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Borderline Personality Disorder Assignment Help

Jacob is a 24 year-old Caucasian male currently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. He reports experiencing great difficulty regulating his emotions and mood. He describes his behavior as “impulsive” and “easily angered.” As a result he frequently has issues in his relationships with others, over time they stop interacting with him because they find his behaviors too intense or “over the top” to cope with. Jacob reports often “flipping out” on people for relatively minor things because his emotions “get the better of him.” These behaviors also affect him professionally. Jacob is frequently fired from jobs as a result of his outbursts. When this happens he becomes depressed and often won’t leave his bed for a lengthy period of time. Jacob comes to you seeking an explanation for what is happening to him during these emotion and mood episodes as well as advice on how to stop behaving this way. Incorporating information from the textbook readings, video, and article address the following in your assignment: The relationship between Jacob’s emotion and his motivation Emotion causes and endings Affect Cognitive flexibility Emotion regulation Use the above list of course concepts to provide Jacob with an explanation of why some of his difficulties with moods and emotions may be occurring. Offer Jacob at least three strategies for better managing/regulating his emotions and moods. 

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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a form of mental illness in which the patient suffers from wild mood swings, impulsive behaviour, anger outbursts, additional behaviour, and chronic abandonment fears (Gunderson et al., 2018). In the given scenario, Jacob, a 24-year-old male is suffering from BPD. According to research articles, BPD patients should be educated about the requisite BPD related diagnosis and treatment procedures. 

In order to manage the emotions and moods, Jacob should follow certain strategies. Firstly, Jacob should check whether the induced feeling is warranted is being triggered. In short, he should identify whether the feeling inside him is internal or external (caused by others). If the feeling is external, then it is recommended to digest the feeling and try to understand other people's emotions instead of suddenly reacting. Getting in touch with self-feelings will help him to manage the situation in a calm manner and the motions can be used as a tool for self-understanding. Setting limits to others will help him in getting less emotionally affected by other’s problems and this strategy is helpful with reference to control feeling related reactiveness (Scalzo et al., 2018). Furthermore, he should face the problem which makes him unhappy, as it will help to sort his life out. 

Secondly, Jacob should ever give up if the goals are not achieved immediately. He should share his goals and objectives with others, especially parents. The involvement of family members will boost up his confidence and keep him motivated. It is recommended that, Jacob should aim to become a solution-oriented rather than problem saturated. It is because a positive individual will attract positive things towards him. Lastly, self-help education is important for Jacob as he should practice the skill of coping with his emotions in his suitable forms. Some people prefer to write or paint, while others prefer to work out to compensate for their anger (Gunderson et al., 2018). It is a healthy way of expressing one's emotions, which will give a positive outcome and will reduce the negative psychological symptoms. 

Apart from self-help strategies, it is also the responsibility of family members to provide formal treatment to cure BPD, which includes medication and psychotherapy. 

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