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Counselling Family Members Assignment


Question 1: Discuss the major ethical problems facing couples and family therapists.

Solution: It has been observed that family therapist faces more ethical dilemmas while dealing with couples than the individual therapists. Family therapists may face the ethical issue of maintaining confidentiality when it comes to the treatment of numbers of individuals in a family. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy's Code of Ethics, a client is usually not confine to single individual rather a group of clients in the case of family. The therapist has to maintain the ethics of being upfront with the patient that is the client right from the beginning of the treatment. The therapist often while conducting the treatment begins by informing the client that their personal information will not be leaked to a second party also. It is necessary that the therapists should maintain a professional boundary while carrying on with the treatment as personal interaction may end up in some worse situation that are unethical in nature (Career Trend, 2019). Sometimes due to serious issues, the therapists may require the client to visit the clinic alone that may raise question on behalf of the other family members.

Dealing with family members or couples, the therapists may sometimes have to discuss the issue with husband or vice versa and here comes the questions of confidentiality. The therapists before starting on with the treatment should discuss the rules and the regulations to the clients about disclosing information on urgent need and if the client agrees to it, then the therapists must proceed.Question 2:

Question 2:

Question 2.1: Interview as many relatives as you can. Look for patterns in your own relationships, including problems you currently struggle with or notice, that might stem from your family of origin. What advantages do you see in studying your own family as one way to prepare yourself for counseling families?

Question 2.2: Did you ask any difficult questions or did you decide not to delve in "that area?"

Question 2.3: What did you learn about yourself and your family?

Solution: Counselling family members

For the tasks of counselling family members, I have interviewed about 6 family members and I have come to a conclusion regarding the treatment. Each family member carries different perspective about therapists as to a person who may leak information to other that is not desired by the clients. While studying my own family, I have observed that some believed that therapists are like Gods giving solutions to personal issues while some believe that its just a source to earn income. The fear of breaking the confidentiality was a struggle that I notice as my father and mother were not willing to open up about some facts. For therapists, it is necessary to know all the information about their personal background. I questioned them about strange dreams that they used to have at nights. I believed that there were some psychological factors or some factors related to past that made such strange dreams and frustration cover up their lives. However, I struggled in fetching information as some were not willing to disclose information. I had an advantage of understanding the fact that therapist or counselling families requires a therapist to be loyal in profession and maintain confidentiality where the clients can feel comfortable in sharing information. This will help to solve the issues that families are suffering to some extent.
Since, I was dealing with my own family members; I did not delve into any kind of difficult questions as this would spoil the relationship in future.


About myself, I learned that I possessed a good communication skill while interacting with my family members. I made it assured that feel comfortable while telling about facts or disclosing any kinds of information (Welfel, 2015). My tone was soft as hard voice could make the matter worse since I have to step into the shoes of my family members for dealing with the counselling process.

My family had a belief that therapists can leak the information to third party which can spoil the relationship. They were unaware of the fact that therapists too have some ethical principles. They believe that therapists cannot read the mind by just collecting information about them.

Question 3:

Question 3.1: Discuss the actions of these students in relation to Erickson's Stage of Development for adolescents (Stage 5) as discussed in your text. 

Question 3.2: Discuss the actions of the students in relation to Kohlberg's Level 3 (Postconventional Level) as discussed in your text. 

Solution: In relation to Erickson's Stage of Development for adolescences, it can be viewed that students of the age of 12 to 18 mainly believes that they have an independent sense of freedom where they can do something that they might feel to be right (Dunkel and Harbke, 2017). Erickson has discussed that this is the stage of ego where the child grows up to the age of adolescence and believes that they have freedom to act and protest in any form they like it sensible. As per the video presentation, students of the colleges mainly walked out of the classes to protest against the gun violence. According to them they walked out to show that they feel that gun violence has not being right in any manner.

Actions that students did were right in their manner when viewed from Erickson's model of adolescence. As per the stages of development which states that adolescence is the age where an individual can decide between right and wrong. The protest that students did by walking out of classes showed that they revolted against the misuse of gun.

According to Kohlberg's Level 3 (Postconventional Level), it can be viewed that the students were again justified in their act. Kohlberg actually developed three stages through which human beings proceed to maturity by developing morality and values (Rader and Rader, 2017). In the level 3 that is post colonial level, individuals believes that some laws enacted by the Court are illegal and wrong in action. The students walked out of the classes to protest against the gun violence. This showed that they had a value that law reforms needs to be there regarding the gun use in the country. They believed that the government has to listen to their voice through the protest which indicates that something wrong has been implemented in the law.
The stages of development showed that individuals may vary from the laws and performs act that are right according to their principles. Similarly, the students believed that the act in favor of the use of gun was not appropriate and should be banned so that no violence can take place.


Question 4: What general weaknesses in Societe Generale's internal controls contributed to the occurrence and size of the losses?

Solution: The major drawback of the incident was that the management failed to detect the breakdowns that occurred in the internal control of the bank. The management overlooked the defects in the internal control when profits were being earned. Due to the profit, the management failed to look into the defects and consider the fraudulent activity was the reason or not but took steps when losses have already covered up (Baker et al., 2017). The top management should have been responsible in viewing the operations carefully and scrutinize each trader involved in the activity. The management was careless and swept away by the profits as being not able to identify the risks.

The Leadership in the Societe Generale was not skillful and efficient enough as the leader could have prevented from such a big loss taking place. The breakdown could have been stop with the intervention of the risk management team identifying the risks lying at the doorstep and prevented the loss. The company should have implemented risk control management team for overseen the defects and the risks associated with the activity. The management should have been strategic in approach as it would have helped to understand the faults in the internal control. The IT Security Council could have been more alert in nature right from the starting of the activity and not blame a single trader for the loss. Fraudulent activity was of the reason behind the loss but the management was equally responsible for the loss (Baker et al., 2017).


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