University, Australia


Executive Summary: In the given paper we would be discussing the major traits or characteristics that are related to the social entrepreneur As the Bas van Abel would be able to also be running the related social enterprise called as a Fairphone. From the major discussion and the characteristics it would be able to describe how the social entrepreneur would also be created that can enable the ability to search and also be able to describe per the innovative solutions that would be able to describe how the differently enabled proves of the gain profit. It would also be dependent on the characteristics per the entrepreneur Van Abel. this has described how it would also impact the observed desires and the related aims that can also help in creating the ethical smartphone, which would not be subjective to the resources.

Introduction: From the given primary purpose of the paper, we need to elevate the identified traits and characteristics which would be subjective to the Bas van Abel that can also ensure concrete steps for the implementing part of the Fairphone. This would be readily be discussed per the process of developing along with the implementing plans per the subjective of the business model. this is to the great extent that would enable how the Fairphone would be able to determine the relation to the entrepreneurial characteristics along with the given traits. As we are able to determine the entrepreneurship is in reference to the person that can even describe how it would be able to execute a related venture that would be able to describe the considerable amount related to the risk along with the given potential of the profit desire.

It is important that the Van Abel would also be facing the various challenges, that would have resulted in the successful creation of the selling smartphones that can also include several people globally. Through this paper, we would be relating to the discussed challenges or boundaries that can be faced per the social entrepreneurs who would be streamlining with the social enterprise (Akemu, 2016).

Question 1: Give examples of entrepreneurial traits; explain these traits using sound academic references; explain how these traits are linked to Bas can Abel, a key figure in the case study.

Answer: Analysis and related to the Entrepreneur traits/characteristics: In the given case, as the industrial engineer named as aBas van Abel, who had a public relations expert named as a Peter van der Mark, which would be able to describe it as a fair phone which can also essentially be able to also indulge in the ability that can also help in tackling the dynamics per the mobile phone industry (Akemu, 2016). Upon the basic idea originating to the plan, it would be able to produce an ethically manufactured smartphone that can also include the ethical modular smartphone globally. This would also be subjective to the characteristics that can also allow observing with respect to the passionate desire of letting the exploitation of mineral that can relate to the various smartphone organizations. As per the social entrepreneur along with the creating an ethical smartphone that focuses on the primarily on the Mark and Abel that can also allow indulging in the awareness-raising campaign. This was done subjectively per the campaign, which can help to explain the relationship and in relation to the conflict per the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). it would also include the minerals for smartphones. It would be called and named as a campaign with the name of ‘Fairphone.'

Essentially, it would also be aimed to launch with the particular campaign starting from September 2009, that would not be related to the Bas nor Peter that would also be related to the commercial product. It also created a difference with the essential resources that can also tackle the management of the campaign as a part of the smartphone.

It was projected to also aim for the pre-sell that can categorically also help in the 5,000 fair smartphones. With this, it had also integrated the rule of the strategy from the lens of the social entrepreneur Van Abel that can be obliged to be proved as a successful, as since Nov 2013, it had been able to sell 25,000 smartphones for a price of the 325 Euros each. Essentially it reflects about the employees of Fairphone that could essentially also help to the sell of the 25,000 fair smartphones that would be catering to the 32 countries by February 2014 (Akemu, 2015). It clearly shows how as a robust social entrepreneur Van Abel who could have faced the task of the challenges and implementation due to the unique strategy inbuilt as a result of the staff members.


Question 2: Outline the three major boundaries or challenges related to the social entrepreneurship movement or running a social enterprise generally, supported by academic research using references.

Answer: Major Boundaries or Challenges in Social Entrepreneurship: To understand the relevance of the Social entrepreneurship it can be related to the form of entrepreneurship which would help to also determine the utilizing and the related sources which can also bring out the efficiency with respect to the bringing a positive change in the given society (Biedenkopf, 2019). This would not be subjective to the charities but organizations such as the Fairphone and individuals called as a Peter van der Mark along with the Bas van Abel would be also relatively related to the social entrepreneurship that could have also be able to relate to the self-sustaining business model. With this, it has also consequently done and related to the creates various boundaries or challenges that would be with respect to the intention of the running with the social entrepreneurship it would be consecutively to relate to three prospective elements.

Measuring the impact: It is important to evaluate how it would be related to the social benefits and improvements that can also help to determine the need for the measurable, quantifiable or tangible (Kimmitt, 2018). This can consecutively also provide a critical relation to the particular intervention. This would be subjective to sufficient social value. It would be a profitable adaption of the social enterprise that can aim for its social mission. this would be subjective tot he generated profitable social ventures and through the lens of the financial profits that would be uncorrelated. It would also be a degree of the relation dependent on the enterprising of such factors. that can help to determine the social return, total wealth along with the blend of the value and with the triple bottom line and double bottom line with respect to the investment (Markman, 2016).

Funding: It would be per the prototype that can also indulge in the accepted part of the local museum. It would be able to create a Fairphone part of the non-profit organization which was focused on the launching of the campaign causing related reasons to have a raised awareness that can also significantly allow to bring out the related supply chain for electronic devices.

As determined from the perspective from the mid-2013, the entrepreneur was the Van Abel who along with the six staff members were focusing on the crowdfunding campaign that can also cater to the website.

Implementation issues: As a matter of the fact, it has also resulted in the campaign that could have potentially been also being causing momentum customers that can also question as to determine of how could it be related to the purchase of the Fairphone(Muñoz, 2018). Due to this, it has also allowed to bring unexpected along with the subsequent part of the huge demand when determining the launch of Fairphone in 2013. It was referred to as a cool social enterprise. With the thoughts shared from the Bas van Abel that can be obliged per the role of CEO or founder as an apart of the organization which would also refer to it to be a cool phone which can provide an essential part of the to human values. Still, Abel was constantly facing a turbulence resulting as a social entrepreneur that would help to essentially also help in the social enterprises for example as a no mobile phone prototype or even relating to the limited working capital, that can also help due to the lack of the of experienced staff along with also including the relative solid customer base.


Conclusion: Through this paper, we would be briefly be evaluating how the challenges or boundaries can be consequently be faced as a social entrepreneur that can also essentially work per executing a business. This would be in relation to the three major challenges that can consequently be considered as a social enterprise. It would be subjective to the fact which can help to also overcome per the challenges that can also result in the implementation of the successful business strategy and also related to the gain profits (Muñoz, 2018). It would help to also indulge in the overcoming which can result in the challenges that can consequently also be subjective to the entrepreneur to achieve organizational goals. This would be effective with the help of the staff members, that can be with respect to the initiated a campaign that would relate with raising the awareness it would consequently relate to the use of an ethical smartphone.

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